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  1. Yep, SacFalc is still around, him and I know each other off the boards as well, he has a wonderful entrepreneurial wife too.
  2. I was going to say, haven’t seen Banker in quite some time. He was with us 15 years ago or more. I’ve been here over 20 years
  3. If we cannot run the ball, they can just unleash their attack dogs on us every snap. They have to pay a price in the PA game if they just tee off every snap. thank goodness AS understands this. Yes, Sewell or Slater both on my list, but I also like moving even lower for Vera-Tucker if it means we can parlay that #4 into an OL and DL/Edge as well.
  4. This meens NOTHING about RYANS value!!! What doEs Knew EnGland knows about quarterBacks anyway??? NOTHING
  5. Keep in mind our new brass puts a premium on the lines and running game. With the Bucs defense, we stand no chance whatsoever in the division of we cannot run the ball. AS knows this. Because of this I do think there is a strong possibility the top pick after any trade scenarios will be a lineman.
  6. That’s exactly the kind of creativity we need to get the kind of picks we need. That would be a perfect draft quite frsnkly
  7. One way I see this working is if Pees can get the front 7 playing well, which includes getting a lot of pressure and sacks out of Fowler, good production out of guys like Marlon Davidson and Cominsky, and draft and FA help in our secondary where maybe not studs but also not bad players making mistakes and blowing plays, it still has the possibility of being a good defense.
  8. You and I know this, many here know this, but to those who feel we should get rid of Ryan and enter a 3 year rebuild construction project, that statement shattered their world. “What do you expect him to say” is a coping mechanism. Hopefully they will come around at some point and join those of us living in reality.
  9. If Pees has enough duct tape he can perhaps get this defense to playing around average in 2021. That would still make it one of the better defenses RYAN has had in his career. I expect the offense to be very good, so an average defense may get us to playoffs. We have some talent for sure, but we have some holes that will require a masterly off-season to adequately plug on that side of ball.
  10. I’ve been on these boards over 2 decades. Anytime a direct quote is given shattering a detractor narrative the standard denial response is “what do you expect him to say” Even if it is a wide open question like “who do you really like on the defensive side of the ball?” If the new coach or GM specifically mentions a player that is hated by some, the response is “what did you expect him to say”
  11. This is what Sark told a friend of mine shortly after he was let go.
  12. I can’t help but wonder if some aren’t taking their inner misery out on the Falcons and their fans. It’s one thing to be angry after a loss, etc. But if you are complaining at this point after all the changes, projecting gloom and doom before we have even started FA, the draft and preseason, what is the purpose of being here?
  13. Good point and you are right about the Kelly trade as well, that was what set fans into conniption fits! Reeves had a heck of a running game with JA as well, his offense was really good when he had the right pieces. ive always maintained Reeves was one heck of a good coach, but one heck of a poor GM.
  14. I knew top 10, I was asking about top 5. I looked briefly after I posted that and didn’t see any.
  15. Yessir! Tony G and a running game we went deep in playoffs twice
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