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  1. TD always went after the players Smitty wanted. For instance. TD didn't want Soliai and TJax, he wanted pass rushers. TD has always run the same type of collaborative environment. It's just now he has clear cut direction. are you Aware TD got slammed as unprofessional and throwing Smitty under tee bus for so passionately stating to the press how excited he was that he finally had clear-cut direction on what kind of players to dress and what kind of system we were running?so passionately stating to the press how excited he was that he finally had clear-cut direction on what kind of players to dress and what kind of system we were running? Isnt it blatantly obvious in retrospect why he was so happy about this?
  2. Its foolish to argue with you when you pretend to not understand gaping flaws in your responses.
  3. If you don't immediately start coaching these raw college players in mid to late rounds, they stand little chance of developing 2 or 3 years later. You have to intensely focus on the the SECOND they get drafted hitting hem with playbook and once OTAs start having coaches all over them refining technique and getting rid of bad habits. of course there are exceptions but many GMs and talent scots will tell you exactly same thing. Smitty not only create an environment where young guys didn't feel they had a legit shot he also didn't coach them up and give them quality snaps on whole. Exceptions to this site I'm talking about overall.
  4. How many players like 2 year starter Ricardo Allen do you you think never got a legitimate shot at contributing since coaching staff wasn't interested in developing them? Today we develop our young guys and prepare them for battle. Young players under Smitty knew they were probably screwed, under DQ they know they have a legit shot. it amazes me how this part of equation is ignored when posters proclaim we had no depth. We don't know that although it appeared that way. You can't completely ignore developing these young players and then suddenly stick them in the lineup afternoon injury and expect them to play well
  5. Why did we spend so much signing a 3-4 Nose Tackle and a 3-4 DE, then not run a 3-4 base? This is at the heart of the problem. Smitty wanted those guys then inexplicably decided not to run a 3-4 base even to the surprise of his own D.C and defensive players. TD went out and got the groceries Smitty asked for, then Smitty changed the menu. Smitty didn't want pass rushers. TD got blamed
  6. Aft the coin toss our defense had been on field entire second half, just finished a series prior to OT, and had played over 90 snaps at that point.
  7. Why do people completely ignore Brady played like @&$& until the Falcons defense with 4 rookies starting, one an UDFa, logged 80 plus snaps? It was from the 80 to 99 snaps that our defense wore out. That's the only time Brady played well. No pressure, just sit back and toss it to wide open e is no heroics beating up on rookies and exhausted defenders. Any NFL QB would have torn our defense up after 80 and 90 snaps. Matt Ryan played a well rested p, experienced veteran New England Patriots defense that was #1 in NFL in scoring. Brady played the NFLs #26 ranked defense in points and yards allowed with a bunch of rookies and young guys who'd never been to an NFL playoff game before this season. Brady only played well against the #26 ranked defense when it was flat out gassed.
  8. How did you feel about TD wanted to sign and draft pass rushers but Smitty saying sacks were overrated and if we got bigger at DT the sacks would follow? Was TD right saying we needed pass rushers or was Smitty right going after TJax, Soliai?
  9. Alford sure did. Man, Brady inexplicably threw it right into the numbers of Alford with ZERO pressure and Brady was super lucky Alford dropped it. I think Alford was so stunned Brady threw it to him in that situation he couldn't react fast enough to make the play. But even more lucky that winning the coin toss, even more lucky than Beasley or Alford not picking him off from I'll advised throws, the most lucky was that bounce.
  10. That's correct teamplayer! TD has final say on all draft picks, DQ has final say on final roster decisions. Its really works well. There's a reason TD and Blank were absolutely gushing about DQs communication on wha type of identity and players he wanted here. It was because this was a stark contrast to what they had been dealing with.
  11. It's clear the Patriot fans refuse to credit Brady with that 82 yard TD pass he threw to Robert Alford! They are so humble they refuse to even ackowdge it happened! But Matt Ryan played terribly because he fumbled the ball or decided to not throw it away.....or something. ok
  12. That triggered me. Why you going ad hominem on me....where is my safe space? Fact: Although we see examples of snowflakes dropping in Atlanta in summer, there are way more snowflakes year round in New England
  13. Some of us on this message board were pointing out the lack of team identity. It was a concern to some of us even during winning years there was no clear cut directives coming from Smitty on team identity. You say you believe it was to be GSOE2.0, but none of us ever received a clear cut identity. Today, there is no question we are a tough nosed play to the whistle fast and agressive team that never gives up. No one would ever suggest this was a soft team as our opponents called us back in Smitty years. Even Blank and TD spoke glowingly about how impressed with the the clear cut direction they were provided by Quinn.