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  1. Ridiculous waste of taxpayer money. Shouldn't even be a crime in the first place.
  2. Still not convinced St kubiac was the perfect fit, and it's not like he was available. Don't know why people keep bringing him up as a relative possibility, which he was not.
  3. I am at Melbourne beach. Hwy patrol and pelicans all over the place.
  4. He is good enough to keep around. It's not a big deal.
  5. Y'all talk like we're the Cardinals or something. Improve the o-line and we're automatically a 10 or 11-win team.
  6. Make him a decent offer but don't budge. Certainly not close to 10 mil. He's good but not integral.
  7. My parents grew up in the same town in Tennessee and went to school with Spurrier. They're all basically the same age. My mother remembers how, from probably age 7, walking home from school every single day, there was Steve Spurrier throwing a football to other kids. And when there weren't any other kids in the yard, there was Spurrier, every day, kicking the football through the limbs of a tree, using it like a goalpost. Every day, for hours until it was dark. They didn't like him because he was snotty even back then; but there's no denying he loves the game and it's in his very soul.
  8. Of course they do. I remember well, back when probably 45% of this board screamed to hire Singletary, when we ended up with Mike Smith. I lived in terror for weeks, afraid that the Falcons would bring in that ex-Bear dunderhead. Thank god wisdom prevailed.
  9. Is there a AAF draft? I mean, there must be, seeing as how the 'Legends' went full-tank mode at halftime of Game One.
  10. "making"......? lol
  11. Man I sure hope we do. Otherwise we'll have to forfeit every game and there will be a lot of cold $2 hotdogs going to waste.
  12. He's not trash but as a big supporter of his even I have to admit he suffered as big a drop-off in quality as any corner in the entire NFL last year. He's gone for more than one reason, but the biggest reason is he played like crap quite often.
  13. Hopefully we'll be seeing many more PATs than FG attempts and we won't have to sweat the issue at all.