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  1. OP, if you lose the bet, pay the doosh-wit in pennies.
  2. Okay. I'd like to see examples of those "clauses", because I'm not aware of them. Not trying to be snotty. I just think there's a lot of hysteria right now connected with Jones, lots of hysteria based on emotion and personality....not so much in tangible malfeasance of ownership, or what have you. It's not against the law to be an a$$hole. It's not even against the law to be a racist, or bigot, or misogynist, or any other type of hater. I have no love for Jerry Jones at all, but until I see him do something besides acting like a prick, there's no reason to think we can just TAKE AWAY his team.
  3. I'd be confident to run too if I was 50% heart and 50% Silly Putty.
  4. Yeah, let's just ignore our laws and individual rights, and take away a man's legally-owned property simply because he's a jerk. Some of y'all might be happier in China or Venezuela.
  5. I don't blame anyone for A. Having a differing opinion or B. Doubting the Falcons. They were lucky to beat Chicago and Detroit. Then they lost to frigging Buffalo and Miami, in very poor fashion. And those losses have put them into an absolute zero-margin-for-error situation that should have never existed. I love the Falcons as much as just about anybody around here, but I don't have to go along with blind homerism to be a fan.
  6. I bet big when my team has a chance to go up by, say, 25 at the half.
  7. You just hit lots of nails on heads.
  8. As Ella Fitzgerald might say, It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that ring.
  9. I say fail.
  10. Never, ever....EVER bet on a Falcons game.
  11. As long as they have Russell Wilson they're going to be moving the ball. And as long as the Falcons have to play in that irritating as **** stadium with a guaranteed crew of intimidated-homer refs....well, let's just say I don't expect the Falcons to go out there and dominate.
  12. Backups are almost useless, especially expensive ones. For every team it's the same: if the starting QB goes down your season is over.
  13. Wow. I'm glad I stopped doing acid thirty years ago.
  14. I'd say he was more like 10 of them.
  15. He was okay but Player of the Week?