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  1. If it does happen, who takes over? Koetter, simply because he is the most recent HC? I mean, not that it really matters at this point.
  2. It would be against Blanks usual method, but then so is the awful direction this season has gone, so maybe you're right.
  3. Matt Ryan is not going anywhere. That's the one thing I do know.
  4. I completely disagree. This team will find a way to lose almost every week. They don't have to "tank". They will lose simply as a result of their own poor nature. They are not going to win more than three or four games. No effing way.
  5. Pretty much my point. It doesn't require an all-world quarterback to win a football game. And drafting Ryan's replacement next year would be absolute moronic.
  6. Meanwhile the Steelers are up 21-0 with an eighth string quarterback.
  7. Marion Campbell was a much worse head coach than Dan Quinn. Let's try to stay at least a little bit realistic.
  8. Because he loves the game.
  9. I'd rather have lost by 30 than this
  10. Yeah well as NFL teams go, the Falcons are riding the short bus.
  11. I think the refs have decided to call it more heavily this season. Because it always happens.
  12. Yeah, they've decided to take our draft pick.
  13. We healed the Colts, Titans, and now Texans. They won in Kansas City today LOL.