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  1. I'm not saying he's not good. I'm saying I haven't seen him as a starter perform enough to satisfy my own concern. That's all I mean. And in that position, it's so hard to get right for a young player, and if it goes wrong, your defense is in big trouble.
  2. But seriously, that really is a well-thought-out and excellent original post, Vel
  3. I predict Matt Ryan is going to have to seek medical help, because he will have so much time behind the line to find his receivers, he's going to come down with a sudden case of attention deficit disorder and forget what he's supposed to be doing half the time.
  4. I'm not X and O smart enough to comment on the original question, but I think this year's Falcons have a lot more than just Dirk Koetter to work with. There is a buttload of NFL experience on this coaching staff now, unlike recent seasons.
  5. Oh and here's them building the Raiders new stadium. It's about half a mile off the Strip behind the Luxor.
  6. I was in Vegas for the 4th of July weekend. (Yes there was a real earthquake, right at the end of Blue Man. Wife and I figured it was part of the show. Felt like when you're standing on a boat and it's rippling back and forth) Anyway, in the pool one day was a Buffalo Bills fan, and a bloated, tipsy Packers fan was giving him all kinds of **** about losing four super bowls. It started out good-nature, but then the Packer dude got obnoxious and louder, so I said "I'm a Falcons fan, you want to whip out your best 28-3 s*** and I'll counter with how we destroy y'alls *** in the playoffs these days?" He just snickered something like 'Yeah, yeah whatever' and waddled away. The Bills fan and I just grinned at each other.
  7. TO's feet weren't held together with rivets and Legos though. Jones' wheels won't be able to make it that long I'm afraid. He plays hurt a lot as it is, I can't see him enduring that many more years at a high enough level.
  8. I have concerns about Oliver. Yes he has the size and talent but he hasn't shown (my opinion) yet that he's a solid starter quality corner, and that's a vital piece of what Quinn is trying to build. If we're bad at corner, it weakens the entire defense and it's a hard position to just plug a different guy in and fix. I think many of us are expecting the new O-line to make an immediate improvement, and that's probably not what we'll see right off the bat, so it'll be interesting watching them progress, and fun watching posters on this board having daily panic attacks. lol
  9. That's udderly ridiculous. I mean, pardon the expression, but holy cow.
  10. No, that is right ... and left.
  11. Impressive. Does he return kicks?
  12. I don't know about 'relaxed' but I can guarantee I'll be hungover.
  13. I don't get why people care really; once a player's off your team he's off your team. It's not personal, just business. Out of sight, out of mind. Off Topic PS- If I have to see that 'Somebody burned down my she-shed' commercial one more time, I'm going postal.
  14. He's the one defensive player who gives them a chance to be great. He's not just a good linebacker, he's essential to the team.
  15. This will be the first HOF game I've even looked at since about 1985.
  16. Simple. You could make the kicker ineligible. Make it to where he must kick it to a teammate.
  17. There are a lot of good ideas floating around on this thread, but y'all are heading in the wrong direction. These ideas would make the game better...and that's the direct opposite of what the NFL has been trying to do for the past twenty or so years.
  18. I wouldn't say I 'worry' about anything with the Falcons, but my main focus would be stopping the run. Teams are going to try to out-possess us because we're looking at a really good scoring offense (on paper) and opponents are going to try to slow the game down and keep it close by running us into fatigue.
  19. I like the enthusiasm but...the only thing Vic's 'balling out' on is if he wins Mega Millions.
  20. This is news?
  21. Anyone who knows me knows I'm all for capitalism. But when it comes to modern day pro athlete paychecks? These guys need to have a clause injected into the end of every rookie contract, that stipulates they will spend 3 months during the summer getting up at 3am and making biscuits at HARDEES, or flipping cakes at IHOP, or grading ditches for sewer lines (all of which I've done btw)...before they are allowed to negotiate their next contract. Playing kids' games for millions of dollars every year would soon take on a whole different shade.