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  1. That’s what they said when cook in minny went down and his backup just slotted straight in. The only thing I’ll say about CMC is his pass catching on screens etc is elite for a rb. That’s hard to replace and he has been darnolds safety blanket early.
  2. I agree with your picks overall but the above statement for understanding the argument for the cards to win is flawed logic. We want all NFC teams to lose against AFC teams - no other argument holds merit at this early stage. In NFC v NFC we want one clear winner in each division to keep winning and every other chump to lose. Although currently undefeated the cards could easily still lose the division to the rams (imho the rams will win the division). In that case for our slim playoff hopes we want the browns to beat the cards this week 100%
  3. Honestly you are undervaluing what shutting down one side of the field can do for a decent team. You don’t need ints from the cb to make plays. With a true shutdown corners the linebackers and safeties can cheat to the other side and they can make the plays (ints, sacks, tackles for loss, etc). My last comment on this - not every shutdown corner has to have Deions hands. Those players rarely exist.
  4. Ok last try as we’re just going around in circles. Your talking shutdown corners and trying to put Diggs in that category - it’s just flat out wrong. He’s a play making cb (a better version of Alford) but he gets targeted because his coverage isn’t shutdown and opposing qbs see chances to exploit his coverage. That isn’t happening with AJ right now - partly because the other side of the field is so poor and partly because his coverage is tight. Ints and shutdown don’t go hand in hand. Great cbs don’t have to get ints to make a play - simple getting a PD (breakup) on 3rd down kills 80% of drives. If your tight coverage means safeties and linebackers can cheat to other areas then your helping the team immensely - it’s not just about ints. Conversely a DLineman doesn’t have to have a sack to be valuable - D pressures / hurries on 3rd down can also stall a drive.
  5. Revis was the last bonefide shut down corner and he did not get a lot of ints. Pure shutdown corners spend most of their time in man with their back to the qb shadowing the wr. Right now Ramsey is the closest and he also doesn’t get a tonne of ints. Fatboi is 100% correct in his assessment of shutdown corners and interception corners. They don’t go hand in hand and the last and greatest one was Prime. Forgetting his stupidly good raw athletic ability he also had very good hands unlike most dbs - hence he could actually play PR/KR/WR. I always loved Tru but he was a above average shutdown corner with skillet hands. Deangelo had much better hands but his coverage wasn’t as strong. I keep searching for the next Prime but it’s foolsgold. AJ will be a really good shutdown corner for us - hopefully he will become a great one in time. But until we strengthen the other side of the field he really won’t need to be tested.
  6. That’s fine but you have to allow this regime to retool the team based on their (AS) requirements. That’s won’t happen in one year especially with the salary cap situation they inherited as they can’t acquire high priced key FA (instead low budget one year rentals). They basically need their draft picks to take off and their existing players to learn the new scheme. It’s really a ‘suck and see’ season
  7. Knocked out of your hand or dropped during direct pressure isn’t a drop I believe. Drops are non pressure non contact drops
  8. You guys are misreading what he is saying IMHO. When asked about a Ridley he said in general terms; ‘Injuries that come up, circumstances and other things’ im sure he is just saying that lots of things come up each week that can keep players from playing week to week - such as injuries, circumstances and other things (i.e Personnel matters). Lying about injuries is not something teams will do - they might exaggerate or lessen injury status but falsely claiming a personnel matter would be highly frowned on and most likely fineable by the NFL
  9. I know what your saying (and I loved the hurst signing) but you have to play smart football also. Watching the game he fumbled 3 times. One we lost, one went out of bounds (luckily) and the other he fumbled just after he crossed the goal line in his TD. Appreciate that the last wasn’t a fumble at all but this happened before the other 2 and I thought at the time that he was lucky he was in the end zone. Smart football players play with great situational awareness - none of these plays showed that Imho. I reiterate I love Hurst and want him resigned - I just wonder if he is trying to compete with Pitts on a highlight reel show. Honestly that’s not his role. His best bet is to be the sneaky underrated no.2 TE who gets a lot less yards but more TDs than Pitts as he draws less coverage from the defence.
  10. 100% on the money. The last time we had this level of consistently in our starting front 5 oline was 2016. Like the secondary it is incredibly underrated how important cohesion within the group is to their overall success.
  11. I down voted you - not because I don’t think Jalen will improve heaps but because I think Lindstrom is pro bowl caliber already. The way he plays in a poorly rated oline with average run support - and reflected in his PFF scores - he is downright special.
  12. Lol I know etheridge doesn’t equal Jones or Foye - but he also doesn’t equal their cap hit. You do know we are in cap **** and will still be next year with dead money hits on Julio etc still counting against the cap. Every high priced player will need to earn their pay check this year or risk becoming a cap casualty. We need to hit on our draft picks and cut the dead weight. We will also have to resign certain players coming out of contract like Koo, Patterson, Ridley?, Hurst?, etc. my point cut one of the crappy dbs or wrs and not our only rookie lb who looked any good.
