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  1. Comparing their stats, I see no reason why #31 isn't also in the HOF Games: Sayers 68 Andrews 87 Total Yards: Sayers 6263 Andrews 8633 Avg per touch: Sayers 5.7 Andrews 5.4 TDs: Sayers 48 Andrews 41
  2. What makes the story even more sad is that the league has yet to put Nobis rightfully into the Hall of Fame. If he had the same career in Chicago, New Your, or LA, he would have been in on the first ballot. Ask **** Butkus what he thought of Nobis.
  3. Whiff? He would have had to try to make the block in order to whiff. He just watched him run right past him. The truly sad part is, the play wasn't designed to go to Freeman. So it wasn't like he was the #1 target. He picks up that blitz and very likely we have a big play (have seen the play on film, Matt needed another second to make the throw to a wide open WR).
  4. And HC Dan Quinn compounded the stupidity by not over-ruling Shanny and running the **** ball. I really thought once Julio caught that pass that DQ would remember how the Seahawks gave the Pats their last Super Bowl win and would play to milk the clock and take a 2-score lead. LMAO. Nope. He stuck his head as far up his behind as any coach ever has in a SB. Sometimes people are so stupid they deserve to lose. This was perhaps the biggest of those moments.
  5. Credit the coaches for being competent enough to notice that and make the adjustment. Our coach would have come up with some fancy new slogun instead. Rah rah!
  6. I will give the Aints credit. They were getting picked apart in the first quarter and "adjusted" their coverages and have looled great. The Eagles have had no answer. Yet some people insist you cannot just change things up and adjust in game. Whatever.
  7. I can understand that you practice your main game.plan. But how do you not anticipate needing to change or fix something over the course of 3 hours? Who in their right mind as a DC, that has actually followed football for the past 15 years, thinks that Tom Brady is incapable of figuring out a defense that shows him the same thing on every play? The Chargers aren't even throwing in a wrinkle here and there. How often do you get punched in the face before you finally put a hand up to block it?
  8. Chargers just like so many teams. Plan A doesnt work and they just continue to use it because they are incapable of adjusting. No clue how you can be a professional at your job in this game and NOT be able to try something different than what isnt working.
  9. And posted today is an article of Grimes and Miko crying about how disrespected he has been in Tampa. He felt the team asked too much of someone at his pay scale ($7 million this season) when they told him to cover Antonio Brown and Julio. He likes zone, not man coverage. Also said he doesnt like to tackle. Guess he would have fit right in here.
  10. And next season in week 1 where we play a sleepy, soft coverage that backs up past the first down marker on 3rd and 10, rushing 3 or maybe 4, i am going to want to shove this phrase down his throat. I have been hearing this "talk" for decades now and not one single head coach has come in and put his money where his mouth is.
  11. At the .id point of the season Atlanta had the second fewest games missed by starters in the league. If your roater is try the best this franchise has ever put together, as some have stated, then why can we NOT expect to compete? It has to be one of two things. Either the depth of talent was far worse than thought and moves should have been made to shore that up. Or the coaching was unable to adjust or coach up the talent they thought they had.
  12. And yet a few injuries sent this team into a death spiral. If the talent was there as you stated, this is even more proof that the problem was the coaching not the roster.
  13. So your idea of "often" is once in the past 21 years? Ummm... ok.
  14. We already have 3 or 4 of him on this defense
  15. Well if it's our DC ..... maybe thats why Sark thinks this crap will work. It does in practice against this soft, one coverage style defense