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  1. On 5/16/2020 at 3:51 PM, Knight of God said:

    A first, I was like “meh”. He’s a good back up. I was underwhelmed by his highlights and a few other loose objects here and there. While sitting here recovering, I was on the phone with a buddy of mine and he knows way more than I ever will. He’s telling me we got one of those sleepers. 

    Was a WR coming out of college

    Runs a sub 4.5 (colleges have field day)

    Is very physical, hits like Neal 

    Is a film guy, loves the game and loves to study 

    His best trait is his football IQ, second best trait is his incredible range. Possibly top five in this draft as far as range, likely #1 or #2 in football IQ.

    Lined up at EVERY defensive back position successfully 

    Plays every coverage at every position very well

    Best suited for Strong safety, but can be a great FS and is compared to Amos.

    So, I went back and looked at anything I could find. I’ll just say, he may be what I’m looking for. Likely our fastest safety, hits like Neal, has Allen’s work ethic, hawks like Kazee. I’m intrigued.

    I think we got one.

    If you like the safety, I like the safety. :)

  2. 12 hours ago, takeitdown said:

    2012, 2016, 2017 were all Super Bowl Caliber.  1 stupid mistake cost us in 2016.  Sub par offensive coaching cost us in 17.  Bad luck and a poor defense cost us in 12.

    I get annoyed with Dimitroff every draft, but he has built several legitimate teams.  I just wish we'd, at some point, have a real defense to pair with a QB who has kept the whole thing afloat this whole time.

    In 2012 I really believe we win the SB if we get past SF.  Falcons defense really played well against pocket QBs that year.

  3. On 5/2/2020 at 7:52 PM, jlrfalcon said:

    I will just point out that one thing I never do in my posts is personally attack others.

    I may bring up radical points of view like why Matt Ryan is a great QB or why the Saints are coddled by the refs, but I only express opinions about the team and its owner/coaches/players, other teams and their owners/coaches/players, and the NFL staffing such as the commissioner and referees.

    If everyone on this board expressed the same opinion or point of view, it would be a very boring board.

    As for TD, yes I am about tired of his GM time in Atlanta - he has been here 12 years or so now which is quite a long time to not have produced a SB-winning team yet.

    TD has produced a SB winning caliber team. Not his fault that Shanahan and Quinn didn't bleed the clock in the fourth quarter.

  4. 17 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

    1 pick where the value of the player received clearly exceeded the value of the pick executed out of 6 is not exactly a great report card?

    Rnd 1 Terrell - could be a great player but picked too soon

    Rnd 2 Davidson - maybe value of pick=value of player (meets expectations)

    Rnd 3 Hennessy - a great value where we picked him (above expectations)

    Rnd 4 Walker - a good player perhaps but should have been our 2nd pick in rnd 4 or later 

    Rnd 4 Hawkins - probably would have been around for our 7th round pick

    Rnd 7 Hoftichter - would have been available as an UDFA, could have went this year with Allen and drafted a punter next year 


    These are not judgments of these players' eventual value but their value on draft day - every year, TD could get greater value from our draft picks than he does but always ends up clearly wasting 1 or 2 picks or overdrafting 2 or 3 players.  At least this year he did not overtrade too many draft picks in order to draft some player he is obsessed with.

    "Probably would have been available..." 

    Based on what info? Media sites that were clearly wrong having Terrell as a 2nd Rounder? Terrell had fallen below his grade according to Sean Payton. Raiders wanted him at 19. This happens every year where X player was a reach but come to find out teams were higher on the player than the consensus of draft sites.

    Could the Falcons guarantee signing Hofrichter in Free Agency? They wanted him badly enough not to chance that. He will probably play longer for the Falcons than any other 7th rounder picked by TD, even Kemal Ishmail. I don't get why taking a specialist in Round 7 if he is your guy is a big deal given that the really good ones are going to be very high priority and the likelihood of position players sticking is slim.

  5. 4 hours ago, ya_boi_j said:

    I saw this and tried to figure out how he was a first rounder. Really really hoping change of scenery benefits him


    I realize that numbers are normally a shade better at pro days, but IIRC he added 5 inches to his vert and 9 inches to broad jump. Possibly one of those guys that just had a really, really bad day at the combine that didn't accurately reflect his athleticism. Reports from his pro day were that he looked much better and that would be my guess as to why he went Round 1.

  6. 5 minutes ago, k-train said:

    I can relate... but not about Terrell.

    I loved the Terrell pick & feel like I might be the only person here who actually saw that coming from a mile away. I post only one mock draft per year, but this year I did a version w/ trades & a version without. In the version without trades, I figured it was almost certain Okudah & Henderson would be long gone by #16. Terrell seemed like the most complete CB remaining in terms of size, speed, length, athleticism, experience, instincts, character, and health.

