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  1. OP is alright but VB still blows llamas.
  2. This is the one that will confound us all. Somehow it will end 26 - 24 Falcons. Tankers all over the South will become despondent, and jump out their windows. But that's not such a big deal because most of them live on the ground floor, and they will only hurt their ankles, or in some cases, feet.
  3. Except in Atlanta in 2019
  4. If Ryan is inactive, who backs up Matty S? Sanu?
  5. Alcohol sir. Lots and lots of alcohol. And in my case, heroin.
  6. Surprised? I'd crap my Levi's. Lol
  7. I think we should sign him for one more year for 35 million dollars. And get Quinn to really buckle down and work with him, one on one.
  8. I think they've forced 11, and recovered a pathetic 2. Typical Falcon bounce of the ball I guess.
  9. They're soft, and coddled by a coach who doesn't have the capability to change things or find answers. He's too nice to them and they in turn are too nice to their opponents.
  10. Seems like 10 years ago.
  11. We'll get at least one sack Sunday if for no other reason than RW will be having so much fun torturing our defense he'll get a little too cocky at one point, and maybe trip over his shoelaces into Grady or something.
  12. Right now? Absolutely.
  13. The Super Bowl is the biggest single game there is in this country, and is watched by more than a billion people throughout the world. That Championship would mean more to me than anything in the entire world of sports. Although I do like the direction the Hawks are going these days.
  14. Who's not worth it...the Falcons, or the wife and child?
  15. Quinn is so impotent during the games, I can't see any reason to keep him at this point. And I was a big supporter of his until this season. I think he's burned out myself.
  16. I don't believe him either. Sometimes I listen to him, and in the middle of what he's saying, i can just tell he's kind of pulling stuff out of his a$## just to have something to say.
  17. Oliver is trying, he just sucks.
  18. No, free punching Donald tells me he is not one of them.
  19. That's funny because I first typed 'Petrino' then changed it. lol
  20. It would take a really stupid franchise to offer anything for Beasley, and since right now we're the stupidest franchise in the NFL, that kind of tells me he's not going anywhere.
  21. Also I'm pretty sure Brady is not going to retire.
  22. Belichick would never go into rebuild-A-team mode at his age. He'll most likely be in his 70s when he's done up there and he'll hang 'em up.
  23. Falcon Luck suggests he'd come down here and be worse than Marion Campbell.