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  1. The difference is that Tannehill is a play action QB who needs a successful run game to set up his passing game. Once you kill the run he isn’t good enough to pass his team out of trouble - he’s basically a poor mans Ryan. Ryan has proven for the last 5 years he doesn’t need a successful run game to still make plays passing. Trade down to 10-25 and get Najee and I really believe our Offence is sweet
  2. The only FA Im 100% sold on keeping is Neale. There is others I see as valuable to resign but he is the One difference maker we have. Grady, Debo, Neale and AJ need to be the foundation pieces to build Peel’s defence around.
  3. Out of everyone I see San Fran at 12. They get the QB to build around and we get Najee. If Smith is smart he knows that he must make the offence work now to justify his hire as the offencive minded HC. Our offence is so similar to Titans in personnel with the exception of that great power back. That’s Najee imho. Start with him and use the rest on defence (Safety, Edge) and an OG.
  4. Sorry figure of speech - I know they are not cut. All I’m trying to say is that not resigning or releasing guys on the roster doesn’t reduce our cap by their wage. If we release them we need to resign someone else to take their spot (even if its a rookie). There will be a lot of good players taking unders this season. Smart cap guys can take full advantage of this as a lot of teams will be struggling with the cap - not Just us.
  5. People forget you still have to Pay rookies. Cutting your whole FA list doesn’t always mean reducing the cap. Some players can be resigned on cheap deals. Kazee is s good backup to have who could turn into a starter with better coaching if the draft doesn’t net us who we like. Allen is the easiest cap casualty we have as I see it (beside the oline man)
  6. Can’t say this enough. The only real difference in rosters between tenn and Atl is a bonafide power back. Any move we make that nets us Najee and additional picks I’m all in favour of. Resign Neale and a few other choice backups and I’m sweet. Add a future QB replacement to Ryan (or at least a backup) via the draft and that sweetens the pot. I have no doubt that Smith can turn us into strong run heavy play action pass offence and Peele can turn our defence around into a solid top 15 unit. That alone gets us 10 wins with our expected easy strength of schedule for next season.
  7. The more I think about what I want us to do and what I think we will do (with Arthur Smith as HC/ OC play caller) the no.4 pick won’t be QB. The only exception to this will be if it involves a trade with Houston for Deshaun (unlikely).
  8. I loved the Spoon pick. He was a very under rated player for us who brought a lot of energy and leadership to us. Sadly injuries curtailed the latter part of his career.
  9. FTR I wanted Glenn Dorsey and Brohm (Louiseville QB) in the 2nd. Thank god I was wrong. Both didn’t last very wrong.
  10. Bad call Hutchy. Click on his icon it said when he joined. Just because he doesn’t post high counts doesn’t mean he hasn’t been on here awhile.
  11. There is a difference between being good and having potential to be good. Does he have the physical traits at QB (size, arm speed, mobility in the pocket). If he has potential but just lacks either mental maturity/ decision making or even a good OC who knows how to utilise his skill set (look at what Smith did with Tannehill) then sitting behind Ryan for a couple of years could be very good for him and us. Honestly we need a quality backup QB and if that guy can also be a possible future Ryan replacement I think that’s even better. Obviously if you trade down a few spots and grab Najee a
  12. Gotta agree. I don’t tend to rag on Quinn because let’s be honest he was responsible for the closest chance this franchise will probable ever come to a Super Bowl in my life time (love to be so wrong here). Every coach makes mistakes and like a previous poster said I share a lot of his eventual failures on the GM (drafting and FA) also. Good luck to him and I hope he can redirect his career just like I Hope Shanahan gets a Super Bowl with the Niners.
  13. One of the key things I always thought we could get from this HIRE was the poaching of key defensive Saints players drafted in the last few years coming off their rookie contracts. The saints defensive drafts for the last few seasons have been fantastic and tbh are the main reason they still have been as competitive as they have been even with a declining Brees. Fontenot would know these guys better than anybody and probably had a pretty decent say in their drafting. I was tempted to research this in more detail but I decided against this. But trust me when I say their defensive roster h
  14. I think Falcons brass told Fontenot that they were after an offencive minded HC and that Brady wasn’t going to cut it. Clearly Arthur Smith thinks he can work with the current offensive group (plus a high draft pick at RB). Happy with both hires - well done to the falcs and Blank for getting the people they clearly wanted and making this team a destination that many still covet.
  15. How is this any different to Fitzgerald? No super bowl wins only losses but a one team player
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