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  1. Sark came up with some straight garbage this year, but if the receivers don't drop thirty frigging passes, we probably go 12-4. So not everything is his fault. I do agree that his game planning is pretty bad though. You can't scheme in the NFL like you do in the Pac 10 or whatever.
  2. Okay. Sark must go. Y'all are firing him. Who are you replacing him with?
  3. Lynch's run was like something superhuman, like Bronco Nagurski or Jim Brown...or Hercules...would do, but Seattle already had the lead, so it was more embarrassing than devastating. The one Sunday was pure devastation because it's the first and only walk-off touchdown in NFL playoff history, and it came while Bagheads all over the country were dancing and booking tickets to Philly. It was sweeter because for those obnoxious a-holes; well, picture standing at the altar about to wed the woman of your dreams, and suddenly she's blown apart by a bolt of lightning. Lmao
  4. S*** didn't make me sleepy back when I was chomping them like M&Ms. That s*** fired me up.
  5. I'm really worried this front office will ignore the need at guard. I'm not familiar with who's out there as a free agent though, so maybe that's an option.
  6. Can he play OG?
  7. Most likely.
  8. The two collapses really aren't comparable. Ours was slow torture, having our best moment taken away from us, a little at a time. At least it happened over 45 minutes or so. It was terrible, but not as shocking. Theirs was instant misery. Like the nurse handing you your newborn baby boy and in your happiest moment, five seconds later you find out he's not yours. Ours was like dying of cancer. Theirs was a sudden heart attack.
  9. It doesn't matter what system you're using if your OC can't learn to be a better in-game, situational play caller. That is my concern.
  10. More like 'flashback'. The horror of the old days is still coursing around in my cerebral fluid.
  11. No we don't need 5 new guys, I didn't mean complete overhaul.
  12. The Smiths would've already fired Quinn, the whole staff, and traded Matt Ryan and Julio Jones for a punter with a broken kicking leg.
  13. I just donated (after checking them out on charitynavigator.org)
  14. The awful offensive line is a MUCH bigger problem than the inexperienced OC. If they don't fix the line it won't matter if Bill Walsh himself pops out of his box and heads over to Flowery Branch.