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  1. You're right...I'm done caring until Quinn is gone!
  2. How were we against the pass in preseason? Ryan wasn't sacked and harassed today?
  3. Others have said this also!
  4. No they weren't. We couldn't run the ball in preseason and still can't. Our defense could stop a running nose in preseason and still can't. Our O line couldn't block the sun in preseason and still can't. How are the problems different?
  5. You don't just win with certain players, Its your system that win many of your games. And our system of defense just doesn't win any game regardless of who is out there! And our offense isn't too hot either
  6. Yeah but you could tell during the preseason that this team wasn't any good!
  7. The team looked bad in preseason and looks the same during the season. Paid all of that money out to look like this! You know what? Never mind.
  8. Other team's insurance salesmen... win why can't our?
  9. You can look at this however want. If Belichick is the best in the business at winning superbowls, 16/19 preseason he did not have a losing record. 9 out of 19 he has been to the superbowl. Quinn 1/4. Call me crazy but I would probably defer to Belichick's judgement over other coaches in the league.
  10. Although the Patriots did have 1 losing preseason where they ended up winning the Superbowl in 2004 so there is hope. Funny thing is that the Patriots have only had 3 losing preseasons over the last 19 years under Belichik
  11. only 1 superbowl winner was winless in the preseason only 10 superbowl winners had a losing preseason
  12. Still not a fan of Ito Smith...The other backs looked much better than him to be honest
  13. That's not my original post
  14. My original post didn't even mention winning the superbowl..It clearly stated getting to the superbowl because obviouly some of the quarterbacks listed did not win the superbowl
  15. This is a passing league!