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  1. Welcome to Flowery Branch Terry. Now get us a running back!
  2. 8' 11" 420lbs, 9' wingspan, 5ft vertical leap, who runs a 3.25 40. I don't think that's too much to ask.
  3. Lot of posters gonna be scarce next year when the Birds offense is clicking.
  4. Hang in there, Hummer. One day you'll get that office beside the mop sink that Mark Bradley currently occupies.
  5. 4 - 12 Deal the #4 and improve the team. QB is just not a need yet. Its not, and you know it.
  6. What a bunch of bullsh*t. Just make sure you vaccinate anybody in a risk category, and anyone who is not in the risk category can show up at the combine and wear a mask. But that would make sense, and this plandemic was never about an actual pandemic.
  7. Whatever. IF is the biggest little word in the English language.
  8. I posted about 7:15 the Bucs are gonna get stomped. I love how wrong I can be sometimes lol
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