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  1. I've never been a huge presence with the keyboard, but been here since the 1998 season. A lot of old members names mentioned here that I hadn't thought about in a long time.
  2. High draft picks are never a guarantee of a successful addition to your franchise. Look at this years coveted #1. Sitting on IR, likely to be diminished in his knee after his return, Bengals sitting at home in January. How did it go for drafting Eli Manning or John Elway who refused to play for the team who put all their efforts into drafting a franchise QB? Ryan Leaf? Flacco was part of getting a ring, but then what? How did the Colts do in drafting Mannings replacement? Leage history is full of busts, injured studs and low pick messiahs. Its a all a gamble. Win every game. Never quit pushing. It just supports a losing mentality.
  3. Tight ends and running backs are as responsible as the front 5 for whiffing blocks and missing assignments.
  4. Nike ain't gonna put through a plain Jane uniform. Blank's letter to the STH stressed a look that reflects the culture of Atlanta, so it's going to be heavy on modern appeal to the young hip crowd. I'm calling it here, going to look way more like the Oregon Ducks than the 80's Falcons. Lots of swooshes and slashes, crazy fonts, 2 tone jerseys and crazy feathers (like the city side end zone seats in MBS) across the shoulders.
  5. Who remembers Big Ben Left? 36 years ago, but felt so similar tonight. It's the little things......... https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2016/12/15/49ers-team-headlines-remembering-the-billy-white-shoes-johnson-game/
  6. What I'm saying is, I don't expect Blank to fire Quinn mid season, especially now since the bye week passed, but if he felt he wouldn't know how to place an interim for either job Quinn held, this would eliminate half the problem. Again, I don't see it happening, but to the OP, it does not help save Quinn to have someone performing better in the DC job for now.
  7. This won't save Quinn. If anything it will make him easier to replace IF the defense does well the rest of the season.
  8. The big thing is, if the D has a good rest of the year, it will make it much easier to fire Quinn. Won't have to be so concerned about replacing OC and DC at the same time. Way too soon to tell though.
  9. He's going to end up retiring during the bye in disgrace. I don't see him as a disgrace mind you, but he'll retire from football mid-season and feel he let everyone down. This is going to be much worse than him being released last off-season. Thanks for everything you did for us Money Matt, I hope someday to shake your hand and thank you in person.
  10. I can't help but think the success of his soccer team has kept him distracted enough to not have his head screwed on straight with this team. Flame me, but it's how I feel.
  11. No, Matt's hamstring gave up on him last season. He was done before they ever cut him.
  12. I loved the man, still do, but letting him go last year was the right thing to do. You couldn't beat it in the brains of the uneducated fans that it was time for him to retire or at least for us to move on. Know when it's over man.
  13. Just once, I want to see him throw the microphone, kick over the podium and start swinging at the air with balled up fists. Never going to happen, just same old corporate manager type cliches.
  14. I was so thankful to get rid of Koetter, Knapp, Sarkisian and porn Stache DC. Now we got 2 of them back. Makes no sense whatsoever. I know we can't help the fact that we had no say in losing Shanahan, but good god bringing back failure is unconscionable.
  15. I have no argument for any of these points. You are correct across the board. Throw on top that we brought back Greg Knapp, another failed OC that we got rid of once. We had a lot of wins under all of these guys, but epic collapses, and many games that were barely won, always had to squeak them out which ultimately leads to a team on the verge of collapse.
  16. 1975. I still have the ticket stubs and the news article.
  17. My first ever live NFL game, Fulton County Stadium. It was the night that Humphrey suffered what was believed to be a career ending injury. Everyone was devastated. I still have the newspaper clipping from the next day.
  18. Aints got away with at least three major non-calls. Gifted a TD when Breesus pulled his whole body from center drawing an offsides and 1st & G. I consider it justice.
  19. Every blatant non-call against the taints, no comment. Buck and Aikman even heaving praise on Bree's for his obvious false start moving his whole body away from center drawing an offsides gifted them a TD. Any non-calls on LA, Buck beats it to death and calls in Pierera to go on and on and on. Coach Lee Harvey Oswald busting a spring on the sideline made my entire season.
  20. Screw Dat! The world just became a little better place today.
  21. Refs made sure they gave a call back to 'ol coach Lee Harvey Oswald, didn't make a difference in the world. Somebody must have missed a payment. HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA
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