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  1. I hope Jacques Smith #45 is good enough to make the team. I like his attitude. We need that. And his physique certainly fits the mold.
  2. I hope Pollard doesn't injure one of our players in the 3rd preseason game. He has reputation for injuring guys.
  3. Cameron Wake is a beast. He usually lines up on the side of the RT. Lamar Holmes better be ready or we may need to send a TE over there to chip him. I'm a little nervous about this match up.
  4. The home team usually gets 3 points. Guess we are favored by 1.5 points on a neutral site.
  5. Bengals will never let him go until he gets old.
  6. There are some good FB's out there to be picked up since some teams don't keep one on the roster. I don't think he's going to find much in the LB/DE front.
  7. The Bengals receivers deserve better.
  8. The Dolphins fans are really loving Brent Grimes down there. I miss him on our team. Sux he got hurt in game 1 last year.
  9. "Rodney white has been hurt ever since preseason week 2, hes hardly the same player. Julio is a beast however and Gonzalez is my main worry" "In order to beat Atlanta the offensive line, especially the right side needs to step up and play better. Ryan Tannehill has been sacked 9 times this year which is 2nd most in the league. Also the defensive line needs to play more like they did in Cleveland, which will probably happen since they don't have to worry about Matt Ryan tucking and running it." "if we lose to atlanta, we are not making the playoffs. lol, jk. in all seriousness though, this game is a big game to me for a couple of reasons. 1. its our home opener. in 2010 we started 2-0, had just gone into minn who was just coming off that spectacular season and won, and we were all giddy. we then came home only to lose a tightly contested game to the jets, followed by a blowout by the pats. Now, obviously this squad is so much better than the 2010 team so the comparisons dont mean much, but nonetheless, we do need to protect our home field. do we come out pumped up and get out to a big lead,such as we did in 09 vs the saints before blowing it, or do we come out flat and throw a stinker? obviously if we lost this game its far from the end of the world, but it is important to win our home games. i will be interested to see how the fins come out of the gates. 2. the quality of the opponent. we just beat the colts, who are a really solid football team, in there building, and beating a top 10 qb in the nfl, arguably top 5. very impressive. the falcons however are coming off a stellar season which they fell just short of the superbowl. assuming they are healthy, they are stacked. we thought the colts offense was good, which it is, the falcons got 2 of the better wideouts in the game, to go along with one of the best tight ends to play the game, and yes he still can bring it despite being 38 or however old he is. i want to see how our defense matches up vs jones and white, and if we can contain gonzalez. overall, i believe this game will go a long way in showing our true colors for this season. if we come out flat and get whopped like the titans game last season, that can set this team back despite being 2-1. if we come out strong and beat the falcons, its time to start buying those playoff tickets imo. should be a great test for us and a great game. right now, i feel very good about this game. however, its monday, i get more nervous towards game time." "Stop julio jones and we win.(Grimes will be motivated) and Reshad Jones should keep an eye on julio in case he breaks free." "stop Tony Gonzalez in the red zone and make them kick field goals" "i dont think they will run the ball against us with any real success. I think julio jones needs doulbed, and I think we can put enough points up to have a shot to win a close game." "im confident going in to this. home opener and injured falcons= win with this new regime" "I'd love to best Atlanta and Baltimore and Ill tell you why. We played Atlanta in 2009 and were out classes, we also had them on the 3rd preseason game a few times and again were outclassed. Every time we've met Baltimore since 2008 we've also been over matched. It would be nice to finally hang with and beat these 2 teams."
