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  1. I have a strong suspicion you are correct. Keotters scheme was utterly predictable and DEs lining up in front of McGary could just tee off every snap and they’d typically have plenty of time to get to Ryan with all those 5 step drops and patterns that took so long to develop. DEs aren’t going to be able to get away with that this year and McGary will be one of the greatest benefactors of this. Not only that, we have a running back that can hurt you. the biggest reason is we saw McGary get better that last part of the season. It was just starting to click for him it appears.
  2. His production with Julio missing games and Ridley taking over #1 was still pretty good. But you add Pitts on the field with Ridley and Gage it’s going to be much easier for him IMO. If a CB is giving Gage issues, just line up Pitts wide more and let Gage line up inside more during a given game. They are going to move all around, AS knows how to use these guys. We also have Hayden Hurst to upset any temporary advantage a defense might have in matchups to keep defenses guessing.
  3. The reviews appear to all believe he'll be in a power run blocking scheme. Just stand there after he snaps the ball and is asked to hold a 375lb NT back all by himself for 5 to 7 seconds. Ok, I'll agree with the scouting reports that appear to assume this will be his role, that he won't be very good at doing that. But that's not what he is going to be asked to do here. Duh Dalman excels in a zone blocking scheme, is a great fit. Provided he is a good technician, which he is by the way, he should be just fine. Plenty of smaller NFL centers have been all pros for years by being great
  4. Btw @etherdome, I hope you know I wasn’t coming down on you or anyone else here on the thread. I’m just making the point until we hear these type of things from a qualified source, they are just rumors that typically have some element of truth to them, but so often end up as exaggerates or distortions of the entire truth. This one already went from “Out for season” to “expected back sometime during season” but we still don’t really know until a qualified source goes on record.
  5. Quoting me Out of context. I said we don’t know what that means yet.
  6. What is the exact source? Who was it exactly that said they expect to to play sometime this season? Is this AS telling you this, a team physician, the surgeon who performed the surgery, or is this a “source told us” that got filtered second or third hand to a media source? Ive been witnessing for years this stuff the media reports turn out to be incorrect, exaggerated or just have a tiny element of truth to it. in fact, it happened here. First we hear he’s out for season, then we hear he is expected back during season. Story is already changing.
  7. This is the thing is one reporter will go off what another reporter said and it gets the rumor mill churning. It’s possible the Falcons still don’t know exactly how long he’ll be out yet if surgery just happened. But one thing I’ve picked up on already is that AS is not going to be discussing these things very often after he was repeatedly asked about Ridleys surgery and refused to budge, only to have Ridley tweet out he’ll likely be ready for camp.
  8. He’s going to be a perennial pro bowler, likely perennial All Pro.
  9. You don't know that. It's pure speculation at this point. Gono could be back for training camp or first game of the season for all you know. And one thing we should know about AS, he isn't going to talk specifics about player injuries at times. He refused to give any indication on when Ridley would come back despite being asked several times. Ridley then posted on his instagram he'd likely be back for training camp.
  10. Gono is NOT out for the season. He had an undisclosed surgery and is expected back some time during the season.
  11. “Speed doesn’t slump” Gerry Glanville
  12. Look at that depth chart and tell me you are comfortable with CB if Terrell goes down. IKES!!!! It’s hard for me to believe many think the position is all set. I have been working out hard, preparing for a hopeful camp visit as a walk on starting CB for the Falcons. I realize I likely won’t play if I make the roster, unless Terrell goes down. Then I’ll probably make CB #2.
  13. We need a starting capable veteran CB. If Terrell goes down we won’t be able to stop any team.
  14. Did you cut and paste this off the Titans message board regarding their OTAs? 😀
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