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  1. To be honest I always thought DJ / record producer for some reason. Note I have no idea agreed
  2. Years = more than 1. Ergo 2. Kidding it mentions in the article AS was OC at Tenn for the last two years. Maybe poetic licence from the author
  3. posted from Flipboard (from a USA today article) - apologies if it doesn’t come through correctly. https://flip.it/J11ZZZ in a nut shell it mentions that Sean McVay has been stealing Arthur smiths offensive plays for a number of years. He mentions that he believe Smith is one of the best offensive minds. Between AS and TF I’m confident that the falcons are heading in the right direction. edit - was curious to see if you can rate your own topic - lol. You can btw
  4. Edge and RB I see as the real weakness in talent. Would love to pickup a salary cap castoff in these positions specifically. Secondary I think will be OK and not the teams liability this season
  5. Read my Post? I validated it with an explanation on the reduced cap due to covid and provided an example (Asante Samuel). If your asking who will be cut specifically I can’t tell you as I don’t know enough about other teams - their current cap or rosters - however I’m 100 % confident solid players will be cut in coming weeks because of salary cap constraints. Now will these guys play positions we are seriously deficient in - that I can’t say - however we have very few positions that couldn’t be upgraded with at least a solid starter or backup.
  6. Honestly there will be better vets who get cut / traded closer to final rosters. Let’s hold firm and be in a position to take on one of these late cut / trade guys when it eventuates. Remember the Asante Samuel trade - that cost us something like a 6th rounder but was basically a salary squeeze from Philly. No team predicted the drop in salary cap so like us other teams will struggle to keep their rosters intact. Teams will need to release some Good players. I’m hoping for a Rb or Edge guy.
  7. I’m not sure if I’m agreeing or disagreeing with you with what I’m about to say. They knew Julio was going and so drafting a replacement weapon on offence was a bonus to soften the blow. The fact that the best prospect was a TE and they already had a no.1 WR in Ridley ready to go meant Chase wasn’t a must pick. I still think however if there was a defensive stud of equal or greater value (i.e Khalil Mack like player) available then he would have been the Pick as BPA. It would have meant we took Hursts 5th year option also.
  8. The stat was how many 32 year or older WRs had 1000 yard seasons - the total was either 6 or 8 only (sorry can’t remember exact amount but it was surprisingly low). Don’t shoot the messenger bud I’m just relaying what I saw.
  9. I always had the greatest respect for Julio as an elite WR without the diva attitude. It changed for me with the last contract. When he Forced a Renegotiation with multiple years still left on his existing contract - I can’t lie - i list a lot of my love affair for him as a player. Say what you like about Ryan but he would never do that - consummate professional and team guy. personally I wouldn’t be giving a first for a WR of his age regardless of ability - stats tell you it’s unlikely he gets 1000 yards. I would easily take a 2nd provided the team take his entire salary and be content wi
  10. Pitts is also the reason Julio (and Hurst) are now considered expendable. If we had drafted a QB for example Hursts 5th year option would have been 100% been taken and imho the decision on Julio wouldn’t be nearly as clear cut (I.e they would have explored the option of keeping him through restructure more thoroughly)
  11. If we are to be successful this year it will be on the back of the rookies more so than the vets. We know what are vets can deliver but its the rookies ability to hit the ground running and limit mistakes that will lift us into playoffs. We will likely start more newbies than most teams and our coaches ability to train them up will be critical
  12. I think it will come down to whether we are forced to try to make Corderelle Patterson take major snaps at RB. This will certainly assist with getting Avery more STs touches and specifically kick or punt return duties
  13. I would have said that if we hadn’t picked up Patterson in FA. Can’t see him starting over Patterson - he is arguably the leagues best ST returner
  14. If we were talking about the previous admin I would agree with you however Arthur Smith appears to be able to get the most out of olineman.
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