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  1. The guy likes to ask opinions of other posters, what's wrong with that? Usually the questions are valid and get people discussing pertinent issues with the Falcons. This one is kind of...out there though.
  2. Are y'all crazy? We can't trade Vic Beasley. Quinn's going to work with him, one-on-one, and make him really elevate his game this year!
  3. We're talkin about the Falcons here. They'll probably win 35 -31 and piss off 80% of the message board. Lol
  4. LOL. My mom would've won with that team after the Herschel trade.
  5. I don't know all the stats but just from being a fan all this time I'd say June Jones, Marion Campbell, Bob Quitrino, Dan Henning, Marion Campbell Part Deaux, Jimmy Mora ...all were worse than Dan Quinn. Henning and Swamp Fox were just nightmare regimes. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. And Jerry Glanville stunk pretty much too aside from one single winning season. - But I will say this: the 2019 defense is as awful as any Falcons D I've seen since 1973.
  6. He can't hire anyone from an NFL team until after the season, so rushing into it won't help anything. And if he's going to hire a college coach...well, get ready for another five years of mediocrity because that never works, bringing a coach up from college to the NFL.
  7. I thought we were out of timeouts but whatever, there was NO WAY the defense was up to the challenge and he should've tried to get the ball back for the offense.
  8. Yet another in-game mistake yesterday. Not trying an onside kick at the end was the perfect expression of a coach being totally stubborn and out of touch with reality. There were less than two minutes left and the Falcons had zero timeouts. Did he actually think that horrible defense was going to make a stop and get the ball back?
  9. Yes, and I think this will be a LOT of guys' last season as a Falcon.
  10. If Blank (and or Dimitroff) wants to go with a college level coach, and he's decided to fire Quinn already, he should fire him soon. Most college coaches will be available a lot earlier than the pros. But if he's looking at NFL coordinators and coaches, he can't make a move until the season is over anyway, so there's really no benefit to releasing Quinn until after the last game on the schedule. So...if we lose to the Rams, then the Seahawks, and Quinn is still employed, we might have our answer as to what's coming, and when.
  11. Well, that's what they have in New Orleans, and they're 5-1.
  12. Not me. Nope, not at all. No problemo
  13. The Shanahan obsession is out of control! He's been gone nearly three years! Get lives people!
  14. Fair enough. But the Rams come in here basically playing to keep their season alive. We're going to get their best effort. Hope the O is ready to shoot it out, because the D is dead.
  15. They'll win one division game, probably against the Bucs at home, then maybe pick up a win against the 49ers second and third stringers, as SanFran rests after sewing up homefield. 3-13.
  16. Worry about growing pains? ...as opposed to what we're witnessing right now? Lol bring 'em on.
  17. They think the Falcons are in the NBA or something.
  18. I don't get the logic behind saying 'we can beat the Rams because the Rams aren't that good'... when the fact is the Falcons are 5x worse than the Rams no matter how bad the Rams are. - Right now this team isn't beating anybody for the simple reason that they can't stop other teams from scoring. At all. We are probably the third-worst team in the league. I would have them ranked 32. Miami...but we all know their deal...they'd probably find a way to beat Atlanta though lol. 31. Cincy...awful ownership, awful roster, awful everything. They would've done better keeping awful Marvin Lewis. 30. Falcons 29. Skins...but they'll probably win the next six in a row haha.
  19. If it does happen, who takes over? Koetter, simply because he is the most recent HC? I mean, not that it really matters at this point.
  20. It would be against Blanks usual method, but then so is the awful direction this season has gone, so maybe you're right.
  21. Matt Ryan is not going anywhere. That's the one thing I do know.