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  1. @Atlfanstckindenver, Ryan, and I discuss thoughts on the contract, Jalen Collins, and a little bit of RG debate.
  2. Glad it's only a sprain. He is displaying the same kind of aggressive tackling as he did at SDSU.
  3. Hey guys! Check out @Atlfanstckndenver , me, and our friend Ryan on a new podcast. Please let us know what you think, what you like, and where we can get better. Thanks to Tyler Renew, who was an awesome interview... very down to earth and likeable person. You can also listen from our website,
  4. I'm going regardless. Would be nice to catch up again, either way.
  5. I got three tickets upper section first row for around $500 from Vivid Seats a few mo ths back. This thread has been unpinned, so does this mean it's officially off?
  6. Where have you seen yje players calling themselves the Dark Side? Just curious.
  7. If you claim that Arthur Blank made the call to draft Matt Ryan, then you have the burden of proof. So prove it.
  8. Looking for diehards with production skills (video and audio), graphic skills, and website building. DM me for more info! @Romfal
  9. Legion of Zoom is still one of my faves.
  10. He has such a desire to get better that he approaches the coaches and asks what he needs to work on and then grinds. He won't have to ask in Atlanta. The coaches will provide cut-ups for him and instruct him on what to work on. But you can't coach desire and work ethic. It is what separates the talent in the NFL.
  11. Takk McKinley has 34 3/4 arms. If you're not factoring that in, you should.
  12. Originally I was Se7en_Dust
  13. How long does the average draft pick stick around? Take a look at the chart to get some real perspective on just how **** good the Falcons have drafted under Dimitroff. 2012 was an outlier.
  14. Simply a lack of perspective, which I'd guess is the norm probably. Most round 5 picks and later dont stick after 2 years. There are plenty of teams that dont have nearly the hit rate as Atlanta in the first 3 rounds either.