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  1. J-E-T-S Mess! Mess! Mess!
  2. As someone who has been crying for help in the trenches for the last five years, I would be a hypocrite to go back on that now especially with all the talent available at 14. But I am certain that we are going to get some very good results tonight no matter which way the front office decides to go.
  3. What is the o/u on number of 'If only we had tanked we could've drafted so-n-so' threads? Cause you know it's coming lol.
  4. When your super bowl window is closing (not saying our is...but) you don't hesitate just because it costs you long-term; and like I've seen others mention, DQ's job, if not on the line, it's **** close to it. A big time D line would make our defense not only better but formidable, If there's a deal out there to pick up a top-five out of this class ie, QW, you make that deal. I'm not really expecting to see a major move but if they do make one, I'll understand why.
  5. Agreed. There must be nothing worse then rug burns on your knees and splinters elsewhere.
  6. Anything is better than rise up.
  7. Hey Keanu, how bout some fresh air? - Sure, no problem
  8. I agree, but unfortunately his style comes from instinct, and I'm afraid he'll never be able to change. I mean, how do you change your instincts?
  9. Okay I'll play along. I predict they're going to make a big deal. I have no clue what that deal might be, but my guess is we're not picking at 14.
  10. I don't get the connection between the general manager and the play-calling of the offensive coordinator.
  11. Exactly why I don't pretend to even know anything about what's coming. And I don't bother making predictions that I know won't come true.
  12. We just argue for the sake of arguing around here. It's my opinion that, having been gone two years +, and having a troubled time even when on a roster, none of us, either on the 'Hageman's awesome' side...or the 'he's overhyped and average' camp...none of us has a clue about what he's bringing to this team. At this point Hageman is a walk-in-off-the-street signing with zero resume' and I wouldn't be surprised to see his locker empty by late August.
  13. We can all sleep soundly tonight knowing the police have solved every major crime problem and can now spend taxpayer dollars locking up people over minor traffic issues.
  14. And back to the subject, why would they need to change the turf so soon? It's a brand new stadium.
  15. There were no highlights vs Dallas FC yesterday.
  16. I had dinner with him last night and he seemed fine.
  17. Not a bad signing at all, but he's been gone a long time and expectations should not be very high.
  18. Yeah. It's because he's black. That's why he only did one year of a 10 year sentence before.
  19. Not here to debate sentencing, and I am a libertarian in favor of legalized drugs. I was merely positing a way he could have avoided jail time.
  20. Change the laws or dont break them. Not complicated.
  21. Obviously the NFL hates the Falcons.