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  1. 1975, Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, Section 317. I still have the ticket stubs.
  2. Sark is still in the growing phase. The O-line is thin and banged up, but if Matt had time enough to be comfortable in the pocket like last year, Open the routes and involve the backs and TE's more in the passing game, there will be no stopping this team.
  3. 3rd and 16 (if I remember right), the Turner/Ryan exchange fumble, the Ryan fumble off the facemask, The strip sack in the SB. There seems to be one big blunder per game that turned the tide. Except for a couple of games, there weren't many that weren't winnable late.
  4. I was at all of the home games. Going back to the 1998 season, Falcons are 5-2 in home playoff games (digest that for a minute). So it brings back good and bad, but every time I go to my mancave and I sit in my GA Dome seats, all I can think of is last year's NFCCG, and it's all good.
  5. One of the most fun games I've ever been to.
  6. I saw it. Hard to miss unless you are an NFL official.
  7. I remember being at a game back in the 80s. The aints fans had strung a paper banner all across the endzone that said "LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS" James Britt (I think) got a pick six, and the entire defensive backfield started ripping the banner down and stomping it to death. They care, believe me.
  8. Met Archer in 1987 outside AFCS during the players strike. The players were all picketing the scab games, and we went around getting autographs. At that time there was a starting QB battle between him and Scott Campbell. He signed our stuff and my idiot brother in law said "Thanks Scott" Arch looked mortified but didn't say anything.
  9. I have Sirius mobile and a DVR. Sirius plays the hometown radio for every team. I pause the tv until I hear the radio say what yardline the kickoff gets to, and they are synced.
  10. Hey, the bird is backwards but they added drink ledges in the urinals. What more could you ask for?
  11. Yep. Used to play it on Opie and Anthony. Listeners known as the "pests"
  12. Heh, heh don't be such a pest.
  13. I don't know about all that, but does the mid field bird logo look backwards to any of you?
  14. Lot D, tabernacle lot, corner of Luckie St and Ted Turner. Easy walk to the Benz. PayPal and digital transfer to your phone for mobile access. $26.00 Mods, please move if in wrong forum.
  15. This. During the salute to service, they had veterans stand and be recognized by branch. Awful lot of vets in attendance for there to be such a boycott.