  10. Here are some posts... "i think they are pretty good...falcons d is nothing special...gonna have to get after matt ryan though and be better against gonzalez in the red zone..." "If everyone is healthy, I'd lean Atlanta if I were to look at it impartially. That offense is a lot to handle and although our defense is great, Atlanta's offense can exploit our weaknesses on defense and I'm not sure if our offense is capable of hanging with them in a shootout. Later in the year, when hopefully RT and Wallace have hit their best strides and the younger TE's start making plays, I'd hope Miami could hang with them. Hopefully the crowd can give this defense the extra Oomph it needs to make big stops on 3rd downs. Homer glasses on: Miami 34, Atlanta 30 Impartial glasses on: Atlanta 34, Miami 27" "The Falcons defense hasn't played particularly well and they are really, really banged up. Tony Gonzalez scares me, though." "bierrman put on ir huh....hmmm....even with him i didnt see a consistent win edge pass rusher...osis not that guy any more....tanny should have time...oline needs to make a statement" "We are coming off 2 road games, and the confidence and desire to fix the mistakes from the Colts game will be extremely high. It's our home opener, and once we hit Ryan around in the first qtr, and our d-line punches their o-line in the mouth, the Falcons will have to march down our domeless field in the heat. Tannehill will build on his last 2 games and the A-T-L defense will be focused on Wallace's new found love from Ryan. That let's Hartline be more open and the same for Gibson and Clay. Miller may be stopped, but we now have Air Ryan to fling the rock all game if need be. Our secondary has just beaten the freakin' Colts passing attack! Confidence is soaring! They will want more at home. Welcome Falcons to the most humid stadium in September, it will be rockin' and ready!" "It's going to come down to this: early and CONSISTENT pressure on Ryan. We didn't get consistent pressure on Luck, but the Falcons have more weapons and some potential mismatches. Ryan will not be able to exploit those mismatches if we can get consistent pressure on him." "Look I respect the Falcons and if we were playing in Atlanta then my prediction would be different. However we are on a roll, I think playing at home in this HEAT which ******** its been hot here man and I mean **** hot. Not Georgia hot either, its been WTF is this its supposed to be getting cooler but it still feels like your in front of the sun at 12pm and yet I am in a car with the AC on but its still feels 100 hot. I think that there's some injuries to consider and being the Home opener and coming off of 2 victories the crowd might actually be a factor, (might because its still SFLA). I think that the Falcons are a good team but I don't see them being all-world and coming into this specific situation I think they can be had by this Dolphins team. Now, again, if this were a role reversal and the game was in Atlanta and it was Atlanta's home opener etc. then it'd problably be closer to 90% the other way." "People explaining how to win are looking at the wrong side of the ball. Our defense will not be able to limit the Atlanta offense effectively, hardly any defense can. The key is keeping those guys off the field. We have to gameplan this week on running the ball as much as possible. We need to win time of possession big time, which is different than what we've done the past two weeks." "Funny thing is that before the season started I felt like we can beat the Falcons but I had also thought back then that we'd either lose to the Falcons or Saints, not both......I think we can beat both at this point. My distaste for our OLine should be known here by now so I'll say it...again...if they play good, we can win this game." "Home game..against a team some think could be on the way to the Super Bowl. Phins have a chip on their shoulder...and Ryan is not Andrew Luck in the pocket baby....RELEASEEEEEE THE KRACKEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" "our offense shouldnt punt very often in this one. falcons defense sucks. our offense better score 30" "The 3 things Miami has going for them are 1) Atlanta's Offensive Line not stellar and can be vulnerable to Miami's pressure defense. 2) Atlanta's Defense is sub par and plays can be made against them. and 3) Matt Ryan isn't as mobile as Andrew Luck, so there may be chances to get to him and sack him. But the biggest thing in Atlanta's favor is it's Offensive Weapons, specifically at the WR position. It's going to be a big challenge for Miami's defense, a challenge they hopefully will rise to the occasion for." "Whoever can handle the heat the best will win, holy cow is it hot this september. I would never go to a home game until late october. I remember the last home game i went to, god it was awful."
  11. Of course most of them are confident in their team... http://www.finheaven.com/forums/showthread.php?343504-Chances-we-beat-Atlanta
  12. I hope Mike Smith makes his weekly phone call to Marvin Lewis and asks about John Conner.
  13. Please sign John Conner. He is still available!!!!!! Dude can block a truck. I would be happy with Michael Robinson too.
  14. Lets look back at the Falcons 3rd preseason game the past few years... 2009 vs San Diego - Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson lit it up in the first half. We could not defend the screen pass. Everyone is in a panic about our secondary. A few days later TD signs Brian Williams from Jacksonville. P. Rivers C/ATT 10/15 YDS 185 AVG 12.3 TD 1 INT 0 Rating 131.2 2010 vs Miami - Not much to say about this one. Matt Ryan and company scored 10 points in the first half. Was a low scoring game. Defense played well. 2011 vs Pittsburgh - We got crushed 34-16. Antonio Brown had 2 TD's. One of them on a 77 yrd pass, another on a 44 yrd pass. Offense was lethargic. Defense sucked. PANIC! Remember how we were supposed to be "explosive" now after drafting Julio? Matt Ryan was 22/42 for 220 yrds. 42 pass attempts in a preseason game! B. Roethlisberger C/ATT 11/16 YDS 214 AVG 13.4 TD 2 INT 0 Rating 151.0 M. Ryan C/ATT 22/42 YDS 220 AVG 5.2 TD 1 INT 1 Rating 65.6 2012 vs Miami - Offense produced only 3 FG's in the first half. Clabo could not block Cam Wake. Matt Ryan made a nice TD pass to Roddy in the second half against Miami's 2nd string. Defense played well. 2013 vs Tennesee- Offense is taking a nap. Defense needs work. Sound familar? Let's not overreact to the 3rd preseason game.
  15. What a great kid and a great Falcons fan. Have a speedy recovery kid. Love how you broke the team down... RISEUP! Really enjoyed watching this.
  16. Loved reading this. Great analysis of our team.
  17. The national media does not respect our defense. Deservedly so. They wear down in the 2nd half of games because they are on the field so much. I don't think the Falcons have had a top 10 defense since Wade Philips was our D Coordinator.
  18. He played quite a bit but he was playing DT the entire time.
  19. Josh Johnson has been in the league a while. Like since 2008, the same year Matt Ryan came in.
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