    Where I can relate to the OP is with the Hennessy pick.

    I kinda knew that was a real possibility we draft him, so that wasn't a shocker at all... I kinda knew the production was apparently good w/ him, so that wasn't too upsetting. However, leading up to the draft I watched a bunch of interviews with Hennessy & was really put off by what seemed to me to be a guy who was SUPER soft. He seemed plenty smart, seemed like he 's a great person... but he just seems completely devoid of any sorta nastiness at all. His Leave it to Beaver demeanor had me thinking this dude was like a cat cafe... absolutely no dog in there. So in my mind, I thought he was gonna get destroyed at the next level & therefore was pretty vocal on here about not being thrilled with the pick.

    After spending a little more time reading & watching stuff on him, hearing others talk about how he works, etc., I'm really starting to coming around on my thoughts of that pick. So, I'm hoping my initial reaction to that one was wrong & am excited to see what he does for the team.

    You weren't the only one. I called it, barring a trade up, but I also saw the reports of Terrell being much higher on draft boards than in the media. Chris Simms had a good take on why Terrell was a tier above everyone not named Okudah and Henderson. I know people see film and interpret it differently but I put more stock into people who played or worked in the NFL and those that coach football than media pundits. It was a great pick, IMO.

    I didn't do much research onto Marlon Davidson, even though the Falcons had expressed interest, so I was expecting someone like Neville Gallimore or Madubuike at 47.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Dem Birds said:

    I haven't watched the video because I'm at work but it sounds like he's claiming the Falcons weren't in on Donald and that's absolutely untrue. Bryan Cox in particular loved Aaron Donald and Aaron even talked about their connection leading up to the draft. He wanted to come here because of it I do believe but we had a bigger need to protect Matt Ryan. We made the right call in the moment and if you ask me even in hindsight, even given how talented Donald is. 

    The Aaron Donald part is not the focus at all, just a periphery.

  8. 1 hour ago, E. T. said:

    I was on the Donald/Mack train that year, especially at #6. A very good OT could have been had at #37 too. TD and Smith must have gambled on a coin flip again.

    I wanted Khalil Mack. The Falcons were set on Jake Matthews and he has been a good player for Atlanta at a position that was needed. IIRC, ATlanta was entertaining the idea of trading up to secure Matthews, so even if Mack had made it past the Raiders, Atlanta was set on a position of need.

    I think TD has done a great job of drafting players.  I love the Terrell pick personally, too. But there is something to be said about the possibility of losing out on a special player because you have locked yourself into needing a certain position, and I think that at times, he has done that. Atlanta was able to draft Ridley as BPA because there was not one super glaring weakness that would prohibit them. Look at the 2014 Falcons roster. We had Paul Soliai, Tyson Jackson, and Jonathan Babineaux at DT.

  9. 9 hours ago, LightningDawg58 said:

    So, here is how I see it:

    Forget the Falcons, Smith has NEVER coached in the NFL or any level outside of 1 year as an assistant with UT when they "mutually parted ways" after 1 season. 

    He claims Quinn took all the credit for the defensive/pass rush turnaround last year. I have not seen Quinn take any of the credit other than for moving a couple of responsibilities around and giving Morris and Ulbrich all the credit for defensive improvement . 

    Chuck says he was done dirty, but I dont see it that way. Until any team decides to make him a coach I can only conclude that for all of his knowledge and expertise, he is deemed as a potential liability, hence organizations value his input, but have to keep him at arms length. I dont fault the Falcons when 31 other franchises arent knocking at his door either to get him on payroll.

    Some people are just better suited to consult and keep it moving. Smith seems like a good guy, and a real dude, but he comes across as a little cocky and arrogant.

    Coaching is more than just teaching technique and Xs and Os by the way. Smith likely could teach our staff a ton about pass rush, but that doesn't mean he needs to be in charge of professional athletes 365 days a year. That's a different set of skills. You get ALL the criticism from fans media, other coaches, the GM, and Shareholders, but you still have to show up to work and lead a group of young men to achieve THEIR best potential as a professional athlete on and off the field and maybe never get any credit publicly. Thats a different animal of a human. And he is upset he didnt get a shout out last season, but you want to coach?

    There is always 2 sides. There have been 4 Head coaches for the Falcons since Smith retired in 2000 and none of them brought him on to staff. At some point you stop pointing fingers man.

    Yes, there is always two sides. I could see the perspective of the team in not wanting to hire him as a coach, and frankly that's 100% the team's prerogative. Quinn does not have to explain why.

    But let's be completely honest about this. From Chuck's perspective, he never did come out and say anything publicly about the process. He says he did so now because someone asked him on his medium. It sounded to me that he was more upset about getting what seemed to be a run around and the team not being completely straight forward with him. It sounds to me like a former player who wants the team to win and was upset about the run around.

    So, I can see it from both sides.

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