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  1. So lemme guess...Buffalo says they'll take Beasley if we give them our first round pick in 2020
  2. If I had to pick five major needs....I've come around to believe what this team needs is this, in order: 1. A bona fide pass rush specialist. 2. One more very good offensive guard...or depending on how Matthews ends up...a left tackle. 3. A seriously talented young running back. Freeman is done and I don't think Ito is good enough to do what we need in the running game, ie, 4+ ypc. We need a reason for opposing defenses to respect our run game and right now we have nothing. 4. A linebacker that can consistently do his job. Debo is alone out there and Campbell and the others just aren't that good. 5. Any and every defensive back we can get our hands on. --- Now, I don't follow college or draft potentialities close enough to know how realistic our chances are of fulfilling the above, so maybe some of you can tell me if I'm as stupid as I suspect I am. Anyways, that's how I see it.
  3. It's a crazy idea for one simple reason: Matt Ryan would never even entertain the notion of not playing. He's a competitor.
  4. There were several Falcons coaches much worse than Quinn. Even Glanville only had a single winning season, otherwise his teams blew donkeys. No matter how it came about, Quinn's teams made the Super Bowl and playoffs. Most Falcons coaches never even sniffed a .500 season.
  5. Ryan has a simple ankle sprain. Shutting him down for nine games wouldn't really help anything would it?
  6. At this point most of the team is playing not to win, and not to lose...they're in 'don't get hurt' mode now.
  7. I'll miss Sanu, he's (was ) one of my favorite Falcons. But this is business, and the team comes first, and is in dire need of fresh talent. This is a good deal.
  8. I like Hooper but he's most likely leaving anyway. Get something for him now.
  9. I would be shocked if any NFL team called Flowery Branch about acquiring Vic Beasley.
  10. I grew up a Dolphins and Falcons fan. How much fun do you think I'm having this autumn?
  11. Our #1 draft pick who was already looking like the best lineman on the team has now healed from a cracked foot bone. He could be ready to play after the bye, or at the very least, play the final seven games. But, no, let's just send him home in October instead of getting him half a season of experience. Sounds like typical Falcon stupidity to me, and I wouldn't be shocked if they do just that.
  12. Seattle's coming in here mad, our QB is down and we have a defense that couldn't keep Brookwood High out of the end zone. If we're within 14 pts at halftime Sunday I'll eat my hat.
  13. Neither would I. I'm just adding an observation.
  14. I bet he doesn't feel bad enough to return a portion of the 13 million bucks he took the team for this year.
  15. I wish I could get back out there and drop another pass; I need something to laugh about.
  16. What? He just turned 64 two weeks ago, and he's younger than Bill Belichick.
  17. That's their choice. I used to be like that. Had Falcons season tickets for many years, most of them awful. Now I choose not to spend my money on inferior products. If that makes me a bad fan, then guess I'm a bad fan.
  18. I had us neck-and-neck with Cincy, but after yesterday I'd wager the Bungles would beat us by two TDs. The Falcons, as horrible as they've been all year, are somehow, impossibly, getting even worse.
  19. I don't give a ratsass how 'hard' or 'tough' Takk goes about his 'effort'. Results are what matters and he's a complete bust. He sucks as bad as Vic, he just looks better doing so.
  20. So... I'm assuming you don't want to hire Joey Harrington has GM?
  21. I can't help it, I'm sitting here laughing about what Joey Harrington might be thinking if he read the title to this thread. It's hilarious.
  22. If Harbaugh winds up in Atlanta the Falcon fans will be 'had'. Again.
  23. Either two weeks or 50 years.