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  1. I'm not saying Sark was the end all be all but you have to remember we put him in a tough spot. 1) He replaced Shanny 2) He was asked to BE Shanny with an offense that wasn't his 3) He came after the SB collapse. 4) The OL was trash. Once he started figuring out the playbook the numbers improved in his second season but the OL was a hot mess and Ryan was getting crushed. So, we improved the OL but fired Sark for doing his best sticking to the scheme. I even remember the announcers saying "Sark is starting to get a good feeling for how this offense works" in his second
  2. I wish people would just leave this topic alone. Look, this isn't the NBA where players can tank and still have job security. This is the NFL where no one has job security. So players aren't going to tank, coaches aren't going to tank. Atlanta is going to go down swinging like everyone else because everyone knows they might be calling their agent when the season ends.
  3. I don't get the negativity from some of ya'll. The FO and scouting department has WAY more information on players than any of you who just watch TV or research players on the internet. These guys know their schemes, talk to coaches, players, do private workouts and get up close to these prospects at a level that everyone on this board can only dream of. If you haven't heard of this kid then it's proof you don't have access to the level of information and connections our FO has. NFL teams don't have blinders on, if you have talent and fit the mold they will find you no matter how off the radar
  4. Selling Blank on the changes could have meant "Don't fire me yet, let me make some tweaks and if it still goes in the toilet then I've done all I could do." Remember, at 1-7 everyone had leaks since the season was toast Dan would get the boot after the Saints game OR his faith would be sealed at that point till black Monday. Since Dan reports directly to Blank he has to say something when Blank says "You got any last options before we (I mean I) start looking at alternatives?"
  5. You see a lot of teams do it. The idea is to bate the other team to throw it underneath and everyone swarms to them. There was a very obvious gap underneath and I assume that's where we were dictating the throw to go but DCambell came up too late to make the hit. Which is baffling because the players should know what they are giving up to make the play.
  6. My bad, I'm getting my games mixed up. It was the Philly game and it was Ridley who tipped it into the defenders hands.
  7. I don't think anyone is drinking the kool-aid. We have watched him for 11 years now. I think we all know what he is and what he can and can't do. He's not ARogers but he's better than the average. Will he make mistakes? Yes. Can you win with him? Yes. Do you need a more complete team around him? Yes. Will he win you some games on his own? Yes. But anyone with any football sense knows with INTs the blame goes around. Sure Ryan has been the cause of some, but in the Min game when Ryan hits Sanu in the hands and he bobbles it over his helmet into the defenders arms I guess that's Ryan's fau
  8. Ehh..... He's good for 1 or 2 surprise games a year. Outside of his motor it's better than nothing but it doesn't really fix anything other than having another body.
  9. The Saint's offense could barley put up 23 points after the Dallas game against any defense. With two weeks to prepare Bill would have a field day with them.
  10. All coaches come from somewhere and picking people who you already have had a working relationship and trust is better than rolling the dice on a new face that might backfire on you. Plus, I doubt Quinn would bring any of these guys in if they were idiots. If I had a friend who was an idiot and was in the same field as me I'm still not going to pass his resume on to my boss.
  11. I have to agree with OP, I go on the Super Forum from time to time and I noticed an above average unusual obsession with anything Falcon related. As a matter of fact Saints fans I know personally remind me we have a rivalry more than I think about. I guess it all started when they made their pilgrimage to Atlanta after Katrina and were mystified why our streets don’t smell like urine.
  12. You know what's funny? Last Monday night I was at a sports bar with a few friends watching the game and one of them turned to me and said "Are you ever on FMB?". I was like yea I check it everyday just to see what everyone is thinking. My friend had been on it (he doesn't post or anything) and knows all the characters and said "have you ever read FFS1970?" I like spit out my sweet tea lol, I was like "Have I heard of him? Not only do I know him but he was a mentor to me and anyone else in the Atlanta recording/producing scene". Falcon wise, I'm turning into the guys who used to sit behind
  13. I'm confused, I'm not saying " Ryan isn’t as good as his deal and he should be replaced." I think he's worth every penny if that's the going rate for a top 10 top 5 QB. What I'm saying is as his deal goes into 2020-2021 they can do things to reduce the cap hit and Ryan still gets his money by restructuring his base salary.
  14. But you also have to take into account the cap will continue to rise and they can restructure the deal.
  15. Yea because guys like that are littered all over the draft in any round we just happen to be picking at. P.S we tried that rout and before he got in the "dog breeding business" he used his "god given abilities" to only net us a few winning seasons.
  16. This has been an issue from the minute TD has been our GM. The only big moves TD has ever made to the line was drafting Mathews and signing Mack. Even the Sam Baker draft was a head scratcher. Everyone else was a draft project, a low level trade, or a cheap signing long after the FA dust has settled. I just don't understand why TD always hangs his hat on drafting Ryan as the single most important thing on his resume but never goes all in to protect him. If you go back to 2008 and look at the starting lines show me any seasons where on paper we thought we were coming into the season
  17. What a joke, Quinn wanted final say so over the 53 and both TD and Quinn have been bargain bin hunting on OL for 4 years now and Quinn is now concerned?
  18. Uhhh you do know bringing in Knapp wasn't JUST to be a QB coach.
  19. Maybe what they saw was someone who had what they couldn't coach....Speed. But Quinn can't coach desire. I think that's where they failed. Just look at Takk, he made noise the minute his name was called at the draft. I don't expect all our picks to act like that but when everyone was complaining that he was talking inappropriately we were all smiling thinking "He got the dog in him, he's gonna be good". If Vic played with heart, and had desire his speed infused with relentlessness would make up for not having all the moves in the tool box.
  20. It's this simple, all he has is speed, no fork lift, no bull rush, no inside swim move. I saw Vic trying to simply out run the tackle and all the tackle did was carry his momentum away from the play.
  21. I would consider the 40 points to just be the snowball effect where injuries, inexperience and frustration just takes over. Scheme wise you can’t chunk the playbook. This scheme has been taught over and over and the personnel the front office brought in (players, coaches) fits the scheme they run. If Pittsburgh has this many injuries they don’t chunk the 3-4 defense to a 4-3 or anything that hasn’t been practiced. You have to stick to what you have been coaching on the field and they players left have to get up to speed. Players are a product of the scheme. In Mike Smith’s defe
  22. I'll wait till the bye week. If we win the next two 3-4 isn't "sky is falling" anymore. A lot of team are 2-3 right now in the NFC. I know people don't want to hear injuries but we didn't lose rotational players. We lost leaders and on the verge of being pro bowlers who pushed this team to be top 12 last year in defense. Most of the time you lose one guy or one guy and a rotational guy. Not the top 3-4 players on your defense AND all up the center of it. No team that has depth like that. You can't tell me there is a team out there that has pro bowl talent sitting behind pro bowl tale
  23. I hate to say it but Duke needs reps. It's painful to watch but last year he was a rookie who was in and out and this year he is getting a heavy dose. If he can hold on and keep getting experience maybe by the time Debo comes back he will be better off than not being the man.
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