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  1. As I saw on Twitter earlier, maybe Bane should win. As for me, I don’t want to see the Iggle fans feel any pleasure at hoisting a trophy. As the year has went on, I’m less mad at the Patriots and more mad at us. I’d just as soon see them blow out the Eagles and be done with it. Why add another franchise to have something over us?
  2. I'm with you on the idea of options. I don't mind a one-option play on an early down. I can't stand them on a decisive down, particularly if there's nothing to help spring that option, i.e. rub, pick, etc.
  3. I would root for the Vikings wholeheartedly if not for this, but what are our other options? Never New England. Who wants Philly to have a championship? Jags? An expansion team before us? No. This leaves the Vikings, and honestly, that team has been around forever and tasted “so close” like few others. I’ll root for them, and if they win, it does take all the talk away from that particular feat next year.
  4. Add 09 into the mix, and you have the icing on top of the hate.
  5. Everyone always says hook and ladder, but it’s literally a hook and a lateral. Anyone want to find how “ladder” came to be?
  6. This x 100. Growing up in the 80s, Saints hate was low. It was the 49ers we despised. Rams, too. Saints rivalry was more fun and good natured, particular since there was rarely anything on the line when we played. 91 playoffs being an exception. However, now that both of us have been competitive it’s amped up. It has changed over the years, and it stems from hating Payton. We remember the little things like running up a score our going out of his way to try and set records, etc. Granted, that’s his choice and we have to stop it, but it fuels animosity. I think we all respect Brees for his on the field and off the field work. However, Payton is the devil to us right now.
  7. And the players followed his attitude this year. Maybe it helped fuel them. I cannot speak to that, but think about the on field celebrations and then them dancing around like they won a championship when they won a home game where they were favored over a team they had beaten twice. All they lacked was champagne. It eventually catches up to you.
  8. In this case, it was a SCUTTLE PASS, as in it helped scuttle away our season.
  9. Barring injury, our defense should improve, particularly in the turnover department, and our offense should find some middle ground between 2016 and 2017. I like where we’re headed, but I hate seeing us waste the opportunity this year favored on the road vs a backup qb.
  10. Great read. Summarizes issues on both sides of the ball. I would say it downplays the OC’s hand in our struggles, and I’d give more blame there than he does. We struggled to design things situationally, 3rd and long, red zone, etc. to put our playmakers in the best chance to make plays. However, players sometimes have to make plays in those situations. We didn’t make enough.
  11. Brandon Graham on the last play to Julio Jones: "When they called that sprint out, everybody knew it. Everybody called it out."
  12. Eagles S Rodney McLeod on the #Falcons ' 4th-&-goal call from the 2: “It is surprising. I was like, ‘There’s no way they’re going to run this play.’ And as soon as I saw the tight end come over, I shouted it out. Yeah, I wouldn’t expect them to cut off half the field like that."
  13. Blew that series with the first and second down calls. The fourth down call was just icing on the cake.
  14. I'm going to watch unti Mack goes Footprints in the Sand with Freeman, and then I'm going to wallow in self pity until I doze off.
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