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  1. I think few realize if we didn’t have stupid procedural penalties keep putting us in 3rd and long and if our receivers made the kind of catches I see routinely made by other nfl receivers all the time we would have beaten the Vikings. Instead, we keep getting in 3rd and long which you CANNOT DO AGAINT THAT DEFENSE. All season long it’s mistakes, mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes. We are not executing and we are beat8ng ourselves. If we just clean the mistakes up we become just as good as any other team in NFC.
  2. Nailed it. It’s a blindness, an ignorance that leads so many to make these patently absurd comments denigrating Matt Ryan. All QBs go through slumps, throw picks, make stupid decisions at times. All of them miss wide open receivers that could have been easy TDs, all of them go through patches of being wildly off target. You nailed it, some only see highlights of other QBs and haven’t a freaking clue they all struggle at times, they all look awful at times. Ryan had an awful game and that’s all it takes for days of posts with this kind of garbage. Ryan has a bad game and it convinces others he was never any good. *SMH* QB is the least of this teams issues.
  3. While Ryan had a bad game, he also has several more years of excellent QB play in him. people are silly. Just a couple years ago they wanted to trade him and bench him for Schaub. He wins the MVP that same season and basically wins the Super Bowl for us but coaches gave it back. Now we are back to the silly nonsense
  4. You are a troll. 100 posts and dogging the living %@#$ out of our starting QB after he has a bad game.
  5. Those of us who know football am doing been around the block a few times absolutely know the truth.
  6. We have a lot of ungrateful, ignorant fans here that slam Matt Ryan every time he has a bad game and silent when he has a good game which is most of the time. All the elite QBs in NFL history have bad, sometimes hideous games in a given season. No QB is on target every game, all game, all season. You won’t see the Ryan haters mention the worst pass, most costly decision of the entire game was from DREW BREES!
  7. Amazing how Sanu went from grossly overpaid according to the message board intelligencia when we signed him....... to a “bargain”. i was fine with what we paid him but acknowledge he’s even more important than I thought he’d be. He do3s so much for our offense that is not found in the stats as well as is tough as nails.
  8. Ah, yeah, sure. Adding Freeman back is a big negative, we should cut him now.
  9. I noticed Coleman wasn’t used in passing game too. He’s a mismatch nightmare lining up on edge and can do severe damage, I hope to see him lining up wide more as the season moves nnand we get Freeman back.
  10. Brilliant move on TDs part to create a smokescreen making teams think we wanted Charles Harris to jump up 5 spots, then steal Takk out from under the unsuspecting Cowboys noses. As FFS70 would say.......Troff’d.
  11. According to message board logic Coleman isn’t any good and Poe is moving to FB. No tellin what it means having Garland play some snaps. May just be keeping him ready going into the playoff run with what happened to our OL depth last year in Super Bowl forcing two players to play injured as we had no one behind them.
  12. All domainating DTs like McCoy command frequent double teams. I think the point is being a little overblown that we doubled up on McCoy simply due to Wes not being able to handle him one on one. How many OGs can handle a DT as dominant as McCoy one on one all game? Probably none.
  13. I wasn’t keyed in at the LOS as far as who was doing what, who was getting help and double teamed. It’s hard to watch the finer points when at a friends house watching game with a bunch of people. You are right, a DT as good as McCoy is going to get double teamed a lot most weeks, but at same time if we were rotating Garland in ( which I didn’t notice) That may or may not mean somwth8ng as far as what coaches think about Wes’ play. Our OL looked fantastic yesterday and McCoy wasn’t a factor in the game, that much I did notice. One thing for some of you guys to note, McCoy is a big factor in many games he’s doubled a lot. Just keep thta in mind with your evaluations.
  14. Archer is saying he had a lot of help today. I was watching game at my fiends house with a bunch of people so I wasn’t honed in on the finer points. I do know I didn’t see our OL getting pushed around.
  15. Link please