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  1. Besides the usual jerseys and swag I've collected the past 43 years the most notables would be: My original ticket stubs from my first game in 1975 Autographs from the 1980 team. A red helmet shaped umbrella I bought outside AFCS in the mid 80s. A half dozen authentic helmets covering about five eras of the franchise.
  2. I can't make the game this weekend, and I have a pass for Lot D which is a 12 minute walk and is a tailgate lot. I just need to get my money back. Face value $27.00 PayPal and electronic transfer. Subject to prior sale.
  3. I wouldn't know. I sync Wes and Dave's radio call to the muted TV. Always homer announcers in my house.
  4. It's one of the few lots that hasn't jacked up the rates.
  5. I have a parking pass to the Dolphins Game. Lot D (tabernacle). Great tailgating lot easy walk and located next to Ted's Montana Grill. Face value $27. Mobile pass, texted straight to your phone. PayPal accepted.
  6. 1975. I was 9 years old. We were in town visiting family for a vacation. We checked in to the Marriott downtown, and just in time for the Jets team bus to pull in. Joe Namath came in with his stereotypical white floor length fur and a blonde on each arm. I was mezmerized at all the commotion of the players being all over the hotel (that's how it was back then) and we proceeded to gather autographs. Met John Riggins and many others. Joe and his entourage ate dinner in the hotel restaurant in the booth next to us. He actually was very gracious and gave handshakes and autographs to us, really cool guy. Anyway, Dad said let's go to the game tomorrow, so we did. I was absolutely amazed at the spectacle of it all, especially at the roar of the crowd, and how high and far the kicks travelled. It was awesome. John Riggins took it to the Falcons, and we lost 16-13. I still have the newspaper clipping detailing Claude Humphries "career ending" injury which turned out to not be. Also, I'll never forget the old men sitting next to us arguing the selection of the "Bartkowski kid" in the draft. I believe it was his first ever game. I still have the ticket stubs and the autographs. I vowed that when I turned 18 and had my own car and money, I'd buy my own season tickets and go whenever I wanted. In 1984 I did just that, and I still do. I still live 200 miles away in NC, right in the heart of Panther country. I still bleed Black and Red, I will despise the Panthers till the day I die, and I'll still be making the 14 hour days going to section 307 Row 1.
  7. 1975, Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, Section 317. I still have the ticket stubs.
  8. Sark is still in the growing phase. The O-line is thin and banged up, but if Matt had time enough to be comfortable in the pocket like last year, Open the routes and involve the backs and TE's more in the passing game, there will be no stopping this team.
  9. 3rd and 16 (if I remember right), the Turner/Ryan exchange fumble, the Ryan fumble off the facemask, The strip sack in the SB. There seems to be one big blunder per game that turned the tide. Except for a couple of games, there weren't many that weren't winnable late.
  10. I was at all of the home games. Going back to the 1998 season, Falcons are 5-2 in home playoff games (digest that for a minute). So it brings back good and bad, but every time I go to my mancave and I sit in my GA Dome seats, all I can think of is last year's NFCCG, and it's all good.
  11. One of the most fun games I've ever been to.
  12. I saw it. Hard to miss unless you are an NFL official.
  13. I remember being at a game back in the 80s. The aints fans had strung a paper banner all across the endzone that said "LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS" James Britt (I think) got a pick six, and the entire defensive backfield started ripping the banner down and stomping it to death. They care, believe me.
  14. Met Archer in 1987 outside AFCS during the players strike. The players were all picketing the scab games, and we went around getting autographs. At that time there was a starting QB battle between him and Scott Campbell. He signed our stuff and my idiot brother in law said "Thanks Scott" Arch looked mortified but didn't say anything.
  15. I have Sirius mobile and a DVR. Sirius plays the hometown radio for every team. I pause the tv until I hear the radio say what yardline the kickoff gets to, and they are synced.