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  1. Found a photo of Ridley and Sanu after practice yesterday, getting ready for Monday. Do they look a little pale? I think they look pale. SHOOT 'EM UP AND SUIT 'EM UP!
  2. All I got from that is Dave Choate is either incompetent regarding the background of his subject...or he's an as$hole. It has to be at least one of those. Knowing most 'journalists', likely both.
  3. Unless Lovie Smith is a proven faith healer he's not going to do any good with this roster. You can't overcome this level of injury by just shuffling coaches.
  4. Only after the Falcons can figure out how to set up a screen in the first place. Every time they try one it looks like a Benny Hill skit.
  5. No way. It's a decent offense, but the defenses we've faced have been absolute garbage. The 2016 Falcons would be scoring 45 ppg against them.
  6. There's nothing wrong with a person saying what they believe. At the same time, there is no such thing as freedom of speech in matters of employer-employee relationships. Walk into your boss' office and call him an a**hole. See what happens.
  7. That's funny. #55 got rug burns...not the fun kind either.
  8. Andrews had deceptive speed once he got in the open field. Maybe not speed so much, but he had a way of gaining momentum, like a freight train. Just ask Steve Wilson. Or, Wilson's widow, since Andrews killed the guy on that play. I believe they buried him right there in the grass after the play.
  9. He probably took it home and tripped over it getting out of the car, the poor guy. I wasn't even ten years old then and I remember thinking, 'Wow, this team seems to be kind of a sad case'.
  10. Dave Hampton, 1972 becomes first in Falcons history to reach 1,000 rushing yards in the last game of the season. On the following play he loses 6 yards and finishes the season at 995. You can't spell 'Falcon Luck' without 'F--K'.
  11. Please. Takk, okay. But the only thing Vic's gonna be eating is the little rubber dust that fills in the field turf. He's a non factor on a weekly basis, I hate to say.
  12. He was awesome but I think no Falcons running back was better than William Andrews.
  13. I remember the night Ryan was drafted. 70% of this board was calling him 'Goober' and 'Huck Finn', laughing at his appearance...shrieking about what a sorry draft pick he was. I guess that's why most people don't run football franchises.
  14. I was sort of joking. But to be fair, here's a pic of the most recent one... lol
  15. Sure hope he's good to go...but this is not exactly indicative of him actually playing Monday night. Dan Quinn and injuries. lol