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  1. Don't forget the time our brilliant former head coach, Dan "Clueless" Quinn, stated that the reason Julio was NOT on the field for a game-on-the-line 4th down play was because, "If Julio was in the game, the defense would know who the play is designed to go to." Ummm. okay ... ever heard of a decoy ya dolt?
  2. If it's like last year, you may not see it until October or so.
  3. We simply do NOT have the cap space available to sign this many draft picks. LOL. Take it and use some of the mid and late rounders to move up or grab more late 2nd or 3rd round picks maybe.
  4. Bruce Smith (200) and Reggie White (198) combine to beat the total from our top-10. LMAO
  5. Knowing how the Falcons have historically been run, we'll trade our number 4 pick to the Panties for pennies. They'd draft the next Maholmes and we'd spend the next decade getting b!tch slapped by him twice a year.
  6. Happy Birthday Banker. Sure miss the old days! Gotta get the MBGT gang back together.
  7. LMAO. Just blew sweet tea outta my nose. Hahaha. This is so true, it's sad. DQ would likely remind us that the players were very good at covering large open spaces of green grass, no where near a player on the other team. 2020, the year of the Social Distance Covid-19 Falcons Defence.
  8. Don't forget, this was the "Best 4-win Team in Football" this season. Personally, I cannot wait to hang that banner in the rafters for all to see.
  9. I think there is a way around the one helmet rule the league has. Keep the matte.black. However, what prevents us from usimg a red vinyl wrap to use the same helmet but as a red helmet for our throwbacks? If you can wrap a car, why not a helmet?
  10. Our defensive philosophy on coverage is whatever the yardage to gain for a first down is, play a cushion of 2 yards deeper than that. 👍
  11. Wonder if they will put him in charge of timeouts. Lmao
  12. We have an identity. Haven't you heard? We're the "Best 4-win team in football"!!
  13. Because the Falcons are "The best 4-win team in football". We're gonna hang a banner in the Dome with this on it.
  14. Until McKay gets his pink slip, the culture of this team is NOT going to change. I'm about to just throw in the towel. How can it be this difficult to see that what you (talking to you Mr. Blank) have been doing is not working, yet you continue to do the same mindless things over and over?
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