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  1. You heard of these guys right? Antonio Brown, Gronk, Fornette right? And this was just on offense. They had a draft and signed other free agents on defense so its pretty insane to say only one guy was added.
  2. And this includes Brady feasting on the terrible AFC least teams all of those years!
  3. It may take a couple of offseasons but it has to be fix one way or another before this team can see sustained success
  4. Who said he sucked???? I was just pointing out that it wasn't all on him fool!
  5. And the refusal of Reed to run the ball
  6. You do know that other quarterbacks have won the Superbowl other than Brady right? so your argument that Ryan has to be Brady doesn't make any sense plus Ryan's overall QB ratings in the plays is better than Brady's anyway.
  7. Here is an example of Brady's amazing stat line in the playoffs in 2018 when his team won the Superbowl 3-0 in the playoffs with a QB rating of 85. zero touchdowns in the superbowl and 2 picks. Matt Ryan's career QB rating in the playoff is 100.8 so please tell me more about this superior play from Brady!
  8. Did you see the superbowl where the Giant's defensive line totally dominated the Patriots???
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