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  1. Sure would help our roster decisions if we can get Schweitzer or Harlow to step into a starting position. We will need 2 guards with Lehr getting long in the tooth.
  2. Schweitzer’s play improved all season long and he finished strong. With another camp he may be a bonified long term starter at RG from a 6th round pick.
  3. Does Ryan makes more in a season than the defense collectively makes? According to your reasoning a Super Bowl is a defensive stat since way more money is spent on the defense than the QB position. Have you stopped for a moment to consider your rationalization of why you think a Super Bowl winnis a QB stat is utterly and positively illogical as well as preposterous?
  4. Do you think coaching plays a pivotal role in winning playoff games and a Super Bowl? What about the defense? Do you think defense is kind of like a long snapper in importance when it comes to winning playoff games and Super Bowls? What about the running game? Does this factor in as What about run blocking and pass protection? Do you think the GM plays a pivotal role in building the team that wins in playoffs and a Super Bowl? What about ownership, do you think ownership plays a pivotal role in a team that wins a Super Bowl? The notion that a Super Bowl win is a QB stat is utterly preposterous.
  5. If any fan thinks a Lombardi is won by One QB playing the Other QB, sort of like a ping pong game, I suppose that fan might conclude a Lombardi is a QB stat. Of course, there are some which would include me that recognize a Lombardi is a franchise stat.
  6. Again, it’s not about production with Hooper anywhere near as much as when he’s making his catches. Going by memory of last season and playoffs I don’t recall Hooper making a lot of clutch plays during critical situations. I checked his 1st down totals from his rookie season and they are just about equal despite getting thrown to twice as much. Not saying he can’t get there. He did a fine job working on his blocking and if he can take another leap in passing game he could be a really good #1 TE for us. I still want a #2 who can get downfield more consistently though. Intelligent QBs like Ryan use TEs that can not just catch short passes but can split seams to exploit defensive fronts. It’s much harder for a defense to have to make sure the TE doesn’t just pick up an 8 yard first down, but also doesn’t break open down the seams.
  7. EXACTLY! I hope like heck Saubert takes a big leap afte. A second camp as he can get downfield but a joker would go well with Hooper and 2 TE sets anyway
  8. While I understand he’s still young and could step up another level, I was disappointed with him not makimg a lot of plays in critical situations. He only had 3 TDs and 18 first down catches last year and I don’t recall him being a guy Ryan could rely on 3rd down. If he jumps after another camp we could be ok, I just don’t know if he will. If you want to beat the best defenses, you have to have a TE that can make clutch 3rd down plays to keep the offense on the field and exploit mismatches.
  9. Wentz is a 2nd year QB who’s never won, or even played, in a playoff game. He’s missed more than 3 times as many games as Ryan has his entire career. He’s also played behind arguably the NFLs best OL with an excellent defense back8mg him up. A lot of QBs look good behind the NFLs best OL and a great defense, we have no idea how he’d look playing behind a below average OL or with a bad defense. Heck, with that supporting cast Nick Foles looked all word once he shook the rust off. I would never roll the dice like that with my team when I have a battle tested playoff QB who’s earned his stripes with far less help around him most years. if I’m looking over next 5 years I’m not rolling dice on an unproven QB, I’m going with the QB that has played the best of any of them in the playoffs the last 5 years and doesn’t miss games.
  10. What QB has played the best out of all of them in the last 5 years playoff games? Im not asking which team had better coaching, which team had the best game management and scheming, which team had the best running game or best defense. I asked which QB played the best? Answer is Matt Ryan. Too bad so many are unable to separate QB play from all other factors that go into winning a game. For the next 5 years Ryan is my guy hands down.
  11. Amazing he said that and doesn’t realize the game situations! Aside from the obvious trolls (which stizz is not), this seems to be where the harshest Beasley critics come from. Just looking at stat sheet at end of game.
  12. What I LOVE about Beasley is his awareness of the QB as he’s rushing the passer. He sees the QB cocking his arm back to throw the ball and due to his phenomenal athleticism strips the ball out even with a lineman in between him and the QB. I freaking loved JA55 for his strip sack ability......I’d say Beasley is just as good at it as JA55.
  13. Yeah, big difference between informed critical analysis of a player and dumb player hating.
  14. Yep, good point. He came out of the gate strong before being moved.
  15. I just don’t get it bro, haters gonna hate