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  1. I went to a game in the Big Sombrero way back when, and the Bucs were just slaughtering us. Scott Case got a penalty for punching a Tampa offensive lineman in the head. lol He practically had to jump into the air to reach the guy's helmet, but he did pop him one. I think we lost that one 48-10 or something. A very long afternoon for me, the only person in the whole section wearing red and black.
  2. I reiterate: the only time Coleman has big games is when the offensive line actually opens holes. There's nothing that special about him. His abilities are average overall, though he is very fast once he gets into open field...but he's no good unless the line opens holes the size of a two-car garage. Coleman will probably go to a team with a decent o-line, and get 1500 combined yards next year. lol
  3. I don't think referring to Nick Foles as a 'backup' is really right. The guy has proven time and again he's no backup, and really should've been Philly's starter this whole season because every game he's played since Wentz went down, he's been the better qb.
  4. The Saints might as well win it here. What will really be stunning is to see the place actually full of football fans other than a SEC game. Falcon fans don't even fill the seats, so who really cares?
  5. Guinness. Guinness is always a successful draft. Or draught. As it were.
  6. No big deal, Free will be back week after next and we should be peaking for the playoffs.
  7. Who do you think you are? There is no room on this board for rational thought combined with support of the team.
  8. You root for your team to win games? What are you, some kind of freak?
  9. Nothing about this o-line is 'set'. It stinks as a group, period. A serious, sweeping overhaul of the offensive line would not only make this Coleman argument moot, it might, just MIGHT give the quarterback more than a half a second to look for a receiver. This team's success and failure is directly connected to blocking on offense and pressuring on defense, ie, trenches. Fix the o-line, improve the d-line, and watch everything else come together. ps-fire Sark and get someone with lots of experience. Sark is just too inconsistent, has too many bad games and when you only get 16 cracks at it per year, you can't afford to go through slumps.
  10. I don't have a clue, but, every player on every team has incentive clauses, future contracts, and livelihoods to worry about. Losing, or playing like garbage, or just not trying, I can't fathom in the NFL.
  11. Just FYI, the Cardinals defense is ranked higher (13) than the Panthers, Rams, Seahawks, Patriots, and Eagles. It's not a bad defense at all and the Falcons did whip it pretty good.
  12. This is the attitude I just don't get. The draft is 5 months away. You don't even know if you're going to be alive then, so getting all wadded over something like picking 6th as opposed to 5th...it just doesn't seem worth the energy and thought process that would cause me to actually root for my own team to lose. No offense, I just don't have the capacity to do that like you seem to.
  13. With this o-line, every quarterback in the NFL would have to run around for his life.
  14. I don't understand anyone who calls themselves a fan yet says they won't watch the games. That's just weird.