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  1. Dumping Beasley with Takk heading into his second season, and Beasley going back to his normal position, would be a huge mistake. They're going to rock some O-lines' and QBs' worlds this season.
  2. At least she didn't get mad, leave you, and send you a John Deere letter.
  3. Thanks. I guess I can relate. One time my dad woke me as I slept on the sofa, about 5am. I was 15, and he was just laughing his aXX off because apparently I was repeating the phrase, "Food truck....there goes the food truck" over and over again in my sleep. So maybe HIVE SOP DAP dude was sleep-posting...or looking for the food truck. Sometimes sh*t just pops out of the mouth that the brain hasn't adequately processed.
  4. Unless Wentz' shattered leg breaks off like a dried-out daisy stem, he'll be one of the best QBs in the NFL for the next decade. I can't believe anyone who's watched a NFL football game, ever...would even dispute that.
  5. I still don't even know what this means, but then, I've never cared. And...yet I post.
  6. I don't get it either. He seems pretty cool to me.
  7. Exactly. Hard to figure out how that simple fact gets lost on some folk.
  9. The over/under on when this becomes a Sark thread is currently 2 minutes...
  10. Well, I'm off to start a 'Is Duke Riley Going To Hold Out?' thread.
  11. I predicted over a year ago the MBS roof would wind up just like Montreal's, which was open a total of EIGHT TIMES before it was closed forever: I stand by that prediction. Two billion bucks for leaks and a 'Sorry We're Closed' Chick-Filet. Lmao.
  12. NFL players are a unionized employee group. If they don't like management's policies, they can go through their union to affect change, or they can do what the rest of us do...get other jobs.
  13. Kickers are going to go all out trying to pooch it down around the 5-or-10 yard line. This is indeed going to change kickoffs to being basically punts. And just when I was shaking the memory of the poor field position the Falcons had to endure all last season.
  14. I wasn't aware Arthur Blank is crushing people.