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  1. In 2012 I really believe we win the SB if we get past SF. Falcons defense really played well against pocket QBs that year.
  2. TD has produced a SB winning caliber team. Not his fault that Shanahan and Quinn didn't bleed the clock in the fourth quarter.
  3. "Probably would have been available..." Based on what info? Media sites that were clearly wrong having Terrell as a 2nd Rounder? Terrell had fallen below his grade according to Sean Payton. Raiders wanted him at 19. This happens every year where X player was a reach but come to find out teams were higher on the player than the consensus of draft sites. Could the Falcons guarantee signing Hofrichter in Free Agency? They wanted him badly enough not to chance that. He will probably play longer for the Falcons than any other 7th rounder picked by TD, even Kemal Ishmail. I don't get why taki
  4. I realize that numbers are normally a shade better at pro days, but IIRC he added 5 inches to his vert and 9 inches to broad jump. Possibly one of those guys that just had a really, really bad day at the combine that didn't accurately reflect his athleticism. Reports from his pro day were that he looked much better and that would be my guess as to why he went Round 1.
  5. He did, because of speed. Had those three in Tier 1. Also talked about Dabo putting that man on an island most of his career.
  6. You weren't the only one. I called it, barring a trade up, but I also saw the reports of Terrell being much higher on draft boards than in the media. Chris Simms had a good take on why Terrell was a tier above everyone not named Okudah and Henderson. I know people see film and interpret it differently but I put more stock into people who played or worked in the NFL and those that coach football than media pundits. It was a great pick, IMO. I didn't do much research onto Marlon Davidson, even though the Falcons had expressed interest, so I was expecting someone like Neville Gallimore or Madu
  7. https://twitter.com/Andy_Benoit/status/1256224063963480064?s=20
  8. Played for Whitt in Green Bay. Whitt probably likes him and suggested him to Atlanta.
  9. @A-TowN.- Jaret Patterson is impressive.
  10. Every year someone gets overlooked for different reasons. Small school and level of competition are major factors. I'll take a Holiday as a KR/PR if he doesn't fumble it. Guys like this is why I watch the preseason.
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