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    Isosceles got a reaction from Carter in CFB First week of football!!! Discuss..   
    Hey Carter! SacFalcFan!
    How yall been?
    And the rest of you folks up in here?
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    Isosceles got a reaction from tipp78 in New fitness thread!   
    A few weeks ago I posted about being able to do an L-Sit Lift. I should have made the post here.
    It’s a gymnastics move.
    At the time, I had once held it for 15 seconds.
    I later beat that by 1 second, holding it for 16 seconds.
    I regularly exercise ... feel great about where I am healthwise for my age. I never was a gymnast (had one class as part of PE in college). It is just something I am proud to be able to do, that’s all. Not meaning to brag. I do other work out things too.
    Thanks for reading!

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