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  1. JDaveG, word is that Ernie Isley learned form Hendrix.
  2. Ernie Isley on “Who’s that Lady” of the Isley Brothers is my nomination. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1DDgNCLD84 Ernie murdered that guitar in this song and is being sought for murder. Start at about 2:20 to get the riff in full force. You got better?
  3. Well yeah. That’s what business people do. Owning a nfl team is a business you know.
  4. We’ll go to work tomorrow and make your employer uncomfortable by protesting. Then get back with me.
  5. So now kids may enforce their constitutional right. Next, they will sue not to do homework or sit and be quite in class because they do not want to do it. Come on man!
  6. I served 27 years but military folks differ. I learned to respect flag long before I went into the military. And respect your or others rights not to respect it. But not during a football game.
  7. Is the only way to deal with it is by disrespecting the flag and NA on a football field? Of course not.
  8. Okay, I can respect that although I disagree. They have our attention now. Let’s see what they do off the field.
  9. You may be doing the same as to them as well. Just ask us and we’ll be happy to tell you why we hold a position sir.
  10. You are generalizing and making bad assumptions. Those things are not mutually exclusive.
  11. Sure people disrespect the flag everyday and as long as you are doing it in a public forum or a public street, I support your right as an expression. But not at a football game. And the players are public figures. I am sure they can garner attention to their cause off the football field.
  12. Working in the NFL is not a right, it is a privilege. We do not have the right to do many things at work albeit we have the right to do them generally. This is not a new concept and I believe you abide by it everyday at work, right?
  13. My perspective is fine I think. And I never said That politics and sports should not be interwoven to a degree. But not on the field and certainly not as a show of disrespect to the flag and NA.
  14. You desire open political disent at a football game? There is a time and place for that and we apparently disagree that a football game is the correct forum.