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  1. Prayers and lots of love to you and your family Gritz. It's times like this when we wish we could wrap our arms around you and give you a big hug.
  2. I am certain that our great coach DQ will have the team ready, fired up, chomping at the bit and ready to rip that man's head off just like when we went to Foxboro the season after the SB LI choke and showed Brady what this team and he, himself are made of. Oh wait ...
  3. Ditto on this. Have enjoyed listening to him on Atlanta radio on occassion and loved the passion he played the gane with. God bless you and your family Bobby. Falcons and Saints, rivals we are on the field, but brothers we are off the field.
  4. And have you noticed how quiet the coverage of their latest cheating scandal has been? I honestly think they let Brady go just to get the media to focus on something else and hope that no one remembers them getting caught taping the Bengals signals, subs, etc.
  5. The problem seems not to be with the injury itself, but the arthritis that has developed in the knee as a result. Injuries can be fixed and people move on. Arthritis, not so much. I hope Gurley is a beast for us, but I'll hold that hope until after he gets his team physical and signs on the dotted line.
  6. What boggles my mind was that team blocked 9 kicks. LOL
  7. LMAO. I completely missed the *** portion of that. Need new glasses. Even with new glasses that is one ugly *** logo he designed. LOL
  8. YUP!!!! I won't be buying anything with a logo even remotely close to that.
  9. Yep. The doctors are all wrong. They have no clue what they are talking about, even the ones who evaluated Gurley. Next we'll be depending on spring breakers to inform us on the pandemic.
  10. I do NOT care what he was BEFORE he became a Falcon. All I know is he was average at best when he put on our jersey and tried to run the football. He was DONE. He looked like a beast, but he ran like a scared 12-year-old playing "kill the guy with the ball (Yes, I know there's another name for it back before we had to be all PC)" at recess. The production we got from him and may only get from Gurley would be better from a rookie back who has a better contract and that will be in the system for 3-5 years. Of course, I am only a fan and likely do not know as much about football and football operations as those paid to do so. However, I do know that I would have run the ball at the end of SB LI and likely have won the game, and I darn sure know when to call timeouts better than the clown that runs this team at the moment.
  11. Is everyone forgettting the last time we picked up a discarded Rams RB? Here's a hint ...Steven "Looks like Tarzan, Runs like Jane" Jackson.
  12. There is a simple way around the "One Helmet" rule. Vinyl wrap!! We do it to cars to change the color, why not a helmet? Yes, it would have to be pretty tuff to take a game's worth of being smacked against another helmet. But, why not? It's basically what the emblems and stripes are to begin with. Just do the entire helmet. Then peel it off for the next week when we go back to the regular colors. That would allow us red, black, white, silver, matte red, matt black, chrome red, and on and on ... Maybe I should copyright this idea.
  13. Yeh, the photo shop skills are lacking, but it gives you an idea
  14. Make the red outline silver and put it on a red background or helmet. The original logo had a red outline on the jerseys on many years but not on helmets.
  15. This is one version that was tossed about back when we changed from the original logo to what we have at the moment. I love this one. Pays homage to the original, yet has a modern sleekness to it. Maybe Art dug it up off of McKay's desk and went, "Who the **** has been hiding this from me!!!?"