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  1. Beautiful Tribute, Tandy. I know Tmothy. his Mother and Fathere were comforted to have you by their side.
  2. Great tribute Supes, and thaks for posting it Gritz. Wish I cold take away the pain Tandy and her family are feeling now. Thoughts are with them all.
  3. Cleaning out room today, I found an old MV bobble head. Anyone want it?
  4. The Saints and now Petrino! This may be a better season than I thought! Yee Haw! Vengance is mine saith Momma!
  5. YEEHAW!I'm so relieved we are keeping him!
  6. Heard a good quote on the radio yesterday.."they are just good enough to break your heat." Over and Over!
  7. Merry Christmas, PP! Hope you didn't get any exploding cigars for Christmas. hee hee
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