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  1. If they do that the message board would pretty much go
  2. I trust him a lot more than I trust the coaching staff...in spades.
  3. Why in the mother **** would anyone want to relive that game?
  4. 2020? Nothing, seeing as how there won't be any games until 2021.
  5. Yeah, it was "rigged". Because it couldn't possibly have been the result of an exhausted defense playing against a smarter coaching staff and a more-prepared-in-big-moments team.
  6. Media people don't just make things up (cough-RUSSIA!) do they? Why, that would be unethical!
  7. Sorry Gritz. In a time where nothing on the planet is going right, having to deal with more tragedy is just not fair. Hang in there.
  8. COVID-19 Weirdness My wife called our doc about an upcoming physical she scheduled for mid April, to ask if it was still on. They told her as long as their patients are not "sick" they can still come in, but if you're feeling under the weather, they can't see you. So, here we are folks...doctors only seeing patients.. who...don't need a doctor. lol
  9. If you really want his attention you should smack yourself.
  10. He's our TAYSOM HILL, staring us right in the face. Of course, we'd need to give DK a brain transplant first.
  11. We are going to reach a crossroads where we have to decide either to a: stay curled up hiding and starve to death, or b: go back to work. Period. We can't continue to just sit around because in about three months the entire world economy will be dead. You'll see inflation like you never imagined. I'm talking $8 for a loaf of bread and gasoline for $10 a gallon...which won't matter because there will be no jobs to drive to. 40 people million looking for work. Ghost towns and people squatting in abandoned houses, killing each other for scraps because we will have looted and emptied every grocery store in this country. Either we get masked up and vaccinated, SOON...or less than a year from now, your new lifestyle will make the Great Depression look like a day at the beach.