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  1. Maggie valley may be your best bet for that area, but Asheville would have tons of options.
  2. Great story. Hope you get to do it again soon
  3. Matt seems to be throwing high and hard lately, not blaming him per se, some of those tips were very catchable.
  4. It is still not fully automated. It was only open for Green Bay because AB wanted to make the big debut. I guess it wasn't worth the manpower needed for today.
  5. Back to the OP, I got my seats today, and they are beat to crap. I expected them to be dirty and taken apart, but they pried off cupholders, cut Bolt heads off and gouged the heck out of one of the number plates with a screwdriver. I'm pretty pixxed about them actually being damaged. Seven months and $600 for that.
  6. I hope I go home with my ears ringing for days from it blowing so much
  7. It is right on my side and it is loud and blasts me in the ear each time they score. H E L L Y E A H ! ! !
  8. Yes, but honestly it's hard to make out the score.
  9. I'm in D lot, there are some regulars there, and C lot next door is pretty happening. They have free food and alcohol every pregame and a DJ. I'm not using my pass for some games, I can hook you up face value for the ones I'm not using if you are interested. I am using Dallas though. Hit me up if you are interested. I'm in the same section in the Benz as you also.
  10. I thought it was fine. The only time the board was overpowering was the Home Depot ad, but that was only a few seconds and not during play. The field lighting is fine with me, more like full daylight. havent had any day games yet, it will be a whole different dynamic I assure you. As a lighting professional, I only dread the shaft of sunlight blasting the field during day games. It will create a spotlight glare and leave shadow on the rest of the field. Like the old Texas stadium, it was designed for looks over function. I do wonder if the sun will wash out the halo though. The old dome was dingy and dark on a good day, it is all too new for folks so far, but I love it. The setting sun did hit me right in the face through the triangle window, but that won't happen often during a normal season schedule. With the night sky, and for effect during the video montage the halo would go jet black like the whole top of the stadium disappeared. My reaction was Holy Cow that is amazing!
  11. It is LOUD and blares right in my ear. **** yeah!
  12. Great memory! I was there for that. I still have the poster they had in the program that covered his look over the years.
  13. In the hundreds. Got my first season tickets in 1984. On my third stadium plus I go to Charlotte a lot also since I live in NC. I was able to attend all seven playoff games in the dome.
  14. The ring of honor is outside gate 4 in the "Porch" area. It is a set of obelisks with the players name number and bio. It's really cool, but not easy to find.
  15. Red Zone, but I can't get it either. Supposed to have gotten Gamepass, but again, not happening.