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  1. I'm not saying Sark was the end all be all but you have to remember we put him in a tough spot. 1) He replaced Shanny 2) He was asked to BE Shanny with an offense that wasn't his 3) He came after the SB collapse. 4) The OL was trash. Once he started figuring out the playbook the numbers improved in his second season but the OL was a hot mess and Ryan was getting crushed. So, we improved the OL but fired Sark for doing his best sticking to the scheme. I even remember the announcers saying "Sark is starting to get a good feeling for how this offense works" in his second
  2. I wish people would just leave this topic alone. Look, this isn't the NBA where players can tank and still have job security. This is the NFL where no one has job security. So players aren't going to tank, coaches aren't going to tank. Atlanta is going to go down swinging like everyone else because everyone knows they might be calling their agent when the season ends.
  3. I don't get the negativity from some of ya'll. The FO and scouting department has WAY more information on players than any of you who just watch TV or research players on the internet. These guys know their schemes, talk to coaches, players, do private workouts and get up close to these prospects at a level that everyone on this board can only dream of. If you haven't heard of this kid then it's proof you don't have access to the level of information and connections our FO has. NFL teams don't have blinders on, if you have talent and fit the mold they will find you no matter how off the radar
  4. Selling Blank on the changes could have meant "Don't fire me yet, let me make some tweaks and if it still goes in the toilet then I've done all I could do." Remember, at 1-7 everyone had leaks since the season was toast Dan would get the boot after the Saints game OR his faith would be sealed at that point till black Monday. Since Dan reports directly to Blank he has to say something when Blank says "You got any last options before we (I mean I) start looking at alternatives?"
  5. You see a lot of teams do it. The idea is to bate the other team to throw it underneath and everyone swarms to them. There was a very obvious gap underneath and I assume that's where we were dictating the throw to go but DCambell came up too late to make the hit. Which is baffling because the players should know what they are giving up to make the play.
  6. My bad, I'm getting my games mixed up. It was the Philly game and it was Ridley who tipped it into the defenders hands.
  7. I don't think anyone is drinking the kool-aid. We have watched him for 11 years now. I think we all know what he is and what he can and can't do. He's not ARogers but he's better than the average. Will he make mistakes? Yes. Can you win with him? Yes. Do you need a more complete team around him? Yes. Will he win you some games on his own? Yes. But anyone with any football sense knows with INTs the blame goes around. Sure Ryan has been the cause of some, but in the Min game when Ryan hits Sanu in the hands and he bobbles it over his helmet into the defenders arms I guess that's Ryan's fau
  8. I think it's just the product of smart moves that were executed. 1) DQ's coaching style 2) Drafting players that fit his schemes (Fast & Physical) 3) Double dipping RBs in the draft that fit the offense. 4) Finally making a commitment to protecting Ryan. I (like everyone) have a love/hate relationship with TD. Some moves were brilliant and other times he completely screwed up an entire draft. But, maybe it took trial and error to figure out how to make better personal decisions. We limited his power, brought in more GM personal experience, and gave the HQ final dec
  9. I never doubted what Ryan could do. He had hot garbage at OL for the last 4 years and it contributed to him making bad decisions. But now you see what Ryan could have been doing all along if he was protected. Draft Mathews, develop Schraeder, sign Mack and bring in "decent" guards who aren't great but don't suck either and now Ryan looks like "Ryan". Now, you could say "well, any QB that's protected looks good", and of course, that's the importance of protecting a QB. But Ryan who's an above average QB when protected is suppose to look GREAT, and he's obviously doing that if you look at the nu
  10. I see the same things with Ryan but I am willing to give it time. Something I noticed last night on three different occasions. Ryan had a clear pocket but got happy feet when he stood in the pocket too long. I think he has a internal clock running and when a certain amount of time goes by he gets nervous because usually that's when he gets killed. This line is one of the best lines he's been around and once he realizes to trust this line he will be more poised in the pocket. You can't develop this in practice because they can't hit QBs. I think the first few games are going to be bumpy bu
  11. Hags reminds me of TJ Duckett. Shows all the flashes but simply doesn't have the heart.
  12. I've gone to the last 4 Saints/Falcs games at the Super Dome and I have to admit Stupar is correct. That fan base down there gets loud and out of there minds. I'm a 16 year season ticket holder and the things I've noticed is that we get loud early in the game but then fizzle, and then get loud towards the end if the game is on the line. But in the 3rd quarter you can hear a pin drop. So we get hype in waves. It's even strange when it's quite and the big screen asks us to get loud we have this attitude of "oh ok, if you want us to". I don't think we are lazy or not passionate enough as fans, b
  13. If that's the case then I say we trade back to a team (if it's there) that wants to jump up 11-12 spots.
  14. I think it was a matter of needs, cost and timing. Remember we were in HORRIBLE shape last year. We weren't going to fix all the holes in one season. We do have better line (not great line) but line that now has a clear fix direction. We will have the cap space to bring in a solid G/C that will do WONDERS.
  15. but you gotta remember all that is just filler for the press. Quinn isn't going to tell the press or the outside world something that is kept in the locker room. All you gotta see is the results. If heads roll on the roster you can bet Quinn warned them.
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