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  1. How they can come up with Kansas City at the bottom, below Jags (who have to tarp half their stadium's empty seats), is pure insanity. Falcons at 19 is probably about right though.
  2. Yeah because Shanny ran the Falcon defense. Get back in the kiddie pool.
  3. So we're going to go 13-2-1? I'll take that.
  4. I predict we'll beat the Bears. That's all that matters to me. One game at a time. Win that, then the next one...
  5. Actually, everybody should be able to decide for themselves.
  6. Without too many injuries, I can't see how this team wins fewer than 12 games.
  7. Just be aware you'll still need reading glasses after about age 45; lasik can't prevent that. But to be able to see distances without any glasses or contacts is still very much worth having it done.
  8. Lasik was some of the best money I ever spent*. Went from legally blind (20/400....I'm not kidding) to 20/35. *And when I had it done, it was frigging expensive. About 10x what it costs now.
  9. Alert: Fast forward a bit if you, like me, can't stomach hearing male prostitute Joe Buck (google Midnight Cowboy if you don't get that) screaming 'THE PATRIOTS WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!' Almost brought the lunch I just ate right back up. But...dam straight it's 'Unfinished Business'. That should be the team slogan until they hoist the hardware. Screw 'Rise Up'. We're already 'up'. Now it's time to win it all.
  10. Y'all some big dreamin' fothermuckers, I'll say. I just want to beat the Bears, then worry about the next game.
  11. The pain of losing that super bowl will only return, and it will hurt worse, if the Falcons don't get back there this year; something that is FAR from guaranteed, regardless of how great they look on paper. Injuries, a gassed defense, a hall of fame opponent, and a devastating turnover & penalty combo killed us. But fact is, 28-3 is 28-3, and with a single half of football to play, there is absolutely no good excuse for losing that game.
  12. Satan's not the one doing the punishing. God is. You know...because He loves us.