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  1. Obviously the NFL hates the Falcons.
  2. This board in the off-season is 1 long slap fight.
  3. I like the 5 div in a row, the intensity will be like playoffs, and when the smoke clears no doubts about who's the best.
  4. He does have very similar physical traits
  5. If Julio did show up he'd probably hurt his feet again and then we'd just be arguing over whether he should've showed up in the first place lol.
  6. Norm Van Brocklin Marion Campbell Rankin Smith Sr. -- Oop! Sorry. I thought it said three deadest Falcons.
  7. I get why many people are so hyped for the draft, and I follow the first couple rounds pretty closely. But I don't get into doing all the research and homework that some of you do, simply because I have no say in what the team will do, so I don't bother predicting it. Plus I'm just lazy. Que sera sera.
  8. I think the next time we make it there we win it, and it'll be sweeter than ten World Series and a hundred MLS Cups. I just hope I'm not dead when it happens.
  9. I was the biggest Tiger fan on Earth and when he ended up unfaithful to his wife I was disgusted and disappointed. But I was also disgusted with Vick, Lance, Sosa...etc...etc...etc. Not so much Bonds because he was a prick even before he cheated and it was obvious he was a cheater, so the 'let down' factor wasn't as shocking. lol But we are forgiving people. I forgive because I'm not perfect either...and I forgave Tiger. And from a karma perspective, the man went through **** for long time, long after he paid the price for his broken vows. Four back surgeries and four knee surgeries left him thinking he'd never be able to even play with his kids again, much less play golf. Or, especially, WIN at golf. His personal life is his own, and his to deal with. I like Tiger because he's the greatest of my lifetime, one of the greatest sports giants in the history of the world. The 2019 Master's was historical, a thing of beauty.
  10. PLEASE don't get me wrong. I pretty much love what we've seen so far, I'm just hoping the front office isn't 'deal happy', and doesn't get too excited and make a crazy trade come draft day that hurts us more than helps us. I want our nine draft picks, and no trading up for the sake of trading up...unless we can maybe get Oliver....
  11. I didn't say it was bad. Merely posited a general concern not necessarily related to it.
  12. I hope the FO is not just making deals willy-nilly from a position of being job-scared. Which we all know they probably are...job-scared, I mean. There's nothing worse than management decisions made simply because their jobs are on the line.
  13. I guess I just have more fun winning today than assuming I will win next season based on the extreme uncertainty of the draft. I don't even know if i will be alive the day of the draft, why would i want my team to lose games 6 months before it? Lol
  14. Lol you're such a pickle-puss.
  15. If you're going to go light Ultra is definitely the way to go.
  16. Most everyone on this thread is making good sense and seems to have analyzed the possible scenarios. That's why I'm sure come draft day we will see something none of us expect. LOL
  17. I'm not saying I don't get that type of thinking. I'm just saying I happen to hate that type of thinking. Is that alright?
  18. I won't go that far but I wish they'd start a NFL franchise and lose every game on purpose for draft picks, then see how that insures that YOU BECOME A WINNER! (Nothing like pretzel logic is there?)
  19. So according to your theory, if we go 0-16 next year...we're in great shape! Got it. Thanks.
  20. I just will never understand the mindset of a person calling themselves a 'fan' of a team, and cheering for that team to lose, regardless of the reason...because there is no good reason to want to watch your team lose.
  21. That borders on trippy
  22. We are already a contender roster-wise, it's a matter of coaching, cohesion, health, and enough luck to make the playoffs. At that point anything can happen.