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  1. Where have you seen yje players calling themselves the Dark Side? Just curious.
  2. If you claim that Arthur Blank made the call to draft Matt Ryan, then you have the burden of proof. So prove it.
  3. Looking for diehards with production skills (video and audio), graphic skills, and website building. DM me for more info! @Romfal
  4. Legion of Zoom is still one of my faves.
  5. He has such a desire to get better that he approaches the coaches and asks what he needs to work on and then grinds. He won't have to ask in Atlanta. The coaches will provide cut-ups for him and instruct him on what to work on. But you can't coach desire and work ethic. It is what separates the talent in the NFL.
  6. Takk McKinley has 34 3/4 arms. If you're not factoring that in, you should.
  7. Originally I was Se7en_Dust
  8. How long does the average draft pick stick around? Take a look at the chart to get some real perspective on just how **** good the Falcons have drafted under Dimitroff. 2012 was an outlier.
  9. Simply a lack of perspective, which I'd guess is the norm probably. Most round 5 picks and later dont stick after 2 years. There are plenty of teams that dont have nearly the hit rate as Atlanta in the first 3 rounds either.
  10. This dude...
  11. Look at Hill break through the line for a long gain and look who chases him down from across the field.
  12. That Brian Hill run in your signature is hella exciting.... Maybe there is a way to collaborate and organize tracking players.
  13. The three players I got right are Takk McKinley, Duke Riley, and Brian Hill. 1.) Takk McKinley: I singled him out as a Quinn guy very early in the process and way before Atlanta ever showed any interest. He checked all the boxes at a position of need and he was the player I wanted the Falcons to draft before the Combine. 2.) Duke Riley: I was certain Atlanta would draft an LB but actually didn't think the Falcons would end up with Duke because of where they were drafting. But I have learned that the draft almost never plays out the way anyone thinks, and I knew ATL was very interested, and he is another guy that checked every box as a Quinn guy. 3.) Brian Hill: I was also certain the Falcons were going to draft an RB this year just by the amount they showed interest in. A couple months ago, before Atlanta worked him out, I was digging into the power backs in this draft class. One night I came across Hill. I saw that he was a physical player with good speed for his size, was an excellent pass protector, and would be a good contributor on special teams. I actually had a convo with my wife about why I thought Brian Hill would be an exceptional fit for the team as a 3rd back. He could close out games and get short yardage if necessary, barring a repeat of SBLI. If either Freeman or Coleman got hurt, he would afford Atlanta the luxury of still going with a two-headed monster. If both were hurt like in early 2015, he could be a bell cow. When the Falcons showed interest, he was a lock for my top 20.