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  1. well if we're looking at it that way, you're a lucky fg that was blocked through the uprights at san francisco, an end of game rally vs the panthers (yeah, the panthers), a cincy meltdown, and a roy williams brain fart away from joining us in mediocre-ville. enjoy the game next week. after we win this week, it will be meaningless to us. just think, if you had managed to beat arizona or cleveland, the game might actually mean something. we'll see you in the playoffs, where it will actually matter to us. you're playing well. you might just make it.
  2. i've told several people it would be an exorcism, of sorts. he had his moment last season. we could have ours and end it. the only thing that would concern me is which fan base shows up. i'd hate to have the crowd from last year (generally speaking, of course) at a championship game.
  3. assuming two wins vs the panties (a: yes, yes, when you ASSume, b: division games are hardly given), the seattle game is the key game. beat them and the panties and we have the tiebreaker vs new orleans if we both finish 13-3. however, that game will go a long way towards the psyche of the playoffs. lay an egg vs them and it's in your mind if you see them again. squash them and it's in theirs. truth be told, if we meet in the playoffs it will be a dogfight like it always is. that's the team i wouldn't want to see because we know each other so well. the best advantage of being the #1 seed
  4. Judge Chamberlain Haller: That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection. Mr. Right: Thank you, sir. Judge Chamberlain Haller: Overruled.
  5. i hope you did not tell him this. that sentence=forearm shiver to the face from nobis.
  6. and i think we have that right next year. however, injuries are things that can never be predicted. jamal in 99, vick in 2002, etc. i've got high hopes for next year because i know this front office will work to fill the holes we have, especially on D.
  7. the homer in me expected 11-12 wins. the realist realized we'd be closer to 10-6. really and truly, with this schedule, if we finish at 9-7, this team won about what you thought we would be at the beginning of the year. the only fly in the ointment was the carolina loss. that's the game that we should have won on paper but we didn't. the difference between being in the playoffs and out of the playoffs is sometimes you have to win games that maybe, on paper, you're not supposed to win (either NO game, the giants game). we didn't, for whatever reason we can come up with. we'll watch from ho
  8. the deadline is friday. i so appreciate the face that i just got it in the mail today [/sarcasm] that being said, i'm downsizing and hoping to renew tomorrow over the phone. time to relocate.
  9. tandy, if you've got a jerry rice fathead, you really need the matching charles dimry fathead. you can put it a few yards away from jerry. just like old times.
  10. been looking for an excuse to get me one. looks solid.
  11. somewhere, after we earn a hard fought victory tomorrow (knock on wood), charles dimry will shed a tear.
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