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  1. Last year was a testament to Matt Ryan's excellence, plain and simple. He had no time to throw, an OC who seemed to be in a daze every other Sunday, and a running game that barely existed. Yeah, they went on a nice red zone streak for a third of the season, but overall it was not that good, and if they hadn't had #2 we would've gone 2-14.
  2. This is great to see. With Achilles, used to be a whole year wasn't even a sure thing recovery-wise. God I hope the injury curse is done with us for a while.
  3. Y'all talk like Julio's a free agent or something. He's under contract. We just bumped him 7 months ago. Are we going to renegotiate his contract again before camp?
  4. I know, somebody just started a thread about 'Falcons and Julio contract extension...thank god'....as if Julio has any options other than playing or sitting. He is solidly under contract. I don't know if I like the idea of trading him...but if they did it now, or soon, they would be able to reap some serious upgrade capital.
  5. I don't know about the OPs question, but I predict we'll see more participation from the #1s in the second and third preseason games. I've always said preseason means jack s**t, but my mind has changed to the extent that you can't just play your starters in practice and hope they come out jelling September 5...especially with a truckload of new coaches coming in.
  6. Me too. I've thought Howard would be a great addition for us since the first time I saw him.
  7. So far this league has done little more than confirm why those participating in it are not in the NFL.
  8. I have to give you credit, slick. Your rebuttal brought classic Otter to mind. Well done.
  9. I'm confused. Will you not be white AFTER I get mad?
  10. You can't spell TYKE KILLER without 'T-y-r-e-e-k-h-i-l-l'...! ...or something in that vicinity. I got nuthin
  11. I think the butter slipped off your noodles a long time ago.
  12. I agree. Ryan stinks, and we should never have traded Joe Namath straight up for him, back in...what was it...1936?
  13. Oh yeah? That's what they said about Gino Torretta.
  14. Y'all are dreaming if you think Beasley's going anywhere. He's Quinn's pick and Quinn is just about the most stubborn coach in the NFL. Well, the most stubborn RINGLESS coach in the NFL anyways.
  15. Some of you really freak over nothing. The guy's just a camp body, isn't costing anything, and might not even be anywhere near the team come September. And the draft is still a month-and-a-half away; we'll likely pick another RB in a later round...so save your freakouts for April lol.
  16. I'm mixed about it. Ain't we all.
  17. Well so far the FO has done exactly what I personally wanted to see, which is go FA for some O-line, and draft for defense, which remains to be seen. The guys they've signed at guard seem pretty good...at least they're obvious upgrades...but if there's a really good O-lineman available at 14, it sure wouldn't hurt to grab him. I believe the best thing this front office can do to make this team better, is protect Matt Ryan. There seem to be enough good D-linemen in this draft so we wouldn't have to automatically jump at the earliest available one. I guess what I'm saying is, pick whichever is the absolute better player...as long as it's a lineman. You just can't have enough good linemen in this game. If there's a good tackle, but a great D-lineman...you take the D-lineman...and vice versa.
  18. I'd rather have Halle Berry. And I mean have. Often.
  19. I knew he'd get way less than most were saying. But he's heading to a potentially exciting situation out there.
  20. Then they're stupid.
  21. No. Trading Julio, while possibly acquiring loads of future talent, would slam the window on any Super Bowl chance we might still have. I ain't ready for that.
  22. I'd cut the guy and when nobody but the Calgary Stampede calls him, bring him back in at $14.00 per hour.
  23. Never going to happen. Even if GT struggles, this front office is mute when it comes to acknowledging mistakes. (Not that I think releasing Bryant was a mistake. I think it was time to move on)
  24. Are there any dome teams in need of a kicker? I think if he has no choice but to sign with an outdoor team (Chicago, Tampa) he'd be wise to just hang 'em up.