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  1. Pretty sad that this team scares its own fans so much more than it does the opponent every Sunday.
  2. And yet the team showed up totally unprepared to play football yesterday.
  3. DQ loves to talk tuff and how we will dictate things on defense. But the actual reality is he has no clue how to stratigize and do that. He just thinks that motivating players to fun through a wall will get it done. Then the game starts and the players realize they are out coached and out planned and it's over. I am so tired of glorified cheerleaders for HCs aroubd here.
  4. More great coaching from DQ and his gang of misfits. This team for a few years now is fundamentally unsound and undisciplined. And where the **** was that "toughness" we heard about all offseason? DQ blows more smoke than a coal-fed power plant.
  5. That would require Matt to have more than 1 second tk drop back bwfore the purple jerseys are on him. Our OL blocks like a bunch of wet paper bags.
  6. If this game does not convince people we have the most inept coaching staff in the league, nothing will. SMH. So completely unprepared for this game.
  7. Can't block, can't tackle .... new year, same Falcons.
  8. As long as we keep the falcon on the sleeve, I am good with whatever may come. Would love to see the black pants with the white jerseys for our road uniform.
  9. From what I saw last night, I doubt Schaub could throw the challenge flag far enough or close enough to the ref for them to stop play.
  10. I would hand the ball to Sanu long before I would let Schaub take over. Schaub could not possible have looked less interested in playing football than he did last night. And he throws like a wounded duck. Did he even try a pass of more than 10 yards?
  11. I really hope that Bosher is ok. The man's leg got such a workout tonight.
  12. Comparing their stats, I see no reason why #31 isn't also in the HOF Games: Sayers 68 Andrews 87 Total Yards: Sayers 6263 Andrews 8633 Avg per touch: Sayers 5.7 Andrews 5.4 TDs: Sayers 48 Andrews 41
  13. What makes the story even more sad is that the league has yet to put Nobis rightfully into the Hall of Fame. If he had the same career in Chicago, New Your, or LA, he would have been in on the first ballot. Ask **** Butkus what he thought of Nobis.
  14. Whiff? He would have had to try to make the block in order to whiff. He just watched him run right past him. The truly sad part is, the play wasn't designed to go to Freeman. So it wasn't like he was the #1 target. He picks up that blitz and very likely we have a big play (have seen the play on film, Matt needed another second to make the throw to a wide open WR).
  15. And HC Dan Quinn compounded the stupidity by not over-ruling Shanny and running the **** ball. I really thought once Julio caught that pass that DQ would remember how the Seahawks gave the Pats their last Super Bowl win and would play to milk the clock and take a 2-score lead. LMAO. Nope. He stuck his head as far up his behind as any coach ever has in a SB. Sometimes people are so stupid they deserve to lose. This was perhaps the biggest of those moments.