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  1. A lot of guys dropped a lot of decent passes from Matt today, but at the same time, Matt obviously is not playing very well. He's either holding on to the ball too long, or throwing it into stupid areas. And that's just not like him.
  2. Beinemey's stints as coach have been barely average without great talent, and he doesn't really run the KC offense. So what's so great about him? If he can bring Mahomes here, okay, but other than that what's the attraction?
  3. Doesn't matter what we think. Arthur Blank has already decided the house is getting cleaned in January. No two ways about it.
  4. Hmm. Interesting. I understand dog meat in Korea is a delicacy. No joke here, just stating a very strange fact regarding the last two number sevens this team has had.
  5. I'm trying to devise a way to use the words Falcons and laugher in the same sentence where the Falcons are the ones doing the laughing, but I can't. 🤓 Seriously, when is the last time the Atlanta Falcons won a laugher?
  6. This is exactly my pregame prediction, I just got the teams switched LOL. Did not expect this.
  7. Okay. The offenses are MAKING the defenses look good. Lol
  8. Ugliest game of the year. Both teams look like dog squeeze.
  9. Uh-oh. Did you really just ask that? I can see the Birds coming out today with fire and effort, and yes I predict DK shows some new wrinkles...but true to their nature, bad trench play, mistakes and sloppiness doom them after the half...and then they just throw in the towel. LAS VEGAS 37 ATLANTA 20
  10. I just installed a new mattress. It's stuffed with weed. So far it's working. What...you thought I smoke that s**t? 🤓
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