  13. Good chance we either release Jones or don’t resign Foye after this season (cap casualty) - no way we let Etheridge go. He was our bright spot in pre season. Blake I’m meh on
  14. He probably would but unlike Harmon at least he would be in a position to drop it. Harmon is Mr Invisible. Unlike cb that’s not always a good thing for a safety because it means he’s running himself out of plays also and not being the extra helper in run support or passing plays (where he is the deep safety)
  15. ATN Podcast joked all pre season about teams always trying to make CP a RB and no one can do it. They implied falcs would also fail - need to eat some serious crow for sure on that bad call. AS copping a lot of heat this season as a HC but $&@“ me if the team hasn’t gotten better each week. Don’t forget what he did to turn Tannehill’s career around. New OC and DC and hugely new player list was always gonna take time to settle
  16. My favourite secondary of all time. Add the hammer and you have a recipe for some fun defensive football
  17. Yep try and find a Jets olineman who had a 1.4 pass blocking grade and then I’ll let you blame the poor QB form on the oline. The grass is always greener………….
  18. Note I’m only commenting on the 1st half re mayfield. So you could be right re his 2nd half performance. Teams will play a rookie OG but never next to a virtual rookie OC also. Terrible cap management by the previous admin that meant we had to let our starting OC leave in FA knowing we were starting a rookie OG. You can start a rookie OC if he is bookended by experienced OGs and the same for a rookie OG if he has quality OC and OT around him.
  19. To be fair there is a tonne of optimism to be sought from this game - sadly just not a lot of defence. Offence looks like it’s slowly coming together. With games against Jets and Miami next this loss hurts as we generally could have been 3-3 or 4-2 with a win against the WFT
  20. Much appreciated KOG. Your definitely my fav poster of all AFMB so this means a lot. My position was always db so I love your takes (and passion) on these positions. Still hoping Grant can be real deal.
  21. That’s an easy one. Would you steal a name but be lucky enough to spell it correctly or be forced to change the spelling as the correct spelling was already taken 🤫. Regardless PriMeTiiMe’s a good poster and I rate his posts. Never gonna say a bad word about a fellow Prime lover
  22. Ok so I do this generally a few days after the live game once I’ve cooled down and can review objectively. At this stage I’m only referring to the first half; - Eric Harris is playing well. He moves about a lot and is good in run support. He got beat on the cover 2 TD but it was horrible play by Moreau. When both receivers go deep and there is no flaring back you don’t guard space. Harris had to align himself between both receivers going deep. he only missed this by a finger tip. - as above Moreau is really bad. Needs to be removed ASAP. Hopefully Sheffield can supplant him because he penalises relentlessly and is poor in coverage. Terrel was unsighted (that’s a good thing as they avoided him like the plague) - mayfield is getting better. Yes I know the penalties were an issue but his pass blocking was good in the first half and we are running over his side a lot. He is pretty strong at the point of attack from what I can see. I see hope here long term. - Davis just doesn’t give us any juice at RB. I’m not asking him to be CP but honestly I’d get more reps to Gallmann and make those two battle it out. - for the Ryan haters it’s time to move on. We are locked to him for the next two years and his play is pretty decent for the pieces around him. Love him or hate him he has heart. Give him a decent pocket and watch him make plays. - Debo’s play isn’t as bad as people are saying. He’s not playing to his salary but he is making plays and is around the ball (yes I know he misses the tackle that leads to the game winning TD but they would have kicked the field goal and won anyway even if he makes that tackle). - once Fowler sees he can’t make a flash play (sack or tackle for loss) he pretty much gives up on the play. He has no dog in him (from the AFMB archives). - Ridley is fine as the no.1 receiver. He is a playmaker and causes huge headaches for opposing Dbs. His route running is amazing. If we can just get the run game to take off consistently he will get more one on ones - Pitts flashes but still looks like a rookie at times. He will get there but he is clearly still learning the game at the pro level. How to find the holes in zone, protect the footy after a catch and drag the feet on sideline catches. sorry I know it’s long buT I find this cathartic on bad losses (moreover games we should have won). Still a fan of AS and hope we can end up 3-3 after the next two weeks (jets and Miami).
  23. Yeh he did - need to appreciate that both guys are learning a new position. The switch was made because Foye was a liability in coverage at the Will. Guessing pees expected Debo - who is clearly more athletic - to have more upside at coverage in space. This is similar to Jalen who gets drafted and then thrown at a whole new position he hasn’t played. People think these switches are simple. Even a switch from outside to inside corner (slot) is a dramatic change to how you play the position based on sideline useage and increased traffic etc
  24. Washington, Miami, Pittsburg, Niners, Denver, Saints, Colts, Houston. And there just off the top of my head. Honestly some teams are really just solid QB play away from contending (niners, colts, Denver, Miami) while others are suffering from very poor QB play and need a solid bridge guy to get them through until they have their franchise qb (falcs, Saints, Houston & Pittsburg)
  25. Mate these are your words from an earlier post. ”Lol Ok. But the backs are underperforming given the blocking. Put an average Rb, he will do what is expected, which is still half a yard more per attempt. Put a very good Rb, he will probably be a yard higher than the crappy RB performance.” Your saying average backs can get you half a yard extra. Through 3 weeks Henry is 0.6 yards (from your initial post). Either Henry is basically an average back or blocking matters to a RBs yards. Can’t have it both ways. What’s my point. On average Oline play is significantly more important to RB success or failure than the actual RB. There are always exceptions to the rule (i.e Washed up Freeman in 17) but generally a good oline will make a average RB look like a very good RB (I.e Baltimore’s RBs and Minnesota’s backup RB this week).
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