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  1. My Falcon benchmark has been lower than that: "Just don't embarrass me on national TV" I think that's why this first game was such a disappointment to me. Like PokerSteve, for the first time in a long time I was drawn into "the Process"--actually getting excited about the team being put together this year.
  2. Yeah, the 'superiority' part bothers me too; but mostly when a poster is trying to tell another poster how they should feel.
  3. I don't know where this trope came from that if you're disgusted or upset with the team then they must define your life. Some fans are just more intense than others. Doesn't mean their life is in shambles because the Falcons lost; and some are just venting And I'm not speaking for me. I have kept myself at a distance since the SuperBowl and have to thank a lot of you for keeping me laughing in spite of everything--even during the game threads
  4. I think posters are misunderstanding you--or maybe I am. I read that as: "After 5 preseason games, if we have to rely on the players-not-in-synch excuse for the loss, something is wrong with our approach" (Or maybe that's just how I feel)
  5. That line deserved it's own space
  6. Don't stick that straw in your eye