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  1. There are nearly 150 posts in this thread. That boggles the mind.
  2. Okay thanks. I was worried it might be injuries.
  3. Why in god's name would AZ cut him?
  4. More than Sark's sometimes inexplicable play-calling, I'm hoping the players eliminate the drops and the penalties next time around, because I feel that we'll have a good enough defense to win it all, as long as we can put up the magic 20+ every game.
  5. The Aints losing Drew Brees is 100% completely and totally impossible. But it would be great to see that fanbase's reaction. They'd probably burn the city down. Which would obviously be an improvement.
  6. The best from the Cromartie Tribe.
  7. Iron doesn't sharpen iron.
  8. "...anger in my heart" ?
  9. Yep. People can post numbers that add up to basically nothing when you consider the context.
  10. Yeah, Roberts had a pretty bad year and I was as angry as anyone. BUT...I also remember EVERY TIME he had a nice return (and there were several), they got called back because of a penalty (looking at YOU, Poole). I'm not saying I want to keep Roberts, but without all the horrible play by his special teams mates, we probably wouldn't be discussing this.
  11. I hate the kneeling, hate it, especially being a descendant of decorated American war heroes who volunteered to fight for you and me. But I also recognize that, paradoxically, they fight for peoples' right to speak, to disagree, and to protest...to kneel. Freedom is not always pretty, and never a one-way street. It's not black-and-white, and there's no guarantee how we use it. That's part of the beauty of it. We get at each others' throats time-to-time, and we're dam lucky to be free to do so.
  12. Dude's an a--hole, but not to his team or his organization. I mean, I always hated Ronde Barber too....hated his guts and liver....because he killed us every time he took the field. I would have loved to see him a Falcon. If there were a deal that could be made for Bennett that would not hurt the Falcons...get him. But fat chance, aint gonna happen.