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  1. Yeah. Next I head to Texarkana Texas, pick up 400 cases of Coors and be back by tomorrow night.
  2. Nashville's only a 4-hour drive.
  3. My first post, I was talking about among players, coaches, and office personnel...not fans.
  4. Yeah. (But they're also the most popular team in the NFL)
  5. That's cool from our perspective and all, but not so unique. I'm pretty sure that if you asked the 31 other teams, the Saints would come out as by far the most despised NFL franchise. Well, them and NE.
  6. We're all gonna win the lottery too! 🤩
  7. I dunno…some people have different taste in clothing I guess. I'd be able to like these unis if they wore the white pants under the black. The all black just looks boring to me.
  8. Good luck to him, but this guy's pissing and moaning every single day is getting tiresome.
  9. The last known picture of the man.
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