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  1. Hey SacFalcFan I tried to message you. wouldn't go through.
  2. Hey Carter! SacFalcFan! How yall been? And the rest of you folks up in here?
  3. At my gym, I've been practicing my tennis and getting better workouts than when lifting the weights! In terms of burning calories and sweating, etc. I am looking for someone to play tennis with. I am more intermediate level. Way over 40 y.o. If you live in or near Douglasville and want to play send me an inbox message. Thanks
  4. Yes it would, gunner. Reminds me of my idea for an Over 50 forum, which some thought was unnecessary. Sometimes, many times, you just relate better to those with similar ages and similar life perspectives and outlooks because of similar age.
  5. I am Gunner. I joined Gold's about 2 months ago. already had my own sort of home plan. needed a real weight room.
  6. Does anybody find the SEC basketball league schedule even remotely interesting anymore?
  7. Good summation JayOz. To me, it was like somebody for KY needed to take over, but no one really knew how, since it had always been a total team effort for them.
  8. Yes Sac with Duke/UK it can happen. The coaching factor would aide that greatly. The most intriguing part, obviously, will be to see if Kentucky can cap the perfect season. A feisty lesser, but capable team, like an LSU, in the title game opposite the Wildcats would be a match to see as well.
  9. WTA, looking ahead (if nobody has yet done so), if Kentucky is playing in the National Title game, still undefeated, and against either a traditional power or one of the current top teams like Virginia or Wisconsin, it just might become the highest rated college basketball game ever!
  10. WTA, Im still around man! Havent had much time to read or post lately. btw, congrats on the current and continual winning! I just wanted to say that somewhere out there, theres a little MAC or MEAC or SWAC or something school whose fans are DREADING the strong possibility that they will have to play Kentucky in the NCAA 2nd round game after those First Four games. I am sure players no matter what caliber relish the chance to play top-notch talent. But not the fans!
  11. Quote: Watched this one on my phone in the Cry Room of a Catholic Church during my cousin's wedding. They're lucky I was even in the building. .. // Oh man that's funny!
  12. RC Legend: STFU! Everybody, perhaps they win by a lot. Perhaps not. Perhaps they lose. We'll see. take care
  13. 171 as opposed to No. 1? Hmmm. I didn't know that. Heck, I didn't/don't know who or what Kempon is! But I have a feeling what he or it is though. At the risk of sounding like I'm making fun of anybody, man, you know your NUMBERS! I like that!
  14. WTA, I think I can see a Kentucky loss. At Louisville. A low shooting percentage is quite possible by both A & B units. And don't underestimate the effect of Louisville's "front seven" gaining more rhythm as the game wears on, while Kentucky's two units may not gel as well during their separate stints. what ya think? / forgive this formatting, still having problems.
  15. funny thing WTA: 40% shooting from behind the 3-pt. line is blisteringly good! but not inside it....
  16. WTA, this is no knock on you. But consecutive games with a made 3-pt. shot is one of those useless stats I wish they would not hype so much. / Another one, in football this time, is consecutive games with a td pass./ still another: consecutive carries without fumbling
  17. Hey thanks for the thoughts on Florida, and Driskell.
  18. I didn't wish to start a new thread, but would like some comments. I think Florida will be back, back on top of the SEC East, in no time. Defense is not a problem and has not been. Even the offense has been there. The outgoing coaching staff didn't know what to do on offense. Heck, they turned Driskell, the top-rated QB coming out of High School, into a dud! / Your thoughts?
  19. that's a great, logical answer WTA. "Play his way into the 2nd draft round" is classic! LOL! And I can see your side better now. Group A for Kentucky can brick it up at 33 percent shooting, then Group B do just 1 percent better that night, and yes the team is in danger of losing that game. / it may not be a West gym. But Florida still plays in their McConnell Center. It's almost, well, somewhat like that little Alligator Alley they used to play in long, long time ago. Hostile it is!
  20. I think Kentuckys road games will be the hottest tickets in town everywhere they go! I would love to go wherever I can to see them. I guess that would be at UGA. Kentucky playing somewhere will be like LeBron coming to town.
  21. WTA, I do hope Im not being one of those pesky posters. The perfect season thing was just a slight notion. I dont predict it or even wish for it. It would just be nice to see, considering how loaded this team is. I went and looked at the schedule. After Kansas, they later on play #10 Texas at home. #6 UNC at home. At #7 Louisville. At #8 Florida. The entire SEC slate is nowhere as tough as say the Big Ten or even the ACC, I suppose. Anyway like I said, it was just a thought.
  22. WTA, to me, the platoon thing gives us basketball fans a chance to see almost the entire team and all its young stars. And it gives everybody plenty of time to grow up, basketball wise. I still hope to see a push for undefeated-ness. Not as a primary goal. But simply because they can if everybody works hard and stays focused.
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