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  1. Okay, he did not know his comments would be public. I am still disappointed he feels like that about the Falcons, who have bent over backwards to deal with him. And if he told SS that under the impression it was private who else had he been bad mouthing the Falcons to privately? I realize that the Falcons got a lot from JJ. He’s an amazing WR. But I did not see the Falcons wrong him or treat him badly. He should know how to behave and discuss his team and not be so dismissive of the team respectful of him, even privately. Maybe I am old school, but I just had a totally different impression of JJ based on his past behavior. Again, I love watching the dude play. But my impression of him has been altered. Who cares I know. So I will shut up.
  2. Thanks, but I deem it unwise to put in a contract that you can get out if you want more money or want to play for another team. These people are adults. If you sign a contract to play and get paid, honor it unless the team breaches the contract or you have a valid and legal reason. The previous cited reasons are not legal justification in my humble view.
  3. What’s JJ’s contract out if you know?
  4. Didn’t know that. So it’s an unique or unusual business in that respect.
  5. I hear it’s a business all the time. Well in business, if you do not honor your contract or perform, you get sued.
  6. I see some of that. I still love watching him play and wish him the best. But I think how he told SS he was leaving and the language he used was kind of classless in my view. Anyhow, just me.
  7. I listened to the call and it appears to me that JJ meant he was out of Atlanta and did not want to go to Dallas because he did not think they were a winner at this time. If JJ was happy in the ATL, it would have been stupid to say what he said on live tv.
  8. Hash, I’ll take your word for it. We’ll see if it happens.
  9. Matt consistently rolling out—not sure about that, but what do I know.
  10. They could let fans in and not near any a player. COVID would be an excuse in my view.
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