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  1. Offence would have fallen over in the nfc game and the defence wasn’t good enough to carry us. But honestly we deserved to win that game vs Philly
  2. I actually like the Wolfe signing even more. I played with Gotsis in 2010 so I have watched his progress keenly at Denver. As much as Gotsis flashed in his 1st and 2nd season it was always Wolfe who jumped out at me as the real breast on the interior DL. He was a great signing on a low cost proove it deal.
  3. I think our new OL is better suited to outside zone now than the last two years. Get back to making the ru game relevant
  4. The issue is projected position in NFL. Brown is clearly a DT and one capable of front both a NT or UT depending on how he develops. Davidson is a bit Of a projected tweener - is he a DE or DT? Bit to slow for a true DE and not quite the right size for a pure DT. I believe his future in the NFL will be a solid run stopping DE who can move inside on padding downs.
  5. Amen. Prime was the reason I started following the falcs way back in 89. Him and Rison were incredible to watch - highlight reels on either side of the field. For everything Glanville did in those days the Brett Favre thing may be his greatest mistake. I know Favre needed to mature - and he probably needed to leave Atlanta to get the kick up his *** he needed - but what could have been........
  6. Lol - never let facts get in the way of a good story
  7. Picking AJ in the first almost guarantees this is a no. We need vet presence but it will be at Olb where we are still without a viable Campbell replacement.
  8. I hear ya - i just think they got the greater needs first. Fowler for Beasely, hurst for Hoop, Gurley for Free, AJ for Tru etc. honestly I think Davison fell and they grabbed bpa. We have a servicable safety group this season. Next year bud
  9. Lol - I think it’s pretty clear that Neal is a chancellor clone. I’d argue he is also a very good version when healthy. We can’t have pro bowlers at every position and we can’t replave every deficiency of defence in one draft. I can guarantee you FS is a top 2 pick next year. We just had bigger needs this year. Btw who is to say we wouldn’t have selected Delpit or winfield if they had fallen to our second pick.
  10. There was a mlb about 10 years ago that ripped it up in all the preseason games and I thought would be a huge stud. He then got cut and never played again - probably why I’m not a GM. i can’t remember his name but I’ll edit and post if I can remember or someone points it out.
  11. I’ll tell you in three seasons
  12. Didn’t they say that about the draft that netted Neal (reach), Debo (reach), and Hooper (reach). Oh yeh all were pro bowlers at one time. Are they still a reach if they play like 1st rounders? I’ll reserve judgement till after the guys have played a season or two.
  13. Happy to go delpit or winfield in the 2nd if the front office believe they are the best players on the board. Allows Drafpick and Neal to start and rico to backup at both FS and SS. Rico is gone after this season anyway.
  14. Simmons imho is the only one that makes sense. Elite coverage backer who can take rbs (mcaffrey), TEs (gronk) or wr thru the flat zones (saints and bucks) and not stink it up in run support. Also we have no lbs bar Debo and Foy.
  15. Agree he’s not the best but seriously he is a our better than most give him credit for. He would be consistently in the top 10 of GMs imho. The thing is his hits and misses can vary so much year to year.
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