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  1. I like the enthusiasm but...the only thing Vic's 'balling out' on is if he wins Mega Millions.
  2. This is news?
  3. Anyone who knows me knows I'm all for capitalism. But when it comes to modern day pro athlete paychecks? These guys need to have a clause injected into the end of every rookie contract, that stipulates they will spend 3 months during the summer getting up at 3am and making biscuits at HARDEES, or flipping cakes at IHOP, or grading ditches for sewer lines (all of which I've done btw)...before they are allowed to negotiate their next contract. Playing kids' games for millions of dollars every year would soon take on a whole different shade.
  4. Y'all are crazy. This is the best idea I've ever heard of, in the history of football. Sanu at qb for two full games? Sign me up.
  5. I went to every game back when he was here. He threw a really pretty ball and could land it on a dime. The knees took a beating and we'll never know how great he could've been.
  6. This reminded me of Leonard and Sheldon. lol Sorry, I'll show myself out.
  7. Typical Saints brain. When you want the bosses to watch, they miss it. And when you want them to miss it, they're watching. lol
  8. I hope his conversations with Warrick Dunn took deep root (about running smarter). If he can avoid unnecessary head-butting and maybe not try to punish every single defender in his path, he'll hopefully be there and fresh enough toward the vital division stretch in the season's second half.
  9. The same thing happened to me way way back in the early 80s. I was assistant manager at a fast food joint, and the company decided to dump 18 million bucks into sponsoring a big name NASCAR team. Right afterward we were informed that no hourly workers would be seeing any increases for the next two years, as a direct result of the racecar investment. But that's business. That's how it goes. No one held a gun to my head making me work there. So I changed jobs. I mean...I wasn't about to make a career out of salting French fries and taking OJ inventories the rest of my life lol.
  10. We are really going to miss this guy when he's gone. God I hope we can win the big one just once before that happens.
  11. mad adj. Angry; resentful: synonym: angry. adj. Mentally deranged. More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.
  12. Judy Judy Judy Judy Judy
  13. Honestly? After that gut stomp of a Super Bowl, there was no way we were going up there and beating that team. And frankly, I didn't give a s***, I was just glad we didn't lose 48 - 0.
  14. He's more of a drunk than a stoner though right? Not that it matters now, from a football point anyways. Sad.
  15. Of course the weak division doesn't factor into the playoffs, so dont think I'm saying he isn't the best...just that he's been propped up a good bit by circumstance.
  16. All this belichick love is great but spending 20 years in a crap division doesn't hurt either.
  17. Congrats to the new mods and I think both choices are just fine, although I really never had a problem with any of the moderators. Even Shiney, who suspended me three times because of my nasty language lol.
  18. If we're 3-0 after 3 I'll book a room in Miami for February.
  19. If I want to experience Twitter I will just jump in a sewer LOL
  20. Quinn will be here another two seasons at least regardless of this year's result.
  21. It's a hard schedule...on paper. Fans say the same thing every year, then 4 or 5 games into it, half the teams that are supposed to be good stink. And vice versa. Can't base a prediction on last years results.
  22. I'm saying the 'rating' game is stupid. Define the words 'underrated' and 'overrated'. You can't, because they are undefinable words.
  23. Not sure about that. And...hmm, let's not find out....k?