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  1. Mora was never about authority--he was a pal. But I do see your point--with a different kind of coach it might have turned into a power struggle like in NE Ah Who knows. I would take it if we had the same success.
  2. LOL OK So this is no longer about Blank hamstringing numerous negotiations by SAYING in public that "He'll be a Falcon for life". But that's OK, I'm just trying to understand the foundations of the new trope that Blank is a bumbling, interfering fool. And as for (1), I don't see why there was ever a question who Blank (and the fans) valued more; and while I think that was a little overkill, I honestly think his heart was in the right place. I think he--like Reeves--was trying to be fatherly towards Vick EDIT: I came back to say that I don't always agree with what h
  3. Don't remember anything about Vick except Blank pushing him in the wheel chair; nor do i remember him saying that in relation to Ryan. Doesn't mean he didn't say it, but I don't recall it. But who are all these others?
  4. Sigh. I've come to terms with the idea that they'll both be here next year barring some miracle/catastrophe. And as for Blank, the writer makes it seem like he said "..a Falcon for life" about every contract renewal or extension
  5. Wow! I didn't know that all of this went on. What a round robin of a power struggle--each one having some power over the other They are about as dysfunctional as a group can get
  6. I never got the crybaby reference; because if there's one thing Ryan is not, it's a crybaby
  7. I totally agree with your first statement which is why I blame Quinn now; but it does not necessarily follow that the lines haven't been sub-par
  8. Yeah. A couple of games ago I was all for waiting until the end of the season. Not anymore
  9. You're not kidding--and I don't even like the man--never have I can't even imagine failing this bad ... and for the world to see
  10. we’re still pissed off. pic.twitter.com/sGK6LK9wWa Nice.^^ I've been devouring every bit I can find about the team this week. I swear I have messed around and let them pull me back in!
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