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  1. People who hate RYAN and want a running QB will never acknowledge that no QB can succeed without a serviceable OL blocking for them. Ryan is actually the best QB in the NFL when under pressure.
  2. Ok, I take you at your word and stand corrected. Just know I do appreciate you moderating, it’s a tough thankless job and I am appreciative of those who agree to do it here to make the boards better for us all.
  3. Seems you have an issue with me my brother. You single me out with comments like that from time to time that really apply to everyone. If you have something you need to air out with me lets jump on the phone or PM and get it behind us. I have no issue with you whatsoever as person, as a poster or as a mod, but you seem to have some chip on your shoulder with me. I'm always cool to air things out.
  4. yep, that was more of the same yesterday, just looking at the haters piling on after an ugly, gut wrenching loss. There is a time and a place for everything, but I find it detestable to kick people when they are really down.
  5. It was just a simple question. I think we all have certain things that rub us the wrong way and from time to time speak up about them. Yours may be different than mine, but we all, everyone, comments on things that might disturb us that we have no control over here.
  6. Does this apply to you as well? Why If you live by your own words, why did you bother to respond?
  7. I’m not talking about those complaining about the loss, I get that. I’m talking about those joyful about the loss. Guys like Rich Eisen.
  8. That loss was really brutal, just gut wrenching to all Falcon fans who love this game. After slightly recovering from the game, I logged on here today hoping for quality, measured of analysis of the game, and instead seems most everything I’m reading from haters and trolls who are outright full of joy about yesterday’s loss. This includes media and the usual haters and trolls. Having people actually be excited about losses and dumping on the players they have shown blind hatred of for years is ugly. It was one game, we all know this doesn’t necessarily mean this means the team will suck this year. We don’t need people taking out their inner misery on us by making this situation any harder on us though.
  9. It often takes more than 10 sports fans to find a smart on the lot.
  10. And if we get him a respectable running game and good defense he will have no problem getting us back to the Super Bowl. Last time we went to Super Bowl, he dragged the 26th ranked defense with him.
  11. The fake news headline is created from thin air. Ryan is under no more pressure today than he was the past 10 years at this point in the season. This is simply chaturbate for Ryan haters.
  12. I recently drove through Ithaca, Finger Lakes, up 88 from Binghamton to Albany, then to Manchester VT to spend a weekend. Beautiful up there!
  13. That is such better running than we’ve been seeing around here the last few years. Look how patient he is as the hole is opening, then the quick burst through the hole. Great vision and moves at the second level as well. You add his running skills to his receiving and blocking abilities and the Falcons got better today. He’s a cut above any starting RB we’ve had here recently IMO.
  14. That’s my take as well, pass protection is a big deal for a RB and many fans just don’t recognize the utility of this. Arthur Smith, as a master tactician, certainly does. Also, he rarely fumbles and that’s another biggie.
  15. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1429845824687812622?s=20 can someone drop this video of into a post? Brian Baldinger @BaldyNFL · Aug 23 . @49ers @waynegallman is EXCELLENT in pass protection. He attacks the defenders under control and initiates contact. This is a clinic for all running backs. #BaldysBreakdowns 17.6K views 0:27 / 0:50
  16. He holds onto the ball well and is excellent in pass protection. In addition to that, he runs better than Ollison. Sorry folks, but this is a good veteran upgrade who can do it all well. The Falcons got better today.
  17. What was done a little more discretely was me consulting Mayfield shortly before this unfortunate celebration took place
  18. No longer patting players on their behinds as they come in off field after blowing a coverage or causing a penalty.
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