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  1. Force whats dumb about that? If you seen Deions reality show, he is looking for the next big deal. Outside the fact that he plands to make sure Adam doesn't fall away again. **** he could be selling stripper poles.
  2. Bunny when I won my truck, I got the keys and the title. You should have seen the vultures that was trying to buy my truck for lower than the value it is. A younger Eddie would have bitten. Not me today, I still have my truck, and it still rides as well as it did when I got it. That is a lot of power to have when you never had that type of power before. I think that they were trying to do right, it was just the wrong time and they went full bore instead of little at a time.
  3. Who taught them how to handle money? If it was never taught, then they could never appreciate what they had.
  4. When you give a gift you can't stipulate how they can use it. **** they could have sold the house. It is theirs to do what they wanted to do. Even F@#k it up.
  5. You all are killing me. Fights happen every year in camp. What is the problem?
  6. Oh that commercial is hilarious. Then there is the soccer one. Mr. T is making a chuck Norris comeback.
  7. I haven't been in a long time but I can tell you that they will take care of you when you are there.
  8. If anybody has seen Gotham Knight, you can assume that Killer Croc could be the next villain. Two face, joker and scarecrow are rotting in Arkham Asylum. They actually have a long ways to go because there was Mrs. Gordon and the future Bat girl was a pre teenager. We will see. I just know that they are bringing him along very nicely.
  9. **** brother the air force can't leave you alone? Don't they know football season is here? Hey brother enjoy your birthday, go see thunder and Lexus at Magic City, they will hook you up on a lap dance and a shot of Patron.
  10. I want to be displayed as eplayerj and I want my post count back.
  11. Protect ya neck out there. Get home safe.
  12. You sound like a jilted ex girlfriend. God bless you. Believe me I am the bigger man. You the bigger man - that's rich If I'm Yoda you are the evil emperor my friend. I'm looking forward to the future While your stuck in the past hoping for the return of a gimmick QB who cared more about his dog-fighting ring than winning games in the NFL & never had back to back winning seasons as a Falcon.
  13. I rest my case. Yoda has spoken. You for one
  14. Rev, you hit the nail on the head. Alot of our fans are using the Jedi Mind trick when it comes to Vick. It is pathetic.
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