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  1. 5 million isnt peanuts to us however with our salary cap situation. We have chosen our big contracts and have to live with their productivity (Julio, Grady, Ryan, Dbo, Mack, Matthews, etc). Our nickel cb needs to be a draft pick on rookie salary or a cheap journeyman. Whether we like it or not.
  2. Poole has been very under rated his whole career. However not at 5 million a year. Solid guy but not the future and not at that price
  3. Don’t disagree with your sentiment but specifically I’m reacting to the short term statement. No way we are better next year without Tru.
  4. Fitz is only seen as a quality backup for all of but his 1-2 seasons at the Jets. Winston is seen as a starter and wants to be paid like a starter (that is well documented). Fitz shouldn’t even be in this convo to be frank.
  5. No way we are better without Trufant in the short term. This is the only move the Front Office made that worries me (FTR I understand why we did it but it doesn’t make us better short term). Long term yes we might be better off with salary cap savings etc but short term it forces us to reach for a cb in the first two rounds rather than let the draft come to us. With significant holes at DT, Olb and now CB we can’t just BPA.
  6. Lol I normally just ignore stupid posts. But man this is one of the stupidest (rookie contract and all)
  7. No way you can trade a guy on an elevated salary who hasn’t played in 2 years. People are forgetting how good he was our first two years. Tbh I’m glad he is uncuttable right now as it’s probably the only reason he is still on the team (it’s a tough business). All pro safety’s don’t grow on trees however. The positives outweigh the negatives here. We need him back and playing well as he is a difference maker and just as important to our defence as Jones.
  8. A lot think once a good cb loses his speed he can just shift to safety and play an extra couple of years. Thing is it rarely happens well and the guys that do do it where Often ball hawking cbs who excelled in zone anyway. Good Safeties need more smarts than athletic ability. Great safety’s have both
  9. 0 interceptions and a loath to tackle (Tru 2.0) picks arnt everything but it’s amazing how they can change a game. Not opposed but that highlight reel has some question marks. I saw multiple holds and push offs during coverage which you can’t get away with in the NFL. If he doesn’t tackle our fan base will eat him alive on the boards.
  10. Don’t discount Neal - when he is on the field our defence is lights out better. He is a difference maker. I know he’s had injury issues (I get it) but if he gets back we are set at Safety with Neal, Rico and Kazee.
  11. I loved Hoops and will 100% miss him. Speak to Ravens fans and they say the same about Hurst. The only difference is they have a better prospect already on the roster - we didn’t. Hurst will be fine with Ryan and our offence will probably add a dimension (deep threat at TE) we don’t have last year. Good signing - stop complaining people. Allows us to go olb DT and cb (and possibly Rb) with our first 3 picks.
  12. Would much rather Melvin Gordon. Could actually see this happening to be honest on a one year prove it deal (4-5 million). As others have said it removes the need for RB in the draft. Unlike Gurley I think this guy still as fuel in the tank.
  13. Needs to be an edge guy in FA as there are plenty of good options (buyers market) and a DT in the draft (deep at DT). Flip the combo (FA DT & Draft Edge) and we are reaching and that’s always dangerous
  14. He should seriously not consider Pats. Brady on the decline and new replacement QB ready to go. He will learn pretty quick that MR may have his faults but there is only a few QBs better in the comp who can consistently feed him the ball. It amazes me how many FAs only consider the money and don’t consider the destination.
  15. Agree 100%