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  1. I hope Jacques Smith #45 is good enough to make the team. I like his attitude. We need that. And his physique certainly fits the mold.
  2. I hope Pollard doesn't injure one of our players in the 3rd preseason game. He has reputation for injuring guys.
  3. Cameron Wake is a beast. He usually lines up on the side of the RT. Lamar Holmes better be ready or we may need to send a TE over there to chip him. I'm a little nervous about this match up.
  4. The home team usually gets 3 points. Guess we are favored by 1.5 points on a neutral site.
  5. Bengals will never let him go until he gets old.
  6. There are some good FB's out there to be picked up since some teams don't keep one on the roster. I don't think he's going to find much in the LB/DE front.
  7. The Bengals receivers deserve better.
  8. The Dolphins fans are really loving Brent Grimes down there. I miss him on our team. Sux he got hurt in game 1 last year.
  9. "Rodney white has been hurt ever since preseason week 2, hes hardly the same player. Julio is a beast however and Gonzalez is my main worry" "In order to beat Atlanta the offensive line, especially the right side needs to step up and play better. Ryan Tannehill has been sacked 9 times this year which is 2nd most in the league. Also the defensive line needs to play more like they did in Cleveland, which will probably happen since they don't have to worry about Matt Ryan tucking and running it." "if we lose to atlanta, we are not making the playoffs. lol, jk. in all seriousness though, this gam
  10. Here are some posts... "i think they are pretty good...falcons d is nothing special...gonna have to get after matt ryan though and be better against gonzalez in the red zone..." "If everyone is healthy, I'd lean Atlanta if I were to look at it impartially. That offense is a lot to handle and although our defense is great, Atlanta's offense can exploit our weaknesses on defense and I'm not sure if our offense is capable of hanging with them in a shootout. Later in the year, when hopefully RT and Wallace have hit their best strides and the younger TE's start making plays, I'd hope Miami could ha
  11. Of course most of them are confident in their team... http://www.finheaven.com/forums/showthread.php?343504-Chances-we-beat-Atlanta
  12. I hope Mike Smith makes his weekly phone call to Marvin Lewis and asks about John Conner.
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