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  1. I'd be down with trading a good player for a high draft pick, but players good enough to get a high draft pick are very few on this team. As far as making a deal right now for a substantial defensive upgrade...I haven't a clue how they realistically make that happen with the talent we have. Oh...also we're poor.
  2. You can set your watch almost to the very annual second, the point when the Pantloads begin their yearly implosion. It's quite humorous .
  3. I love him, but Rickie needs to get his game back to respectability. He's too talented to not qualify for the US Open.
  4. I would only root for NO if it clinched a Falcon playoff birth. I can't imagine another scenario that would permit it.
  5. Drives me nuts. It looks like there's only 8 players on defense sometimes .
  6. I didn't blame Ridley for that interception. The defender just made a good play. I don't expect receivers to be Calvin Johnson every snap, it's not as easy as they make it look. But dropping wide-open unobstructed footballs...you just can't let that happen. Nothing kills a drive faster than dropping a 39-yard uncontested pass.
  7. I'm going to be that guy. I watched them all season. The Braves probably wouldn't have even had a shot at the playoffs without Luke Jackson. And the 3-run dong he gave up to Bellinger was a fluke. It was in Bellinger's eyes...he just happened to get the barrel on it. That's not to say I want to see him in the WS in any type of pressure situation though because I think he's fragile now between the ears.
  8. I always say we're in it until we're eliminated mathematically, and anything can happen once a team gets in...but, with this defense, I wouldn't get too giddy just yet. I'm still of the opinion that anything above six wins, with this defense, should be considered borderline miraculous.
  9. Truth is, defense was awful, even before the db injuries. No excuse for getting gouged by that Miami offense all day. I like Dean Peas but we just have almost zero talent on defense.
  10. I find it amusing and almost astounding that there is anyone saying this game is a gimme. All the Falcons have done is beaten, arguably, two of the three worst teams in the NFL (Jets, Giants, Lions would have to be the bottom), and neither of them handily. I expect the Birds to win it, but to think they'll just trot down there and beat up on Miami is just weird. It's the NFL. Blowouts, by and large, are rare, regardless of matchups. And the Falcons are still trying to learn the new system. They could win by 20 pts and just as easily lose by 20.
  11. I remember several years ago, a hockey goalie broke his ankle when he slipped on the ice... on his front porch at home. lol
  12. I'm not up to speed. Does this alleged deal involve trading Tua to Houston, or just adding Watson to Miami?
  13. Defensive struggle...meaning each defense will try to outsuck the other. FALCONS 51 TUNAS 44
  14. He was one of the best. I remember him well.
  15. I'm thinking if we lose to the Tunas it won't be because McGary's out. It'll be because of a bad defensive game.
  16. I don't see it happening. I see probably somewhere around 26, 27 per game at best.
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