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  1. I just checked to see if anything changed since end of season. Sure enough, Brady playered against the NFLs 27th ranked defense and Ryan played against the NFLs #1 ranked defense in points allowed. Let me ask you this, do you always have such an abnormally adverse reaction to FACTS that you find inconvenient?
  2. Elite status is subjective. Many, including myself, already consider Ryan elite. On OP he is considered the 4th best player in NFL. Its patently absurd to suggest the 4th best player in NFL out of 1,700 total players isn't elite.
  3. Let me make sure I'm clear on your thesis. You claim I am a homer while also claiming I said my defense sucks. You then conclude your thesis by claiming my argument is inconsistent. Ok Sparky, whatever you say.
  4. The work of a troll is never done. You lost any possible credibility the moment you claimed I stated our defense sucks while claiming also that I was a homer. These positions are incompatible except in the mind of a troll. Just as rookies will be rookies, trolls will be trolls.
  5. I am causing you cognitive dissonance. Escape while there is still time my northern friend.
  6. Like I said, you lack the capacity to process how I could love our young defense since it was 27th ranked. In fact. You automatically assumed that meant I thought it sucked and were called out by another poster for a faulty assumption.
  7. Our defense is extremely young with 4 rookie starters last year and several second year starters. you are probably the type of fan who calls rookies busts and slam them for making mistakes while steep in their learning curves. I'm the type of fan who recognizes rookies and second year players will play like rookies and second year players. I love our defense, I love all this young talent. I don't love the mistakes but it's part of the game sparky. You most likely lack the capacity to understand my position.
  8. Although I looks all all humans as equals, I do consider trolls subhuman which exempts you.
  9. I'm trying to recall the second turnover he created as I can think of it at the moment. In fact, I need to take a closer look at how he played and how he was used down the stretch. Seems to me he played well in man and zone assignments. I know my eyes were telling me he could be special in 2017 if he builds off that play late in season. He's always had the talent but it only surfaced late last year. There is a big difference to me what a CB makes a turnover by catching a ball thrown right at him in error, and a CB who causes the turnover himself by either reading the pass or ripping the ball out of a ball carriers hands.
  10. That strip Collins had in the playoffs was a big money, game changing play. he caused that turnover 100% in his own. I think we'll see a lot more of Collins this year, he's simply too talented to keep on the bench.
  11. Overall CB group, I think we are as good as any, but I'm including Trufant, Alford, Poole and Collins. Collins came on so strong at the end he looks like he's better than many other teams #2 CBs. Collins lays bone crushing hits, causes turnovers and has versatility......I love our stall of CBs.
  12. I absolutely love our defense. Stating the fact our defense was ranked 27th last year is not stating our defense sucks at this point in time. I think you have serious, if not debilitating comprehension issues.
  13. Perhaps you are unaware the 27th ranked defense did not line up 11 CBs each snap leading to that ranking? We had other position players on the field such as a strong safety, free safety, linebackers, defensive tackles, defensive ends. They may have a book at Borders Bookstore you might consider picking up called "Defense for Dummies" that might help you better understand basic defensive concepts and what all goes into rankings.
  14. 2012- Ryan's average was 7.7 yards 2016 it was best in NFL at 9.3
  15. Nobody is comparing the careers of Brady and Ryan. The comparison is of their QB play in the 2016 season and how they project at this point in their opinions. Some fans become emotional and irrational when you compare two players current seasons because they cannot detach themselves from one or both of the compared players past achievements in years prior to the one being compared. In short, it is perfectly logical and rational to compare and contrast how two QBs performed in a single season, irrespective of which ones. If this is confusing or disturbing it's because emotion is causing it to be. So many people assume how they "feel" about something is truth. Feelings are not facts.
  16. I think we are just as good a crop in total at CB as Denver.
  17. I agree. But only one board is fortunate enough to have the original one
  18. Pointless to who? Many Falcons fans agree with much of what I say about Ryan and really appreciate the fact I have stuck up for him when so many ignorant fools here have been overly critical of him for years, even to the point some called for him the be traded or benched last year. Many posters appreciate me providing the message board a head to head matchup of how both Brady and Ryan played against the same 4 defenses last year that show Ryan smoked Brady against same competition. If you don't like facts and opinion based on them, that's your problem Spanky.
  19. You mean like when I predicted last preseason after a loss that we we have a prolific offense in 2016? Result was 7th best offense in NFL history. Or like when I predicted in Beasleys rookie year when many though he was a bust that he could be as good as John Abraham and Beasley ended up leading NFL in sacks his second season, something Abraham never did? I think you yourself probably shouldn't make predictions as you have an extremely limited understanding of the game.
  20. Unfortunately some of our own fans still believe that garbage too who slobber all over themselves about Cam Newton etc. A Pats fan just presented that argument suggesting last year was a fluke for Ryan. Of course most of us know the truth. I've seen it since his rookie year. After this season it will no longer be rational to suggest otherwise.
  21. They will both be much improved, take that to the bank. Both had holes in their run defense, despite playing briliiantly, those holes will seal up.
  22. Of course Ryan is elite.....silly to suggest otherwise.
  23. While I know some will want to credit Tom Brady with wins which is what most fans do (wins are a team stat) , those of you who would like to see how Matt Ryan played against 4 common defenses that Brady also faced last year to gauge just how good Matt Ryan is will find some excellent information below, information that provides one of the reasons Ryan won MVP of the NFL in 2016 over Brady. Here are the averages of all 4 games, all that Ryan played on the road: Rating Pass Yards Comp % TDs/ INTs Avg Brady- 91.6 263 63.4% 5/1 7.1 Yards Ryan - 118.1 281 64.0% 10/1 9.6 Yards Ryan smoked him in every category DESPITE Ryan having to play Seattle on the road and Brady got them at home. Ryan threw twice as many TDs (10) with same number of interceptions (1). This is head to head against same competition so no excuses. The Pats had the NFLs #1 Deefense and Ryan racked up a Super Bowl record 144.1 QB rating, and Brady playing against the NFLs #27 ranked defense only got a 95.2 QB rating. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a breakdown of the 4 defenses each QB faced in 2016. All Ryan's games were on the road. Seahawks- (Brady had home filed advantage) Rating Pass Yds Comp% TDs/ INTs Avg Brady- 90.1 316 71.9% 0/1 9.9 Ryan- 102.8 335 64.3% 3/1 8.0 Broncos-( Both played on the road) Brady 68.2 188 50.0% 0/0 5.9 Ryan 98.4 267 53.6% 1/0 9.5 RAMS Rating Pass Yds Comp % TDs/ INTs Avg Brady- 93.5 269 71.7% 1/0 5.8 Ryan- 126.6 237 64.3% 4/0 8.5 49ers Brady 114.6 280 60% 4/0 7.0 Ryan 144.5 286 73.9% 2/0 12.4