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  1. There must be a lot of old houses with a lot of lead paint on the walls around this town.
  2. Julio's gone... somebody has to not show, right?
  3. I think it has more to do with the condescending and snotty way the "realists" express themselves more than just their "realism". And yeah...lots of the "homers" and "fanboys" are just as bad. It's not about opinions. It's about attack angle.
  4. Hey, you leave my prom night outta this.
  5. I know. I just cant let go of the great Bryant hysteria back when we let him go.
  6. At least you can see where they are now, ie, trash can.
  7. Rankin Rankin Jr Rocky lll Led Zeppelin lV
  8. Wait.. 27 minutes..or seconds? Let's keep it realistic here.
  9. All seriousness, I think the o line will have much more influence on our success than will whomever is toting the rock.
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