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  1. 1975. I still have the ticket stubs and the news article.
  2. My first ever live NFL game, Fulton County Stadium. It was the night that Humphrey suffered what was believed to be a career ending injury. Everyone was devastated. I still have the newspaper clipping from the next day.
  3. Aints got away with at least three major non-calls. Gifted a TD when Breesus pulled his whole body from center drawing an offsides and 1st & G. I consider it justice.
  4. Every blatant non-call against the taints, no comment. Buck and Aikman even heaving praise on Bree's for his obvious false start moving his whole body away from center drawing an offsides gifted them a TD. Any non-calls on LA, Buck beats it to death and calls in Pierera to go on and on and on. Coach Lee Harvey Oswald busting a spring on the sideline made my entire season.
  5. Screw Dat! The world just became a little better place today.
  6. Refs made sure they gave a call back to 'ol coach Lee Harvey Oswald, didn't make a difference in the world. Somebody must have missed a payment. HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA
  7. Saint Ray, Y'all are who we thought you were! Come back with the ol' 28-3 all you want to, don't care. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAHAhAHA!!!!!!
  8. Rankin Smith, Marion Campbell.....................I had buried those memories. Until now.
  9. Met Fralic outside of Fulton County Stadium during the 1987 players strike. All of the players and their families were picketing outside the stadium on game day. We went around getting autographs, and came up to Fralic. My brother in law asked for his autograph, and he asked if we were going into the game. He said yes, and Fralic said "then I'm not signing." We were like WTF? And he said that we were paying to see those "scabs" and he refused to support that. My brother in law (while looking way up at him) said "Hey man, We are season ticket holders. We paid to see YOU and you're standing out here." After a tense moment of silence, Bill took our stuff and signed.
  10. He slung Matt to the ground blatantly more than once way after the ball was thrown, one time spun him all the way around and threw him, then just walked away Scott free. I don't care one way or the other about the Ravens, and I respect his talent, but sorry that is low class.
  11. I said THUGGS, as in Terrell Thuggs, cause he acted like one.
  12. You are kidding I hope. R.I.P Denny Green.
  13. It's that simple. Turn the TV down, sync Wes and Dave and listen to the insight the locals provide. They know the players and coaches, and they know what they are doing and not doing well. And especially Arch will not pull punches. If it's a bad coaching decision, a bad throw or as is most of the time, horrible protection forcing ill timed and ill placed throws, they call it. Matt was getting pounded AGAIN all day, and I saw Thuggs lay him out after the throw several times, never called once. O'line is trash.
  14. I think with two games in 4 days, they've figured he's much more important to have vs. Saints. Especially being a prime time division game and his history with N.O. Absence vs Cowpokes will continue to be big.
  15. Around here it's protocol after a win.