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  1. Hey, the bird is backwards but they added drink ledges in the urinals. What more could you ask for?
  2. Yep. Used to play it on Opie and Anthony. Listeners known as the "pests"
  3. Heh, heh don't be such a pest.
  4. I don't know about all that, but does the mid field bird logo look backwards to any of you?
  5. Lot D, tabernacle lot, corner of Luckie St and Ted Turner. Easy walk to the Benz. PayPal and digital transfer to your phone for mobile access. $26.00 Mods, please move if in wrong forum.
  6. This. During the salute to service, they had veterans stand and be recognized by branch. Awful lot of vets in attendance for there to be such a boycott.
  7. As has been said, a huge piece of it is that this stadium is built for people to hang out in places other than their seats. Personally I don't get why you'd spend that much money to not watch the game, but there are tons of places that people are stacked up on the skybridges, concourse bars, the AT&T perch, the front porch, the lobby area etc. Try to walk the concourses anytime during the game and you see the congestion doesn't dissipate much around the bars and the 100 yard club. People standing at the hightop tables eating and watching the TV monitors. Believe me, the crowds are there.
  8. No, and wouldn't have lost to the Steelers in the SB, and shouldn't have lost to N.E. obviously. I have no doubt they would have hammered the Ravens four years ago if not for epic collapse #1.
  9. Anybody regretting buying PSLs were not in it for the right reasons.
  10. I bought my PSLs when the team was in the dumper after blowing the NFCC to Kaeperdix and had yet to recover. I did so knowing it is an expense, not an investment. Lastly, I've blown my hard earned cash on season tickets, gas, tire wear, food and hotels for 33 years now, with very few results, so if I'm a rube, I've been a rube way longer than the PSLs. If you didn't get "suckered in" then be happy with that and try not to see us as idiots, but hardcore fans like you who happen to want to channel their money into tickets instead of a nice mancave.
  11. I'm born, raised and still live in NC. I spend fourteen hours driving to ATL and back on game day all these years when Charlotte is just an hour and some change away. When Clt was awarded a team it didn't change my loyalties one bit because I wouldn't call myself a Pampers fan if my life depended on it. #keeppoundingsand
  12. Looked to be in a lot of pain. Trainer was reaching inside his pads toward his shoulder/collarbone area. Free was grimacing pretty hard.
  13. Thought it was one of a kind. I loved it though.
  14. Pretty sure I saw this jersey in the 100 yard club last game yes?
  15. Maggie valley may be your best bet for that area, but Asheville would have tons of options.