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  1. Or to the Waffle House for a throwdown. The long timers here will get that reference.
  2. I picked up a white customized jersey with my name and number on it. Yes, it's a knockoff and came all the way from some sweatshop in the far east. Took 3 weeks to arrive and cost me $50. I am still on the fence regarding the new jerseys, but like the away better than the other two new ones at the moment. I wish the red was a solid red, not gradient, but oh well. Always love the throwbacks. Want to see those with red helmets.
  3. That is the one thing lacking on Brady's resume'. If he plays nice with Goodell, I am sure the league will assist him in adding "Only QB in history to take his team to a Super Bowl in its own home stadium" to his legacy. Come to think of it, this may be why he picked Tampa.
  4. Maybe at halftime they should have simply gotten back on the bus and had a snickers.
  5. My dog would have had this team more ready than DQ had them for the 5 preseason and first 8 games of last year's season. What's your point?
  6. Kind of like DQ had the team respond in 2017 when we traveled to Foxburo for the "revenge" game? In all my years as a fan, I cannot remember a Falcons team looking as uninterested and flat as that evening. If there was ever a game to be wound up for and to crush your opponent, that was it. DQ was tok busy working some new slogan to realize that game could have defined the is team amd shown everyone what a fluke the Pats comeback was. Instead, we rolled over and asked TB and BB to rub our bellies. The only time under DQ that this team has responded was when he stepped aside to save his own neck.
  7. What a cool job. Appreciate how he made the experience of the Dome that much better. RIP Charles, and thank you for the fond memories from Falcons games I attended and watched.
  8. Somehow, I think we were ahead in that contest 28-3 as well.
  9. Yup. Makes me just shake my head. It was sooooo easy!! Instead they overthink the whole thing.
  10. Prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, ... You are so right about this place being an extended family. I leaned on this group through some tuff times. All of your family, keep your head up, stay postive. If prayers and words of encouragement can help, we got it covered and then some. Our love and support to your wife and everyone in your family. It's a team effort to beat this thing. May God bless you all.
  11. A little late, but happy birthday buddy!!!
  12. He can sure come up with a catch phrase! The man missed his calling. Should have worked for Hallmark or something similar. He does talk about learning from mistakes, but he doesn't seem to actually learn from them. I think one of his biggest mistakes is that he spends too much time talking about and addressing the mistakes or problems from weeks past. Every post game presser, he goes on about how they will look at the film, go over what they did wrong and work on correcting that. How about you put together a game plan for the game coming up? That would be an epiphany. He seems like a one-dimensional coach. If the opponent doesn't do what he expects, he is completely thrown. Has no clue how to adjust, because he hasn't spent time formulating a real game plan. He has nothing else to go to! All that said, he isn't stepping down, nor is TD. They will have to be dragged from the building. I hope it doesn't come to that. I want this team to be successful and I want to enjoy a FULL season and some playoffs. I am not expecting that, but I will hope for it regardless.
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