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  1. Makes you think if the falcs have a mole on the Dallas Cowboys inside - that’s two cagey moves that have put the falcs over the cowboys. Seems to be a lot of evidence backing these up also.
  2. How does he compare vs Clabo - he was a big guy but was also a very solid OG when needed. I honestly think you just need some nastiness to play inside and the measurable become less important than outside at OT
  3. Your Incorrect is Correct - Rules were changed (confusing right)
  4. Honestly Kerney is my favourite falcon (apart from Prime) of all time. He started slow but ramped up to be a very dominant player with an unrelenting motor. Kinda the anti Beaseley who gives up too easy on plays and seems to be going backwards. Don’t discount Shanny’s offencive firepower accounting for around 5-7 of Beaseley 2016 (pin the ears back) sacks
  5. I’m not saying we get rid of Beaseley. I’m saying don’t pay him the monster contract some idiot team will pay based on one 16 sack year when teams were chasing huge Shanny score lines and he was allowed to run free from the edge. And I don’t think we can afford to draft a DE high as we need to concentrate on DT, OT and OG this year. Can’t we resign him to the one year tender (rent before you buy season)
  6. It’s about salary cap and production. What Beaseley will most likely demand (based on his 2016/2017 season) will not equate to what he typically delivers. No way I’m paying him top edge rusher money and a long term deal. And no way he doesn’t take top edge rusher money and a long term deal from some flunky team who thinks he is better than he is. Keeping him next year and resigning Irvin is only about pushing out Edge as a need till 2019 and ensuring we get something for him in compo. 2018 is about OG/RT and DT. We can’t expect to fix everything in one year (Dimmi’s not FFS1970)
  7. I honestly don’t believe we lose out by playing Irvin in place of Beaseley. However preferentially I would play him for one more year and then release without the big long term salary. I don’t want to need to address Edge this year - let’s concentrate on OT/OG and DT. Take edge next year by which time we will have established if Takk can be the guy we all hope he can be (bone fide no.1)
  8. Isn’t that the point! I’d argue good line drafting and the return of Luck could be the reason the OL was dramatically improved. That’s some pretty big variables.
  9. This is not a slight on Matt In fact it’s the opposite. I’m saying what would Matt’s numbers be if he had Shanny for 10 years and Brees had 5 different OCs and subsequent playbooks. We’d be talking more about Ryan as the greatest of all time and Breed like an above average QB
  10. I can only tell you how many good play callers Brees has had - 1. Imagine Ryan’s numbers if he had Shanny for 10 seasons and not a different coordinator and different play callervevery second year
  11. Honestly it’s more about the OC than the OL. A good OC (I.e Shanny or Peyton) will create plays for the QB. How many bad years had Brees had with Peyton?
  12. This guy is aggressive and knows the system. I just worry he gets a HC gig for someone. Technically as a DB coach Dallas couldn’t block us from chatting to him (even though he was calling the plays). Info below is from a Bucs Head coaching article in ESPN. Kris Richard Kris Richard is Dallas' secondary coach/passing game coordinator. Max Faulkner/Fort Worth Star-Telegram via Getty Images Key traits: High-energy, relates well to players, known for his passionate speeches. As one former assistant put it, "He is the kind of coach a team can feed off of, because his standard for play is set high." Core philosophy: 4-3. A former NFL safety who latched on to Pete Carroll's coaching tree and spent five years as a secondary coach before becoming a coordinator (and again with the Cowboys), Richard believes in a hard-hitting defense and taking the ball away, as seen by the vaunted Legion of Boom in Seattle. Defensive backs play closer to the line of scrimmage and much more aggressively than with the cushion seen under former Bucs coordinator Mike Smith. Bragging rights: Taking over defensive playcalling for Rod Marinelli this season, Richard helped the Cowboys to the league's sixth-best ranking in points allowed (20.25 per game). Prior to that, Richard served as the Seahawks' defensive coordinator from 2015 to 2017 (replacing Dan Quinn). In that span, the Seahawks allowed 311.2 yards per game, second best in the league, with the third-fewest passing yards allowed (215.1 yards per game), second-fewest yards per rush allowed (3.68) and third-fewest points per game allowed (18.77). Key question that must be answered: The Bucs don't have Seattle's secondary or Dallas' pass-rushers. Richard would have less to work with. The Bucs don't have a strong ground game either -- a defense's best friend. The Cowboys also have had one of the league's worst third-down defenses (42.3 percent, 27th in the league), an area the Bucs have had serious struggles with as well. Quotable: "Guys respect you when you're consistent each and every single day. They love you when they know it's real. That it's who you really are. That's the point. I want to show them how much that we love doing this, and if we say it and if we mean it, then let's go show it. That's the bottom line. Each and every single time that we step out there, we are blessed. We can't forget that. Not everybody has the opportunity to do this, so when you're out there, let it go. Lay it all out there." -- Richard "I think he might be as good as any acquisition coming in," Marinelli said. "I mean that now. This guy is really good. ... This guy is special. I mean, he's special. ... You know that 'it'? He's got 'it.'" Fun fact: He wears cleats to practice so he can illustrate how to perform drills ... and just to get in on the action.
  13. Yep I would offer one of the guards a multi year contract at 2-3 million per year. Very keen on Valdheer also. It is the easy fix imho
  14. For all the hate on TD I’d argue we would have won 2016 if he had called the final drive. At some point you guys need to appreciate that the coaches are responsible also. They do the game day decisions and are responsible for coaching of players and game plans. You can’t blame TD every time something goes wrong. Someone said it earlier if you fault TD it is that he puts a lot of cash into key players and hopes that we don’t have key injuries. Let’s be honest how many wins will we have if Ryan goes out in preseason or Julio for that matter? But that is modern day NFL and salary caps
  15. Still think it will be Koetter as OC. Would love DC to be Dallas Seconday coach Kris Richard - an aggressive guy who would definitely be stepping up into a DC role and is familiar with the Seattle Defence we run. The one drawback might be if DQ insists on calling the plays - water downs the DC role for potential applicants. That’s probably my ideal IC/DC combo