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  1. We’ve been doing pretty darn good with our 4th and 5th round picks, plucking some pro bowlers out of the mix. I do see us moving around after our 1st round pick this draft to cherry pick players we like. Don’t forget, the Falcons moved up to grab Grady Jarrett which was a brilliant move in retrospect.
  2. We are pretty much on same page. My thinking of DT in round 1, is to get one who can get a lot of sacks and pressures on passing downs and rotate Senat and mid round draft pick DT in with them. True, we found one of those in round 5 with Grady. I am so sick of watching our DEs get past the OTs only to have QB step up in pocket, buy an extra second, and complete the 3rd and long keeping the chains moving. When we dominated the Patriots for 3 1/2 quarters in Super Bowl, it’s was because Grady Jarret kept busting through A gaps and taking Brady’s pocket away. It’s the only way to get him usually. Brees does same. I do want another pass rusher though. I’m wondering if we use FA for that.
  3. Not sure what skin color has to do with anything as it relates to the points you are making about wanting the older owners “upgraded”. That said, if you have an issue with white men, one might be biting the dust in a human trafficking bust.
  4. Strange, you just implied the exact opposite on another thread suggest8ng this wasn’t a good signing. Make up your mind bruh.
  5. Yep, so was our OL and I’m stoked Blank promised that was going to be the #1 priority in the offseason. After the draft and FA we can be certain this is going to be addressed based on Blanks comments. We already have an outstanding LT and C. We don’t need all pros at each of the remaining positions, but we do need capable above average players at bare minimum at 2 of them, and a stud at the 3rd and our OL will be in great shape.
  6. While there was no desire to bump this to antagonize anyone who was in disagreement, and while I didn’t even look to see who had been in disagreement with my OP, your response that misses 98% of what I was saying suggests you may have been one of those. Sorry if this caused you butthurt, they may have some salve you can order online for that.
  7. (Revisiting this after the uproar I experienced from several after posting it in December) Point #1. I said Falcons were stacked with talent. ESPN just said Falcons have the 3rd most talented roster in NFL Point #2. We got rid of the college OC and made what many pundits are calling an excellent choice in bringing back Keotter. Not only did we get rid of the college OC, we filled the position with a former NFL head coach who helped Matt Ryan rise from good to greatness. We also brought in Mularkey to fix our running game, also a former head coach. Point 3. We just cut Ben Garland and Arthur Blank promised we are going to make fixing the OL the highest priority. With Mularkey, Keotter and a couple of new starting OL, we should be in great shape to run the ball and provide Matty Ice a real pocket to step up into. I expect to see his deep ball accuracy get back to 2016 which was last time he had a consistent pocket to step up into. Impossible for any QB to get his fundamentals perfected when his pocket is constantly collapsing and defenders keep getting through the A gaps. Point #4. We are set in draft to be able to draft a top DT, many have mocked Oliver for us. #5. Dan Quinn, not that he has two former NFL head coaches added to our offense, no longer has to babysit the offense and is the Falcons new DC, including playcalling. This is really, really good. Still panicking? Point #6. I stand by my position that the Falcons will be right back in the Super Bowl Hunt next year.
  8. No matter what your opinion is of how Ty looked last season, if you put a better offensive guard next to him he is going to look better to you. His PFF grade will also improve simply because he won’t have to worry about the player next to him getting blown up and making mistakes that Ty had to help bail out of
  9. I said after last game of season we should be able to turn things around quickly and it wasn’t as well received by fans
  10. Not unusual at all for rookie WRs to drop easy passes at times. Julio still does this. Concentration and focus on catching ball gets better as they learn the playbook and route responsibilities based on defensive coverages.
  11. It’s tough for a QB who has pass rushers getting through the A gaps all season and his OGs getting pushed into his face, to keep sharp his accuracy on deep balls, but when he does have a consistent pocket as he did in 2016 Ryan is one of the most accurate deep ball throwers in the league. In 2016 he was dropping money bombs, 8n stride, right into the outstretched hands of Gabriel and others 50 yards down field. I think we are going to see a lot more big plays this year, assuming we fix 8nterior of OL which Blank promised. Mularkey should be able to get our runn8ng game back to where play action becomes lethal again.
  12. Great find Tandy! Give Matt Ryan a real pocket he can step up into and throw the football, an effective running game with Mularkey’s help to open up the play action, combined with Keotter who likes the deep ball, phenom rookie Ridley on one side, Julio on the other and we could see our offense get back to the 2016 days where we sliced through even the best defenses. Add that to DQ taking back over the defense as we get our stars back healthy, and I’m jacked about next year.
  13. How could anyone read that interview and conclude TD is just in charge of salary cap and that he no longer is involved in player acquisition?
  14. I agree he was better than some realize, it was the inconsistency that I had hoped would improve from year 1 to year 2, but it just kept rearing it’s ugly head throughout the second year. For instance, game plan against the Rams was very good in 2017 playoffs. That was a really good defense and we had them off balance most of the game. Yet following week it looked like Philly knew every single play we were going to run. I don’t know what caused this inconsistency but with all the weapons we have it shouldn’t happen. Shanny seemed to know exactly how to attack the weaknesses of any defense we faced with all the weapons we had. Bellichick is the absolute best of the best at this. Just think of Ryan had Shanny as his OC his entire career.
  15. I really like Ito. He also showed to be a good blocker, extraordinary ability to make first guy miss, and hopefully Keotter will get him more involved in passing game which is where I think he can be most dangerous.