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  1. Dang, that while envelope was hard to open up. Inside is like a box of cracker jacks. :P
  2. My favorite was when Vick was indicted, after Gazoo had talked about being in Honduras, smokiing a cigar with a waiter with a #7 jersey on. The picture of a cigar exploding in his face was priceless. PP I think. Second was the thread about the MBGT when Clowny confronted Barney Fife. All great fun.
  3. JASON, I want you back so bad. Can't stand losing you and Finneran both. PULEEEEZE, come home!
  4. Good to see some fun again! Thanks, Supes!
  5. So sorry, Tandy. Thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. Thanks, Gritz. I'll get a check in the mail. Also Happy Birthday yesterday to Tandy! These are two of our best female Fans!
  7. Long time no see. Hope you are doing well. Love, mommabird
  8. My name mommabird speaks for itself. Have been their Momma since they came to Atlanta. Through the good bad and the ugly. My Team Forever!
  9. Good and Hot here. How bout you BC?
  10. Can't believe I missed my good friends birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mark! You are the bestest fan and sweetest person I know. Great likeness Gritz. Thanks for reminding us. :wub:
  11. I have till 6/15 to decide. Not sure about refunds on individual games and as has been mentioned, what if it's just a watered down version of football. Have to check more throughly.
  12. OK Folks, I've got over $600 already invested through a deposit on my seats. Do I pay another $900 + and gamble they play or forget it and lose my seats??????
  13. Debated on renewing my tickets this year for health reasons. Wish I had my 40% deposit back. I'm done. If they do play it will be a watered down version, which I can watch on TV.
  14. So sorry for your loss. Hard to lose a parent, especially that young. Prayers are with you.
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