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  1. See, this guy ^^^ gets what being a Falcon fan is all about...
  2. Is there an official diagnosis? Mild sprain, or whatnot?
  3. Yeah we can't just keep sending Bosher out there with his shredded leg, and hoping Bryant doesn't shred his leg every time we have to kick off. I had no idea it's been a decade since Bryant handled kickoff duties (a stat displayed during the game last night). That shocked me. Anyway, it's an issue that must be addressed because you can't win consistently if you give your opponent the ball at the 35, five times a game.
  4. I'm thinking he might be a bit limited with the ribs still.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. But we'll sure as **** get a ton of threads when he misses one.
  6. He's rapidly been losing his ability to throw downfield, even at full strength. Cowherd discussing Brees' absence just showed some stats since the middle of last season, and the Saints are in the bottom third of most major offensive categories. I knew their production had suffered since Thanksgiving, but had no idea they were this lousy. Like 22nd in ppg.
  7. When He returns, I wonder if the league will provide a donkey for Him to ride into the stadium on, and palm leaves for His tired feet.
  8. Where does anything say '6 weeks out'...? Or is OP just guessing?
  9. I too have never felt good with Oliver starting, but at least he showed a determination last night and made some big plays. Hopefully that's a trend because with Trufant's improved play so far this year, it will make it tougher on opposing qb's to just automatically pick on Oliver.
  10. These are just the type of games the Falcons find a way to lose. Hopefully that game in Minnesota was just the right wake-up call and the Birds won't go into this one unprepared like they did up there.
  11. You know what we ought to do? We oughta to catch footballs!
  12. Welcome to 1985. Or whichever year.