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  1. Big thumbs up in the role of a rotating RB and 3rd down specialist. I was surprised at his willingness to block bigger defenders in passing game staying in to protect Ryan. You add this to his all world quick step juke ability to make all pro linebackers like Luke Keuchly look like Duke Riley on a bad day and at one pint lead all nfl running backs in making defenders miss and you have my attention. many times he’d get an extra 5 yards after contact or defender having bead on him . I don’t think hes big enough to be a feature back and handle that much punishment over a full season and be fresh in playoffs, but he’s an awesome complementary piece and will get way better in passing game next year. His college receiving yards were top in nation I believe, he can actually run routes and not just run past people
  2. Agree. Any team, if it gets hit in certain areas it may have shallow depth, is subject to taking a major blow. No team has adequate depth at every position. OG is an area many teams don’t have good depth, but losing both with little depth really hurt our offense. I do think it also exposed a deeper issue with being able to consistently put together gameplans that can utilize the tremendous amount of chess pieces we have to work with on offense. We’ve been really inconsistent putting together game plans under Sark, some tha looked great and some that were awful. for example, last season in playoffs we put up 26points against the Rams defense and had a great game plan, then following week we played Eagles and it looked ok,e we had no game plan whatsoever scoring 10 points and lucky to have scored that many. I juries started our issues this year and absolutely were an excuse f9r poor play and struggles at times, but I do believe they exposed some deeper weaknesses
  3. While I agree with those saying our issues are more than just injuries, at the same time losing both starting safeties and your super star MLB which were the 3 vocal leaders and heart of the defense, not to mention the was unquestionably an excuse for why our defense took a pounding for a few games until the young and green guys like Kazee and rookie from Yale Foye got baptized. That doesn’t excuse the pathetic season Falcons are having but it certainly excuses the drop in defensive playearlier in the season.
  4. Your argument assume the Saints losing their starting long snapper it is exactly same as Falcons losing their starting QB. I hope you realize how utterly clueless that argument is.
  5. I know Greedy may be there at our first pick, which presents a question if not quandary.we absolutely need a starting DT, but do we cut the bait with Alford, draft Greedy, sign a veteran starting DT in part by some cash from cutting Alford, then trade up into lower part of round one and still get one of the talented DTs left? I believe osiruz threw that out there and quite frankly I’d be ok with that unless TD sees a DT that stands so far above the rest we need to go that way. it looks like the run on OGs won’t wvwn happen until late round 2 or early round 3 anyway. We have no choice but to sign a veteran OG in FA but we need to draft one too. Now, FFS70 wants us take a lon* snapper if that is best but I disagree.
  6. There should be one heck of a long snapper available at top of round 1 and we have a hole there.
  7. There is no question Greedy would be an outstanding pick as well. We just have to make sure we have a plan to address the defenses biggest need at DT though. Obviously Sug would be one. . I would expect some excellent DTs to still be available at top of 2nd round. We even have ammo to move up into lower part of 1st round if a stud DT is still there. It appears to me the OG run will be in the 3rd round anyway, and we pick at top of it
  8. I’m fine spending money in FA on a veteran guard to plug in and resigning Levitre IF coaches think he can stay healthy. We can draft an OG in mid 2nd to mid 3rd by moving around if necessary. I am tired of late 4th round and 5th round OGs though. We desperately need at least one starting OG who has a good history of staying healthy. Id rather continue building defense through draft and this draft is stacked at DL. I see two DTs and a pass rusher on the way in draft. Also, instead of paying Beasley we could cut bait and either resign him for less or use that to put toward a veteran DE in FA
  9. DQ did much better when he could turn over offensive duties to Shanny. Once Sark got here, and due to Shannys call in Super Bowl that blew it for us, DQ took on more responsibility and it diluted the defensive focus. Lets get a veteran OC tha doesn’t require hand holding and get DQ back focused on defense
  10. Blank does what it takes to get those we target here. Wouldn’t it be thrilling to have another great OC like Shanny who can run an offense loaded with weapons and game plan with the best 9f them?
  11. Another wild card is if Derrick Brown DT Auburn is our guy to line up next to Grady. That would allow us to use our high 1st rounder on another player and snag Brown possibly at top of 2nd round..
  12. You get Grady and this Cat playing next to each other on passing downs and QBs like Brady and Brees get rattled by interior collapsing and not being able to buy an extra second stepping up. Grady gave Brady fits during Super Bowl blowing picket up until Grady tired out. Having two pocket collapsing DTs is the very best way to beat the best pocket passing QBs in the NFL. Jeffery Simmons, DT, MIssissippi State “He is a strong kid. He is really hard to move and he plays with great leverage and power. He is really a good technician, great with his hands. He can play on all three downs. He is so powerful he can disrupt the inside of the pocket, which right now, is even more important than bringing heat off the edge because you aren’t giving guys room to step up, especially undersized guys like Drew Brees. If you pressure Brees from the edge, he can just slide up into the pocket and beat you, whereas this kid can wreak havoc on the offensive line.
  13. I think it’s quite possible we will have one of the top 5 picks in the entire 2018 draft, a top 5 pick in the 2nd round and another middle round 2nd. I believe we will snag one of best DTs in the nation, a stud pass rusher and a talented OG who will start immediately or by mid season with these picks. I haven’t done a lot of research yet one where an OG tha fits our scheme may be sitting at our second round pick, but a cursory look appeared top of 2nd may not be best place so I allowed for moving around, somewhere in round 2, to snag the best one for our scheme. Having all these picks this yea is really awesome.
  14. You have two sides of the ball, offense and defense. I stated the biggest piece of the rebound will be who we bring in as OC. I am sure Blank, TD and DQ all know we have to bring in a veteran OC who knows how to utilize all the talent we have on offense. I would not be surprised if Kubiak is named our OC. I would be shocked if we brought in an untested one like Sark. In fact, I guaranty we won’t do that twice in a row. I know we will sign a FA OG, maybe bring back Levitre AND pick up one of the top OGs in the draft, possibly by moving up from our 2nd or 3rd round picks. We have been spectacular drafting RBs in the middle rounds. I expect we will draft a bigger back to team with Freeman and Ito. Based on the above, I anticipate our offense to get right back to dominant next year, real quick like. Might take a couple of games to iron out kinks, but a veteran OC will have this ultra talented unit running on all cylinders quickly. Tha leaves defense. We have a BOATLOAD of talented players and bigtime playmakers already on the defense. We had injuries to not just many of our vocal team leaders, some of our best players, but to our veteran playcallers. It was a massive gut punch to lose Deion Jones and enforcer Neal, then Allen. We had a rookie LB from Yale and Duke Riley. Add this to losing Poe and Clayborn and it was a nightmare. This year, we can replace Poe immediately with our top pick. Poe wasn’t even a dominant player, but he plugged up the middle well in running game. We can draft a top pass rushing specialist as well as sign a top DE in FA. While decayed players can take a little while to learn the game, top tiered dominant DTs can usually hold their own as they develop. While our top draft pick is gett8mg his feet wet, our offense should be able to pull the teams weight as the season progresses. Once we get to the playoffs, everyone should be good to go. Some of you guys can’t seem to see how this all flushes out in a multidimensional way. All you see is piecemeal issues like “but a rookie DT might not play at a pro bowl level right away”. Well, I’m way ahead of you. To me, it matter how he is playing toward end of season more than in game 1.