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  1. They were ecstatic about drafting Mitch Trubisky also.
  2. So to be clear...Would you have Drafted Pitts???
  3. You tank in basketball not football. That article was one of the worst articles I've ever read.
  4. You said passing on Fields would forever be look at as a blunder right? You also said that Matt has to stay healthy and we must win a championship for it not to be seen as a blunder? What did I miss??
  5. So let me get this straight...We should have passed on the best player in the draft to draft the 4th best Quarterback who went 11th??
  6. After watching film, I don't think Sheffield can play. The other corners (Oliver/Terrell) and the safety position should be fine
  7. So drafting the best player in the draft is a mistake??? I don't understand.
  8. Is Julio that petty? Wow! And if he is, why would he want to work for Belichick?
  9. You seem to think that Julio has a beef with A. Smith. Why is that?
  10. Still don't agree. I just don't think trading Julio the hall of famer for peanut wins over a team.
  11. No I just disagree with you. Is that ok?
  12. There have been many winning teams that win who are full of malcontents. The Raiders were famous for them. Al Davis screwed over Marcus Allen for year but won a superbowl with him with him be MVP. For the longest time, Steve Young wanted to be traded for many year while he was behind Montana and won a superbowl later. So many examples of players requesting trade being refused while the team experienced success.
  13. The Steelers kept Antonio Brown for years and continue to win.
  14. So you think Julio is of such low character that he will be in the locker room bad mouthing the organization to players that don't want to hear the ****??? That happened to the Cowboys way back when with Dwane Thomas. Talked **** everyday about the cowboys but guess what, the team won the superbowl that year.
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