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  1. No, probably just wrong. Pizza is not even Italian in origin.
  2. Blank should go get Cowher By Mark Bradley | Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 09:13 PM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Arthur Blank seemed in an awfully good mood for someone who d spent Monday night talking about his imprisoned quarterback and watching his team lose its 10th game. He was kidding the AJC s Steve Wyche about the writer s shirt-and-tie ensemble It s beginning to grow on me, Blank said and he d just seen the guy he d identified as his team s CEO hold an angered and aborted media briefing. And then the rich man walked with his wife and his security chief toward the Georgia Dom
  3. Petrino's been down this road before & and likely will again Forde By Pat Forde ESPN.com Petrino Named Arkansas' Head Coach In the coming days and weeks, the disingenuous drifter will say what Arkansas fans want to hear. He'll look at them with blank shark eyes and tell them, in a monotone voice, how excited he is to be the coach of the Razorbacks. He will tell them how impressed he is by the tradition and the fan base. He will tell them that the Southeastern Conference is the place he always wanted to coach (and that might be the one true thing he'll say, given how many times he's tried
  4. Why I'm behind him. Reason 6 We need to listen.
  5. Has this made the internet yet? I'd like to see/hear it.
  6. Possible candidates to replace Petrino Alex Marvez Maybe the Atlanta Falcons will get it right next time. Head coach Bobby Petrino's resignation Tuesday is another Falcons embarrassment in a year full of them. Atlanta hired Petrino away from Louisville in January despite his NFL inexperience and the recent failings of ballyhooed college coaches who have tried making the transition like Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier and Butch Davis. Petrino recently said "all his plans" were to return to Atlanta in 2008. But Petrino failed to even complete his first year as Atlanta's coach. FOX Sports' Jay Glazer
  7. Petrino had doubts about Falcons' roster John Czarnecki FOXSports.com, Updated 19 minutes ago Bobby Petrino didn't last as long as Nick Saban. And now the two former NFL coaches will be seeing a lot of each other in the SEC, when Petrino officially shows up at Arkansas. Petrino becomes the third major college coach to prove that success on the next level doesn't necessarily translate. Washington owner Daniel Snyder started this by hiring the ol' ball coach, Steve Spurrier, in 2002 for $5 million a season. Petrino was making $4.8 million in Atlanta. Saban was also making big money from the Do
  8. No prob..it needed said and I'm glad Schultz said it.
  9. Falcons better off with blank slate So much for the Bobby Petrino era in Atlanta. It's pretty much over before it started. Petrino's decision to return to the college coaching ranks at Arkansas leaves the Falcons, well, looking for a whole bunch of answers for the 2008 season. As if the year wasn't trying enough for owner Arthur Blank with the fallout from Michael Vick's dogfighting fiasco, he now has lost his first-year head coach 13 games into the season. But in a way, I think Blank having no franchise quarterback or head coach at the end of the season is a good thing. Atlanta's '07 season d
  10. Petrino was never up to the job By Jeff Schultz | Tuesday, December 11, 2007, 08:13 PM The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Jeff Schultz Editor s note: Commenting on this column will be opened on Wednesday morning. He lost his quarterback. But Bobby Petrino didn t quit because he lost Michael Vick. He lost players to knee injuries, ankle injuries injuries because the JetSki went one way and his defensive tackle s leg went the other. But Bobby Petrino didn t quit because the Falcons roster was decimated. Bobby Petrino quit because being an NFL coach isn t just about Xs and Os. It s about all of
  11. Funny, I got flamed when I said he'd run when he hired him, I posted that tonight and got flamed again... Nice.
  12. No, he's not going to Alaska...it's AR for Arkansas
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