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  1. Vegas just got wind of this and Falcons no longer favored to win.
  2. The problem with that line of rationale is it doesn’t consider the customer. That line of rationale is self centered, all about self. Say I have a company with 70% Muslim clients, and I sponsor a luncheon seminar every month for our clients. Say I serve ham, bacon, and other pork products each month for the 30% of my non Muslim clients that like pork. Well, if 70% of my Muslim client base tells me serving pork each month is HIGHLY offensive to them due to their religious beliefs and tell me they respect my right to serve pork, but ask me to please not serve it in front of them. With your line of rationale, I would tell them “ but it’s not about religion to me, I don’t mean it to be offensive at all so I’m going to keep serving it”. If my clients are being offended by it, it’s irrelevant if I don’t mean it to be offensive. If it is offensive and about religion to my clients, it’s irrelevant if it’s not about those things to me. these idiots are going to pay a price for offending the very hand that has fed them all these years. Stupid , stupid, stupid
  3. NFL players are guilty of murder, domestic violence, drug dealing, pedophilia.......yet we fans understand it’s not appropriate to slander all NFL players for the bad apples among them. Yet, NFL players slander the entire country and highly offend a majority of their fans by disrespecting our national anthem when down on the field in front of its mostly honorable and patriotic citizens and fanbase. We all know there are bad apples in law enforcement among the mostly highly respectable police officers that keep us all safe. You guys keep pretending this isn’t a big deal, but it’s patently stupid to stick your finger in the eyes and highly offend a large portion of the very fans that help pay your bloated contracts. Stupid, dumb, and it’s will cost you.
  4. What does the Star Spangled Banner at an NFL game have to do with a person who commits a crime, except to say some of the NFL players are guilty of murder, domestic violence and other criminal acts sometimes? You named 3 instances of rogue cops. Terrible, we all agree. What does the national anthem have to do with that? Each and every day scores of black youth are being slaughtered in our inner cities .........every single day. This problem is EXPONENTIALLY worse, yet I never saw anyone kneel at a game to protest this. Neither situation has anything to do with NFL football or our national anthem. I dont go to football games to watch peop,e protest in a highly offensive way, I go to football games to get away from that kind of garbage.
  5. Some could see a 1000 more pictures of scores of empty seats all throughout the game and still insist the stadium was jam packed overflow seating, historic record crowd.
  6. Advertisers are already complaining and talking about pulling out. TV stations are losing big advertising bucks who have contracts this year. Viewership is way down. Direct TV received such a berating about an inability to cancel NFL packages they started refunding customers due to the level of anger customers were directing a them. This was 100% due to the kneeling. ESPN is going down in flames right now having to lay off huge numbers of employees. The signs are there.....of course people who paid for season tickets already wil, be reluctant to not use them or sell them to someone else for pennies on the dollar. We wil, see when it comes to season ticket renewals to what degree this will impac5 season tickets. But I will tell you this, it’s already tarnishing the leagues image and turning a majority of its own clientbase off, it’s already costing them. The erosion has already begun.
  7. Amazing to witness the abject denial. Amazing some actually think there will be no consequence to highly offending a majority of your own fanbase week in and week out.
  8. I am unfamiliar with a supposed boycott people are talking about. I saw pics from the Texans Raiders game and Bears Packers games and there were vacant seats everywhere. It is my first amendment right to walk into my business meeting at 10am this morning with 10 of my best clients and give them all the finger for driving gas guzzling SUVs. While I doubt anyone here would be upset that I excercised my first amendment right to protest, and while 2or 3 of the 10 clients may find my protest admirable, the remaining 7 or 8 of my clients who put food on my table will be highly offended and excercise their first amendment right to tell me go &$*# myself. I’m talking about an overall impact on the league once it is time to purchase season tickets again. Only time will tell but doing soemthing that is highly offense to a majority of your fanbase who is paying big money to come to your games is just plain dumb.
  9. Insane, completely insane.
  10. Stop offending a majority of your fans. Falcons haven’t been too bad, it’s other teams. Without your fans you are nothing. This isn’t rocket science
  11. Pretty stupid to highly offend 70% of the very hands that feed you. You keep giving what 70% of the fans consider to be the middle finger when they pay big bucks for season tickets, you aren’t very smart.
  12. Next year, after season ticket renewals, we will we know the true impact. A lot very very angry fans, that much I do know.
  13. I didn’t see pics from the Falcons game and have made no comment as to crowd capacity at Mercedes Benz stadium today.
  14. I think he’ll be a good one too. It has been frustrating watching him develop, I thought he was going to play lol,e he did today pretty much every week. Perhaps it wil, start today!
  15. Permanent damage has been done that won’t be obvious until next year. Its only going to get worse if things don’t change quickly..
  16. Pretty much proves we have been beating ourselves with stupid untimely mistakes far more than gettimg beat.
  17. He sure looked pretty good today
  18. Me too, I think it’s would improve a lot. Those were two excellent players during our playoff run last year.
  19. Bring Collins and Hageman back.
  20. Reminiscent of the malcontents demanding we cut Roddy White in his second season because he was a bust. Dont forget Vic Beasley was a bust too his first year. *smh* Hooper has all the tools to be a very good TE, but you a4e absolutely correct, it’s not unusual for a second year TE to struggle. Especially when all his teammates are struggling.
  21. I think we should trade a 7th round draft pick for Cleveland’s LT Joe Thomas, restructure his contract So was pay him the veteran minimum, then we can let Mathews slide over to OG after we resign him to verterans minimum.
  22. We sure have been backed up with horrible field position a lot more this year than I recall in past years. I want to take a look at our special teams coverage and return game stats. Our kicking is good but that’s because of our awesome kickers! With STs, offense and prior to last couple of weeks defense all breaking down with dumb mistakes and lack of discipline I think we have more a coaching issue than anything. That’s not to say players are beyond reproach, of course players have a part in failure to execute. if every facet of our game improved just a little bit we would be a lot better team. The mistakes are killing us more than anything else. My biggest concern with playcalling is on some of our 3rd Downs, we just don’t seem to be scheming our players open on 3rd downs. Our plays called seem to have little to do with the defensive personnel. Lack of execution is next.