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  1. Panthers lose next week and we win, we get a home game AND a bye.
  2. That is pretty much what my best friend said. Last year they gave breaks to the newbies and gave long time fans the shaft. This year Blank gave it to everyone. I renwed but my friend will not after being a STH for 13 years. I will miss him at the games. Blank must have a BIG cash flow problem if he has to squeeze the fans out of money @ Christmas. Home Depot stock must be way down.
  3. ONE Throw ONE Catch ONE Second ONE Amazing Win ONE Legend has begun
  4. Very pretty ladies but the worst uniforms in the NFL
  5. Our uniforms just don't stack up to those other teams!
  6. Pittsburg has put a transition tag on Starks. How about we put a poison pill in his contract like "has to make more than starting QB in the first year of his contract"?
  7. I hope that's the new cheerleader's uniform. At least, there would be something good to watch on the field!:w00t:
  8. The only vote we get as season ticket holders is with our money. Of course, the non-ticket holders want us to pay so they can watch for free on TV. Season ticket holders were the customers Blank was supposed to please. Tickets prices have more that doubled since he became the owner. Has the service in the dome gotten better? If anything it is was worse. I have had to put up with a "Dome employee" giving a friend of mine the finger because the Dome employee's Eagles beat the Falcons in a close game. I have been short changed by beer vendors on numerous occasions. Where was the effort to create a fan friendly environment? Falcons tickets were a big investment for me. By this move, it is clear that the reduction was only a business move to try to sell tickets that would otherwise go unsold. His letter to me was that they have worked hard to "demonstrate and deliver on our commitments to the fans." I showed my commmitment to the organization by buying tickets every year and attending every game including pre-season. I have not seen that commitment returned. IF he had wanted me to stay, he would have made some gesture to me. Instead he assume that the loyal fans will remain loyal. He can "pledge he will prevail" all he wants, I have heard that song before. Yes, I am angry! Arthur must face the fact that this mess is his fault! He chose to fire Reeves, hire McKay, Mora and Petrino. Why should I believe that his judgement has improved? I am not out of hope that he will turn things around but I can no longer pay that much money and invest that much time and emotion into a franchise that he has run into the ground. I vote NO to the Falcons with my money. I have a choice where to spend it. I look forward to seeing more Braves games this year.
  9. Blank did not lower the price of my seats. The oldest, most loyal, fans get screwed again while the newbies get another deal. If he was trying to be fair, he would have lowered ALL the prices. He would promise to freeze ticket prices until the Falcons make the playoffs. Blank has not delivered on his promises to have a winning team or even to hav consistenecy in management. He lied about a waiting list to try keep the newbies renewing their tickets. If anyone believes that this team will be over .500 in the next three years, you are kidding yourself! Blank can keep his tickets. A letter of apology just won't do. I WAS a 12 year season ticket holder. He is not getting more of my money for BAD football. I am sure he has thousands of anxious customers on his fictitious waiting list that he can sell those tickets to.
  10. Most money for the third WORST team! You have obviously not been paying for the "below league average" tickets. He more than doubled the price of my tickets while telling a BS story abut a "waiting list". He can keep the tickets next year. We all would have been better off if he had let Dan Reeves run the team and stayed in the owner's box. I am tired of seeing BAD:angry: football. I'll spend my money elsewhere!
  11. All of theem are nice looking. It is their cheerleader uniforms that don't look as good as most outfits in the NFL. See Seagals, Embraceable ewes and of cousre the famous Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.
  12. I suppose that is why he was voted to the Pro Bowl several years. He has played hurt. He was one of the few players giving 100% effort all year. He does, however, need to return to the WIL.
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