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  1. Totally agree. I thought after the game last week that none of his punts sounded "solid" when he connected w/the ball--like he was missing the sweet spot or whatever--I dunno
  2. You need somebody willing to trade with you--it isn't one-sided.
  3. I didn't see anybody open past the sticks on that play.
  4. Thanks for starting this conversation. I went to AFN on YouTube after the game because it was so toxic in here. They were talking about Mayfield, and all the backlash he was getting. One of them made the point that, as fans, we are supposed to support and lift up our players--that's what being a fan means. They were saying that the poor kid's confidence was already at a low, and he has to gear up for an even bigger test next week. So instead of DMing him mean things, say that you're pulling for him, etc. BUT they also said that he'd better bring it, because it doesn't take long for you to get a rep around the league that you're a pushover. DISCLAIMER: I do like our GIF thread, though 😆
  5. I love McKay-isms. After one game: "Those who need showers, take them.
  6. She's not stressed out by the game--she's not even watching it
  7. Where's the Big Boy thread, 'cause I'm tired of the whiners
  8. Mora was never about authority--he was a pal. But I do see your point--with a different kind of coach it might have turned into a power struggle like in NE Ah Who knows. I would take it if we had the same success.
  9. LOL OK So this is no longer about Blank hamstringing numerous negotiations by SAYING in public that "He'll be a Falcon for life". But that's OK, I'm just trying to understand the foundations of the new trope that Blank is a bumbling, interfering fool. And as for (1), I don't see why there was ever a question who Blank (and the fans) valued more; and while I think that was a little overkill, I honestly think his heart was in the right place. I think he--like Reeves--was trying to be fatherly towards Vick EDIT: I came back to say that I don't always agree with what he does, but it's his team, and I think he's a real fan of the Falcons
  10. Don't remember anything about Vick except Blank pushing him in the wheel chair; nor do i remember him saying that in relation to Ryan. Doesn't mean he didn't say it, but I don't recall it. But who are all these others?
  11. Sigh. I've come to terms with the idea that they'll both be here next year barring some miracle/catastrophe. And as for Blank, the writer makes it seem like he said "..a Falcon for life" about every contract renewal or extension
  12. Wow! I didn't know that all of this went on. What a round robin of a power struggle--each one having some power over the other They are about as dysfunctional as a group can get
  13. I never got the crybaby reference; because if there's one thing Ryan is not, it's a crybaby
  14. I totally agree with your first statement which is why I blame Quinn now; but it does not necessarily follow that the lines haven't been sub-par
  15. Yeah. A couple of games ago I was all for waiting until the end of the season. Not anymore
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