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  1. THANK YOU!!! Why know one seems to think Brook was doing what he was told I don't know? We also didn't want to give up a cheap draw play that would give them a field goal and shut us out.
  2. They were giving away John Abraham figures to first 10,000 people but waited until after the game to distribute them.They gave you a ticket when you arrived through the gate and you cashed it in when you left to recieve it.Well imagine all 10,000 people showing up all at once to get it!!! They would normally just give them away as you arrived but for some reason did it *** backwards!
  3. Man did that take some away from the win or what!! It was a madhouse trying to get the Abraham figure after the game!They really blew it the way it was handled!Was it like that all over the dome?
  4. I have to admit I had tears in my eyes I was so hurt and pissed.I told my girl Our Falcons just lost.[she is 6}So I'm holding her hand getting ready to leave.Even after the squib kick I thought Ryan would just get sacked or something to finish off another painfull loss.But then The Catch!!! I was praying and just hoping Elam could redeem his self and when he did!!!! I was jumping up and down with girl in arms.She was screaming and high fiving fans around us.
  5. To think that S.I. say's we will only win 2 games is a joke.We should be able to do that by accident. :P
  6. He oughta be glad to get an offer!He better not think about it for long before they pull the deal off the table
  7. You know the league is so crazy and unpredictable anymore,we could go 9-7 and just win the division...ya never know,could be the Cinderella team this year.Turner could be MVP.
  8. What are your thoughts on who makes the team.Think Finn is out?
  9. Elam,Horn,A. Harris,but the cool one of the day was Brooking,only cause of the way he handled it.I've met him on several occasions at his charity events in Newnan and told him my 5 year old daughter was a fan of his and wanted to meet him.He talked to her on the phone once before.But anyway he wasn't at our section and we found his booth when we were out on the field and I called out to him as security was making everyone get back and he remembered me and told security to let my daughter to come up to him.He hugged her and signed her jersey for her.TOTAL CLASS ACT!!!!!!!!
  10. I've tried everything I know how to update my photo.It shows up on my profile and everything,I've tried it on different p.c.'s and everything but the picture will not show on the MB for some reason.Any help would be preciated...
  11. Played for the Falcons in the 90's and just met him this past Saturday at Keith Brooking Tailgate Party in Newnan.Just happened to look in the obits of the AJC and to my surprise see him listed!Anybody have any more info?Surprised somewhat to not see it on the home page.
  12. Why is it just bread and milk everyone needs?When I still drank I used to hit the liquor stores and stock up.
  13. I went to graphic multimedia but no one there.I tried different pics but none show up on th MB,just on my profile.What am I doing wrong?
  14. Quinn is not making enough money for Cleveland to be concerned about moving him up next year.They will keep Anderson.
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