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  1. The player formerly known as an Atlanta Falcon linebacker...
  2. It's never about who was the better college player... it's about who is going to be a better NFL player and why.
  3. Oh BTW he uploaded a film room session on Bud Dupree just today...
  4. Matt Waldman has some really good stuff. Watch his Film Room on Diggy and you'll like him a lot, too.
  5. Yes sir! He is a very good TE when healthy. Very clutch. Wanted to sign him. Will he be healthy here? IDK but I know it's worth the price he is going to make to take a chance.
  6. Boylhart just tweeted his apologies. He misunderstood a phone call.
  7. Yes, the board would implode. But that has been Standard Operation Procedure. LOL. It is a gamble, for sure. I guess I'm more of an optimist.
  8. If Quinn wants him, I'm all in. Would suck a great deal for him to go down again, though.
  9. The Hawks should have gotten rid of Horford...
  10. Tyler Starr is DA FUTURE!
  11. Love the big nasties!

  12. Adding as a friend.

  13. Get off work at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Hope it's 21-0 Falcons by the time I'm home.