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  1. banker, i lasted a little into the 4th quarter. as someone said it has beome comical, you tend to expect it. they keep telling me we are building for the future. guees what, my future has run out. i've never heard so many long time season ticket holders around me say they are thinking of not renewing. i think we are like the tin man and can't find a heart. be my last time at the dome this year and maybe forever. mad.gif

  2. it could be worse: you could be like me and have to watch it twice... wink.gif

    this will probably sound strange coming from me but in the end, it's just a game. everyone knew this team isn't a playoff team and the o-line needs serious work. sure, we won 2 games by the skin of our teeth and that hope rekindled but it was false hope.

    teams have bad games, it's part of the deal....

    you're just smug cause you dumped your season tickets at the right time. lol! rolleyes.gif

  3. because i know i am not a fair weather fan. i know my interest is in the team and not one or two players. i know if i can survive this season as a falcon's fan, i can survive anything. i am not happy with this season, but i am happy in myself for still being a fan. i can't wait for kick off....for those of you like me, see you there!

    shiney, you and i have been here a long time and it's good to know who the real fans are. bankerbird traveling to carolina this season is amazing. i'll always be a falcon fan, even when i can't walk into the dome anymore. these seasons make the winning ones even sweeter. go falcons! smile.gif

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