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  1. While I don’t think Hennessy will be as good a pro as Lindstrom, I do think Hennessy is going to be a very good pro and help us tremendously deal with chronic offensive line inconsistencies. We just need our boy McGary to take it to the next level this year. I’m hoping for a huge jump from McGary after a few games.
  2. Pull your face off NFL.COM/GURLEY/STATS and watch the dam film. He’s still a far better RB than anything we’ve had here in years.
  3. 55 tackles and 26 solo for a DT playing just running Downs is pretty darn good production. No one pushed him around either, he did his job well. He’s not the star, Grady is. If you check out the disparity in pay you might realize he’s a good bang for the buck.
  4. Davidson's ceiling is much higher. No need to bash Senat for this. I'm shocked Davidson was still there when we picked.
  5. If anyone is still trying to find their purpose in life, find others suffering through pain you’ve overcome. It’s super, super, super powerful. When humans are down they feel isolated, hopeless, alone and that no one else can understand. But when someone has walked through your pain and tells you it will be ok, it is a message that can reach the hopeless.
  6. When both of your OG positions have inconsistency, injuries, rotating players in and out all year, it does have a negative impact on your tackles.there was no cohesion last year, it was awful. I guaranty some of Matthews and even some of McGarys bad snaps had to do with trying to cover for OG breakdowns and miscommunication. I expect it all to be much better this year unless we get savaged by injuries all year again.
  7. He’s got the joker part we’ve been wanting for sure, but he’s more than just a joker, he can block too! Good point on Hernandez.
  8. Just because top end speed is his real gift, it doesn’t mean his 40 yard dash of 4.68 40 is bad. Rob Gronkowski, Martellus Bennet, Tyler Eifert all ran 4.68 40s and they were ale to beat man coverage.
  9. His speed is second level speed. He had two Buffalo Bills CBs chase him 60 yards and they didn't gain a step on him. He reached an elite top speed of 21 MPH which is insane CB speed. If Ryan hits him in motion, the second gear is there, you aren't going to catch him from behind.
  10. Ryan said the OFFENSE is up there with the 2012 squad. I agree, unless you think LT Sam Baker, an average at best Justin Blalock, the 35 year old Todd McClure in his last season where he really was worn down, Peter Konz and Claybo is better than our current OL. I think our current OL is more talented overall. Lindstrom is the real deal and might make pro bowl his second season, a high level of talent now playing next to Mack. Mack is still better than McClure was playing his last season and Matthews better than Baker. McClure's play really diminished that last season he played in 2012. Of course, we had a plowhorse in Michael Turner and our 2 starting WRs were better, but I'd say our top 3 WRs are better than 2012. Julio was just in his 2nd year and had 1,100 yards, Roddy was at top of his game, but Ridley is just as talented as Roddy IMO. But Ryan is a better QB IMO. Thats part of the equation. We'll see about RB, Tony G was money from 5-12 yards out, but he's lost any ability to get deep and split the seams and was an atrocious blocker, very little help in running game and pass protection. So now we have a TE who can block and has deep speed. I wont say better than Tony G in his last years, but its not a huge drop position wise. In passing game yes, but the blocking matters.
  11. We went through this with Keanu Neal People kept watching film from him playing in college similar to what I’m seeing in Hawkins film breakdown. They are both frequently covering receivers 50 yards down field in the film. I kept telling people we aren’t goi g to be asking Neal to do that as much. We have what is called a box safety who’s primary responsibilities are stopping the run and covering TEs in short zones. Very rarely is Neal asked to cover a TE in man coverage the full length of the field. With our box safeties, the play is going to almost always be made in front of him. His job is to close that hole fast on running plays and cover TEs in the flats. On most snaps he doesn’t have to protect against a receiver getting behind him. He keeps the play in front of him and attacks. And Neal does this very well. I see some similarities in Neal’s game and Hawkins. I’m not saying Hawkins will get there, but I see similar skill sets.
  12. There seems to often be on these kinds of threads the underlying premise that a rookie plays the same all year from game 1 all throughout the playoffs. I contend the AJ Terrell we get in the last 8 games of the season and then the one we get from there during any playoff games will be much improved at each step. I think like most rookies, he is going to have his baptism. It I do think given what his assignments were in college, almost always being put on the offenses best receiver 1 on 1 in the ACC for 3 years, I think he’s ready to make the jump and be a quality CB for us by mid to late season. He sticks to receivers like glue. His learning curve will be more real little things and awareness. He’s a smart dude, I don’t see him making the same mistakes over and over all season. We just need him practice as many reps as possible against Julio and Ridley so most of his baptism is is in camp and practice. This will make a big difference
  13. We are going to play. Don’t care what no stinkin medical bureaucrat says, we are goi g to have us an NFL season!
  14. A legitimate OL and running game, we have something called play action opening back up. Last time we had a good OL with a good RB, we had solid play action passing game that destroyed defenses and was #7 in NFL history in number of points scored. We also had the #26th ranked defense that year. I see this OL coming together nicely this year. Lindstrom was fantastic down the stretch, and the raw , undeveloped McGary who had missed so much of camp and preseason started play far better those last 5 games or so. Even if McGary is no better than he was those last several games, our OL should be as good as it was in 2016. I'm assuming Hennessy wins LG.
  15. Yeah, since we upgraded our scouting department we've been doing much better with many of these mid round picks, digging up serious talent in them. And to compete in today's NFL, you must hit gold in middle rounds consistently.
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