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  1. I'll tell you what i miss--your photos from camp.
  2. Good for him. The man did his best for us; it wasn't enough but so be it. Hopefully now he'll be under less pressure
  3. Oh. OK Thanks That makes me feel better about Quinn. Whether or not he gets "fired up" or tells all in public has never bothered me; but I think because I have viewed him as a a kind of snake oil salesman, I've been inclined to see him in the worst possible light. I need to get back to more objectivity with him, but next year--no excuses..
  4. See, this is why I don't trust the guy. I'm not asking for state secrets, or who won't play next week because of injury: just whether our MVP quarterback's opinions were solicited in the process. Why dissemble about something so minor? It's just a courtesy question anyway. I'm sure Blank talked with Matt about it any probably Quinn, too.
  5. That's right. Don't incriminate yourself. Your boss may read this someday.
  6. At this point (and it's just a matter of pride), I just don't want us to end up looking desperate--like we have to settle. I've seen this franchise do that too much.
  7. I thought we got on Smith about clock/TO mismanagement back then. Maybe I got him mixed up...
  8. No you don't I'm sure you have too much self-respect
  9. Actually, I'm feeling pretty upbeat since the purge because now it's all about possibilities. Maybe worse, hopefully better, but at least different. And you better know the players are taking notice, too; because there will definitely be some trickle-down pressure from Quinn
  10. I'm holding out for Glanville
  11. Your gifs always make my day
  12. I think if the team next year looks as incompetent as the team this year, Blank may just eat that contract or at least demote him. TD, I'm not so sure, but I am sure he'd be happy to throw Quinn to the wolves to save his job. I think in that case, it would be up to how Blank interprets who is responsible for the talent (for better or worse) on the team ; and whether the problem is coaching or talent..
  13. Exactly He's not stupid. He knows this is his last chance.
  14. I truly believe this But they will