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  1. Hey SacFalcFan I tried to message you. wouldn't go through.
  2. Hey Carter! SacFalcFan! How yall been? And the rest of you folks up in here?
  3. Thank you Yo_Lover! I will order! <smile>
  4. A dvd copy of the Georgia/Oklahoma game (The CFPlayoff semifinal in Pasadena last January). I am serious. If any Georgia fan out there can get me a copy, of the complete, entire game, I would be grateful. I'll pay whatever cost associated (for the dvd, for mailing, etc.) (Please, don’t anyone suggest I go watch Espn classics or something like that. I want to be able to pop the dvd in at my own leisure). Send message to my inbox if you can assist. Thanks! Mods, if you’d be so kind to let this post stay up for a few days, into next week. Thank you!
  5. At my gym, I've been practicing my tennis and getting better workouts than when lifting the weights! In terms of burning calories and sweating, etc. I am looking for someone to play tennis with. I am more intermediate level. Way over 40 y.o. If you live in or near Douglasville and want to play send me an inbox message. Thanks
  6. I brung this back up again to add more to the story. see link. http://www.ajc.com/news/local/rapper-from-intolerable-show-dekalb-middle-school-heads-prison/wMiccBmNWDp0pKeUe8aV1N/ How many successful, professional,exemplary black men and women would have loved to visit the school and encourage the kids there? Even if it had to be a music group, are not there plenty of singers, bands, trios or duos that have positive messages or life stories that could have been picked? Groups that in the end would stress the values of education, exhort the kids to stay in school. Instead, they g
  7. So, you eliminate a player simply because he's a Rockie and plays 82 games at Coors Field. You who (tell me if I am wrong) never played an inning of organized baseball. Never coached. Never wrote an article for any publication. Never broadcast. Never was asked anything by anybody associated with major league baseball.....YOU, who does not or did not know the meaning of "caricature," or the meaning of "obtuse" .....YOU determine that any writer voting for Blackmon is not qualified to vote for MVP? Blackmon is the NL leader in average, by far. Leader in Base hits, by far. And he is not ev
  8. 567, if you are going to place such a stringent requirement on Blackmon - road numbers at MVP level - then you have to put the same requirement on ALL the MVP candidates. So have you done a home vs. road on others as well? Your last statement really makes me wonder. Seriously. I am not going to argue fuss and fight. But that statement by itself is evidence to me why you are in so many argumentative "discussions" with so many posters here. If you cannot respect any voter that places Blackmon first with his numbers (home and on the road), how can someone respect what you have to say?
  9. So, I went and researched Blackmon. ON THE ROAD batting .292. ON THE ROAD ON BASE PERCENTAGE - .340 12 HR; 84 H; 13 2B; 12 HR; 48 R Based on this, I truly do not see how you can say what you say 567. Those road numbers are good, certainly not bad, in my view.
  10. 567, oh man that is so funny. I sort of can see you now out in Denver, picketing Coors Fields, after Blackmon has won the award. Seriously though, do you have those road numbers for Blackmon? I'm not trying to be a smarta s s or anything. I truly would like to see them. And someone correct me if I am wrong. Didn't Larry Walker play for Colorado when he won his MVP? I know it's not the same, but I just wonder what Walker's road numbers were then? One more thing 567: I see Blackmon's huge lead just in the number of base hits to be working well in his favor. Not to mention a sizable
  11. Trying to justify the robbery attempt. Trying to place blame on the employee that rightfully stopped the robbery. Their son was carrying a gun (is this correct?). Just a stupid parent who did NOT raise that boy right. So he was DESPERATE? There are hundreds of churches around at least ONE of which would help guide him the RIGHT WAY and even offer assistance. Heck, YOU ARE HIS PARENTS! YOU SHOULD BE STEERING HIM ALONG THE RIGHT PATH! Maybe, just maybe, he got killed so he would NOT kill someone else. Sure looks like he was headed that way.
  12. For those still remotely interested in this topic: AL MVP - Altuve all the way. I see no one overtaking him over there in that league. Update on NL MVP: I think Stanton is at a sort of stall position. Even with the recent homers, I don’t see anything new to WOW about. I mean, 0 for 5 games and such sure don' t help his case. But he's still a very strong candidate. Votto has or is approaching the No. 2 spot in homers. Top 10 in BA and I think a strong surge this last month will push him to the top. Blackmon, I think, is making the best case right now. Even with two team
  13. K26dp: you don't know what you're missing man! LOL Just kidding. So, that was what, 20 years ago? I'm too lazy to find out how long ago was Morneau. I got an idea it was more recent. So, it may be the right time for another Canadian eh? Tho I do think Votto has got to keep things poppin' HOT offense-wise for him to stay as strong a candidate as others.
  14. Love it guys! Thanks! Reminder to you: My list of players is not my personal choices. It is how I think the vote will pan out, at this point. If it were up to me, I’d drive that MVP award straight up to Harper’s house (provided his security detail doesn’t sack my a.z.z. first), and tell Bryce: “Dude, glad you’re back to form! You probably don’t deserve it this year, but I want you to WIN it again next year!” Then I’d drive the trophy down to Miami and hand it over to Giancarlo! But the reason I have Votto leading now is because of a few things. First, with so many v
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