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  1. If we were talking about the previous admin I would agree with you however Arthur Smith appears to be able to get the most out of olineman.
  2. I don’t think this is as straight forward as you think. The team still has plenty of holes and to fix them the best course of action right now is to sign some good players who are cap casualties of their teams in the coming months. Unfortunately we don’t have the required cap without restructuring Julio or Jarrett or trading Julio. The drafting of Pitts has meant we can legitimately move on from an ageing Julio - it’s basically the reason we didn’t take the 5th year option on Hurst. Trading Julio is 99% cap related vs production imho. We trade from a perceived position of strength for a valua
  3. Lol - granted poor phrasing - I’ll cop that on the chin. Mind you I’m sure some posters here (i.e FFS1970 for example) would claim in future mocks that they saw it coming and allowed for it
  4. He’s a trade option because the previous administration (TD) didn’t manage the cap well enough. Now arguably no one knew Covid was coming but either way there was an uneven balance in contracts for offence v defence. Most vets - outside of qb - don’t have long term contracts of julios magnitude at his age. Bad contract in the first place that was most likely always coming back to bite them on the a$$.
  5. How about his stiff arm to completely throw the tackler off before returning it to the house. Where I come from that’s called the ‘dont argue’ and he did it to perfection.
  6. Disagree. If it left a bad taste in my mouth I can only assume it did the same with falcons management. I also think if he had stuck to his original deal he wouldn’t be talked about as a trade option - but this is my opinion only. However up until then like Ryan he was always be seen as a team guy thru and thru and not the diva a lot of other qbs were viewed as. I think he hurt his standing with the team and it may result in him being traded
  7. I understand your right but I hate players that sign a long term contract and then want to renegotiate it based on later set market value. Julio is a stud and I love him as a falcon. But this has always left a sour taste in my mouth. This was basically just a bad call from him and his manager as I see it. And yes I understand teams can cut players at virtually anytime but they have to eat the dead cap. He should have played out his contract and then renegotiated. People can rag on Ryan (over his contract and it’s numbers) but he has never been disruptive to the team re contracts. He i
  8. I don’t see a Cb being drafted ahead of OG/ OC, RB or safety. Even if it’s BPA we are still desperately short a genuine starting Safety and RB. RB is deep and so is Oline this year. We are passable at CB with Moreau now
  9. Agree- I can’t see how one of Denver, Chicago, Washington or Pats don’t trade up for a QB. Even Detroit and Carolina could get involved here - although more likely they take QB if it fails to them only. Take Pitts or accept the monster haul from one of the above but don’t take the 4th rated QB when you have a very good QB already on the roster.
  10. It can work if it’s for a guy still on his rookie wage (I.e Sweat or Chubb). Space can always be made to get an A grade player in on a rookie wage
  11. Yep - I’d do the trade with Washington for Sweat, their first (19) and this years 2nd pick. No need to be greedy. People need to consider that a deal that nets us a starting proven DE (Sweat), a starting Safety in Moering (their first) and a decent RB (our 2nd) and OC/OG (Washington’s 2nd) would make us instant playoff contender. Washington are the perfect trade partner because they already have an all pro DE in Chase - hence they can trade their no.2 DE - and they really need a long term project at QB now (say Lance) with Fitz able to carry for one year.
  12. Yeh the more I read into it the more i think it’s likely to be Jones, Fields then Lance. Don’t see why they go such a huge pick heavy trade up for a guy that is so raw (Lance). Jones is such a solid guy and in a Shanahan system he could really excel. Really dont like Fields anywhere but see him ending in Carolina as a Newton 2.0.
  13. Imho San Fran go Fields not Lance. Either way Pitts is still the best player on the board and our GM said we will pick the best player on the board. That’s Pitts. I want a trade down with Denver and we go the best Safety or OG or RB and extra picks OR we draft Pitts. They are the only two options that work for me tbh
  14. Responding to Kiwi falcons post (he was directly before you) i pretty much mirrored your thinking in my reply to him. Denver and Chicago are on the hot seat and need a highly touted QB to keep the wolves from the door. Champion post
  15. Can a team like Denver or Chicago just sit for another year with no viable QB option. It could spell the end for their HC or GM respectively. If they trade up this year to #4 and grab a QB (say Lance) then they can at least say they are investing for the future in a serious position of need.
  16. What will happen imho is that we will resign a lot of the guys already on our roster - probably to short term cheap deals. Most guys will hold for a year and bank on longer and bigger contracts flowing next season. I just don’t see us signing a heap of new guys. I suspect mainly rookies and existing guys. Obviously we will have some new guys but not as many as you had us getting and certainly not that many of that quality. But only time will tell. It is interesting to follow though. Keep up the great posting - whether I agree 100% or not it still makes great reading.
  17. Mack Is coming off a major injury. I’d prefer Carson from the Seahawks - solid run and catch back who averages around 4.6 ypc.
  18. This guy is a great poster generally but let’s be real here. There is simply too many signings for one year- it won’t happen. Lots of guys will resign with their teams on cheaper short term (1 year) deals. For what it’s worth I like a lot of the signings bar Gurley and Trubisky. I actually considered in a normal salary cap year how Tru might be a good signing for himself to learn under a Pro but Matt is too good and doesn’t get hurt so it would only be a stop gap for a year in a year where there is no free cash about. The FA RB I’d consider is Carson from Seahawks. Averages like 4.
  19. The difference is that Tannehill is a play action QB who needs a successful run game to set up his passing game. Once you kill the run he isn’t good enough to pass his team out of trouble - he’s basically a poor mans Ryan. Ryan has proven for the last 5 years he doesn’t need a successful run game to still make plays passing. Trade down to 10-25 and get Najee and I really believe our Offence is sweet
  20. The only FA Im 100% sold on keeping is Neale. There is others I see as valuable to resign but he is the One difference maker we have. Grady, Debo, Neale and AJ need to be the foundation pieces to build Peel’s defence around.
  21. Out of everyone I see San Fran at 12. They get the QB to build around and we get Najee. If Smith is smart he knows that he must make the offence work now to justify his hire as the offencive minded HC. Our offence is so similar to Titans in personnel with the exception of that great power back. That’s Najee imho. Start with him and use the rest on defence (Safety, Edge) and an OG.
  22. Sorry figure of speech - I know they are not cut. All I’m trying to say is that not resigning or releasing guys on the roster doesn’t reduce our cap by their wage. If we release them we need to resign someone else to take their spot (even if its a rookie). There will be a lot of good players taking unders this season. Smart cap guys can take full advantage of this as a lot of teams will be struggling with the cap - not Just us.
  23. People forget you still have to Pay rookies. Cutting your whole FA list doesn’t always mean reducing the cap. Some players can be resigned on cheap deals. Kazee is s good backup to have who could turn into a starter with better coaching if the draft doesn’t net us who we like. Allen is the easiest cap casualty we have as I see it (beside the oline man)
  24. Can’t say this enough. The only real difference in rosters between tenn and Atl is a bonafide power back. Any move we make that nets us Najee and additional picks I’m all in favour of. Resign Neale and a few other choice backups and I’m sweet. Add a future QB replacement to Ryan (or at least a backup) via the draft and that sweetens the pot. I have no doubt that Smith can turn us into strong run heavy play action pass offence and Peele can turn our defence around into a solid top 15 unit. That alone gets us 10 wins with our expected easy strength of schedule for next season.
  25. The more I think about what I want us to do and what I think we will do (with Arthur Smith as HC/ OC play caller) the no.4 pick won’t be QB. The only exception to this will be if it involves a trade with Houston for Deshaun (unlikely).
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