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  1. What does not being a great player have to do with being an analyst? Totally unrelated.
  2. Fields has nothing to do with the Falcons. He's not coming here.
  3. And the next day he went around telling everybody what a great time he had that night LOL.
  4. I rag on the Smith's a lot, referring to them as The Clampetts and such, but I'll always be grateful to them for bringing the NFL to Georgia.
  5. I'm 57 and married 20 years. I haven't gotten it since Moses was a baby. 😖
  6. I almost always agree with you but for the life of me I can't understand what you have seen or heard that would lead you to this conclusion.
  7. Kiper should have been a weatherman. Almost always wrong and still getting paid.
  8. I dont hate scenario #1 at all, especially since Ridley and Gage seem to be able to play more than 60% of the offensive snaps these days, unlike Julio.
  9. If your qb isn't doing this, he's not a real qb. Don't you know that?
  10. Weren't the Falcons statistically the greatest 4-12 team in NFL history? Lol but seriously, losing 7 games by a combined something like 13 points, that's not a terrible team. It's an undisciplined team that just couldn't finish games. They just had terrible coaching and terrible results. Teams turn it around quickly every year, maybe with these seemingly huge upgrades in the staff, we can finally get back to winning football.
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