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  1. Yeah, when we packaged Ricardo Allen and Jeaden Graham in that trade last year, it was a head scratcher to me as well
  2. Vandy, I haven’t been paying as close attention to Falcons this year as I usually do, going back and rewatching plays etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hursts blocking doesn’t appear at this time to be better than Hoopers given the new scheme. So much to learn for a TE and no doubt he’s put much of his focus and intensity on his receiving game since here. I did, however, do my due diligence when we signed Hurst. He came from the best running attack in NFL history and was used primarily as a run blocker in the best rushing attack in NFL history. So I base my comments of him being a proficie
  3. Don't mix up blocking effectiveness while learning a new scheme with athletic blocking ability. They are two different things. I'm talking about the latter. He was used primarily for his blocking skills in Baltimore. Baltimore had the NFLs most rushing yards in NFL history with Ricard, Andrews, Boyle and Hurst blocking.
  4. I’m surprised no one here is commenting on Hursts receiving and TD catch stats dwarfing Hoopers. And this is while Hurst is learning a new system with a new QB. add this to fact Hurst is a better run blocker and Blocker in pass protection and you’ve got to see this signing as nothing short of brilliant. I said when we signed him he was a better fit for the offense and everyone here knows I’m an expert on TEs
  5. He’s got twice the yards and 3 times the TDs than Hooper has at the moment. Considering he’s a better run blocker than Hooper, not bad at all.
  6. No. Wether we keep RYAN or draft a new QB, you don’t move a quality LT. Has everyone forgotten their Falcon history with LTs after Mike Kenn retired? I could name several that sucked, Bob Quitfield we wasted a top pick on and he was inconsistent and lazy, from Quitfield to Lamar Holmes....please God no don’t you dare let Matthews get away.
  7. Meltdown of Biblical Proportion Welcome to 2020, where the Falcons blow the season in first 5 games last two years and Braves lose the playoff game in the first inning. Our sports teams need some starter fluid.
  8. So many fans don’t realize those little things can be the difference between wins and losses, especially when you get in the playoffs. They just blame it on the QB or something.
  9. Our drafts have been great overall, especially that last two years, the team is stacked with talent. No idea why you would fire TD. It would be like firing the OL coach because the linebackers aren’t playing well.
  10. Now that is something I can largely agree with. He’s been one of the only consistent good things about this team since 2008.
  11. So what you are saying is the QB that scored 75 points in that case, then gave up 76 points to the other teams offense and blew the big lead. Ok, makes sense.....to you anyway. You seem to forget there is a something called a defense. But that’s cool, the rest of us will allow that to be part of our calculus.
  12. Strange, I always thought it was the offense that got you big leads in the first place. How exactly does an offense “blow a big lead”? Team A is up 75 to 0, and the offense of Team A is why team B scored 76 points and Won? How exactly does this work?
  13. To rebuild a team brimming with talent that has a coaching issue makes no sense. The issue is the coaching. There is no rebuilding (as in overhaul of the veteran talent) of the roster needed.
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