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  1. When I was 10 years old I had a wicked crush on an 11 year old girl. Ooops, with the “you too” movement, I better be careful as that disclose could cost me my career.
  2. Sure dude, just like you are a better talent evaluator than TD. We know. Dont forget to say hello to Sorothy and Toto while you are living in the Land of Oz.
  3. Why is it people conflate discussions about a players God given skill in any area of his game that he already possesses before his first NFL carry, with how good of an NFL player he is compared to other NFL players? That latter comprises the entire skill set, the former simply pointing to one of them that appears to be elite. The discussion is about Itos elite, God given ability to make people miss, not about who is the better running back. Ito has, in fact has made more defenders miss than any of our backs and more then every other RB in the NFL. He’s already the best at this.
  4. Wow, that crazy my brother, that quick cut ability of his is all world but I still never would have thought as a rookie he’d lead all RBs in making defenders miss! I’m telling you, we have to feed this dude short passes when defenses are playing man coverage on us. He can shake even the bes tacklers who already have him dead to rights.....and he has the breakaway open field speed.
  5. Yep, he’s brimming with talent. I was raked over the coals for saying he is a more dangerous receiver than Coleman and Freeman based on his quick cut ability in addition to his breakaway speed and ability to catch the ball like a recover. He’s got both speed like Coleman and quick cut ability like Freeman. With Coleman, he’s far more dangerous when he gets past a slower LB or safety than he is if he has a defender in front of him. With Freeman he can make first guy miss better than Coleman, but he gets caught on a long field most of the time. With Ito, he’s got the ability to make first guy miss (even if first guy has him dead to rights like Keuchly has him) AND the breakaway speed to hit a quick 6 from anywhere on field from Short pass. More “dangerous” doesn’t mean “better”. He still has a lot to prove before I could say he is a better receiver than anyone on our team. Some here don’t understand there is a difference between these two words. More dangerous is talking about his God given skill set, not his production. More dangerous the way I’m stating it means he has the quick cut ability (if not even better quick cut ability) of Freeman, the breakaway speed of Coleman (not quite as fast straight line but still breakaway speed) and the receiving skills of a receiver. I’ve seen him catch a pass 35 yards down field right over his shoulder at full speed, he also has rare route running skills fro a RB (not great, but the ability is there) ....just like a receiver. With Coleman and Free the pass is usually a shorter pass that turns into yards after the catch.
  6. Ito Smith can run the ball, but did you see that block? Ito does a lot of cool stuff with the ball, and I thought he did again as well today. But the best play I saw him make was when stepped up on a blitz pickup. Cincinnati blitzed a backer right up the middle and Ito made him eat his chinstrap. It was a big time hit, he stepped right into the hole and gave Ryan the opportunity to shoot ball down the field. I thought he made a lot of nice runs, but that was the play that jumped out to me. As a former quarterback, so whenever you see a guy step up like that in protection, that’s pretty cool. I think that he brings a lot of the same things that Devonta Freeman brings to the table. He’s not quite as thick as Devonta is, but when you start talking about his start-and-stop, and his ability to cut back, he can do that. Ito Smith is one of those guys that can make you miss in a phone booth.
  7. I thought TD wasn’t involved in player acquisitions or the draft and only in charge of salary cap?
  8. He has amazed me to be playing at the level he is given his situation. Hes stil got a long way to go, but he’s got the instincts and athletic ability to play LB.
  9. You don’t understand. Ito is so elusive that they put that jersey on him to prevent our DEFENDERS from getting injured when he jukes them. The black jersey is Tom protect our defense, not Ito. I think Luke Keuchly lost two front teeth when he whiffed on Ito and planted his face in the turf.
  10. Matt Ryan 4 TDs, Matt Shaub 0
  11. He was named afte Judge Ito from the OJ Simpson trial! Seriously! thats a great name for him, “The Judge”
  12. When Reeves power running offense with 8 TEs was cranking, it was extremely effective. Pound the living crap out of them on the ground and as soon as they stacked the box to slow it, hit them with the deep ball. Chris Chandler had a beautiful deep ball. I don’t know which year it was Chandler had the stellar YPA but I’ll bet it was that year he had Tony Martin catching all those deep balls with the 240lb Jamal Anderson beating down defenses. (8 TEs was a joke)
  13. Yep, I confused Chris Miller with Chris Chandler there
  14. I’m excited to see Coleman and Ito again, different type of backs- both with breakaway speed. They really complement each other.