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  1. Some bad guys go free. Perfection is impossible for humans. I am not belittling it, but that’s life.
  2. Well that is not always true. Some do pay. You don’t catch all the bank robbers either. Sad but life.
  3. I said when I was IN military. It was part of my job then. I would have done it anyway.
  4. Well there are consequences for not following the rules. If you are man enough to disobey the rules, be man enough to accept the consequences. Agree?
  5. I am sorry, I was inArticulate. Let me be specific, players should follow the rules of the NFL. And the players should engage in social justice issues on their own time.
  6. Now, the players should follow the rules if you mean that question.
  7. In military, you know what we did. My employer does not play it in morning or otherwise.
  8. Nope. Protest somewhere else controversial social justice issues that counter your business model, which is to make money. Business 101.
  9. Well I meant if we wanted to keep our jobs.
  10. So you agree with me that the players could have gotten awareness using othe forums? Social media is everywhere now. And do not forget the news too. The NFL IS FOR FOOTBALL. I think we should just get back to that.
  11. Simple question. I cAnnot protest at work. Can you?
  12. That is not true. I discuss political issues all the time regardless of where the issue is raised. Perhaps not with you on this forum, but I would have been discussing it somewhere. And my guess is, you would have been too.
  13. Wait? I thought they were meant to raise awareness? And trust me, the viewers are aware and want to see football.
  14. But breast cancer is not a politicized and controversial issue. Supporting it generally does not hurt your business. Remember, I am coming at this from a business standpoint.
  15. So the point has been made and the NFL can do little to address the players greavences, why then continue to kneel? Why is it not good to get back to the purpose of the NFL and that is football.