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  1. Yeah, definitely some of both Tim.
  2. I do think there is a high likelihood of tha happening. I’m not quite at the prolific proclamation stage where I know it’s goi g to happen because Sark is still a question mark to me, but I do believe he can do it.
  3. I agree the stats and the eye test from last year don’t match up evenly. I want a dominating defense. I hope to see more drives where our defense exerts it’s will on offenses. Lots of room for improvement. I believe the defense will take a big leap.
  4. I think on offense it’s all on Sark this season. The pieces are absolutely there. We need to game plan better.
  5. By any stretch, going from bottom 10 to top 10 in those two categories in a single season is an epic jump. I expect another jump as the defense gels.
  6. In 2016 our defense finished #27 in points allowed, and #25 in Yards allowed. In 2017 our defense finished #8 in points allowed, and #9 in Yards allowed. That is phenomenal improvement in one year. What is even more impressive to me about the precipitous drop in points allowed, is our average field position was the worst in the NFL last year thanks to horrible special teams return units. This gave opposing offenses shorter fields to get in scoring position. Our defense is young and has been growing up together in this same scheme. We have young budding talent that is going to tighten up even more this year. For instance, coaches think LB Campbell is about to break out into a star this year. More importantly, these young players know their roles and know the other players around them. I think it’s possible to see our defense finally jump up into the top 5 in at least one of the two categories, most likely in points allowed. I’m a little concerned about the loss of Poe in the middle which could lead to some adjustment period for the defense with the new guys in run defense but I doubt that will take long to gel. People forget outside this organization that while we may not have added a bunch of talent from the outside, the young talent we have on defense is playing better and better and I anticipate a jump this year in its overall effectiveness. You add this to the offensive firepower and one should not wonder why many Falcon fans see this as a year we have a great chance at going all the way.
  7. Watch this clip from 1995 where Bill Clinton talks about how damaging the flow of illegal immigration is to our country. Watch the democrats and republicans all stand up with thunderous applause as he outlines the harm illegal immigration causes. what happened to my democrat party where if you speak like Bill Clinton is speaking here you are branded a racist, a bigot, uncaring......what happened? I support immigration 100%, but I do not support illegal immigration. My position is exactly that of Bill Clinton. The illegals aren’t moving to Martha’s Vineyard Andy other affluent communities, they are populating in our poorest neighborhoods harming the poorest of Americans, compet8mg for jobs, keeping wages low, using up resources that would otherwise go to our poorest citizens, crowding the schools taking up vital resources.
  8. Excellent points, I agree with most everything you are saying. I also watched the clip, MLK was an enlightened person, the black community could really use another leader like him right now. I recall watching my mother weep for hours the day MLK was shot. It will never leave me. I agree the entire country has turned its back on our inner city citizens. If anyone wants to talk institutional racism in our country, this is ground zero. This is the civil rights issue of our times. It is absolutely disgraceful that our citizens are being gunned down in the streets of our inner cities like this. The cause is complex, but it has nothing whatsoever with people acting differently just because they have a different skin color. So many of these young men I mentor coming from broken homes and crime riddled areas are intelligent men of strong character. If I were born in those conditions with no way out I would probably be dead by now or in prison. For the record, I’m an independent. I was a democrat during Clinton years but the democrat party has morphed into a race baiting, identity politic peddling, religious bigotry, wide open borders, globalist, anti semetic, elitist party that I do not identify with any longer. They look down their noses in contempt at hard working American families. They savagely attack people of color like Kanye West who speaks for himself. The democrat party ran me off. I can’t stand the Republicans either. I love immigration, but unfettered open borders hurts the poorest of Americans, suppresses wages and disproportionately harms our African American inner city youth. Bill Clinton’s 1996 State of the Union talk stated exactly this and all democrats and republicans gave raucous standing ovation as he said we needed a border wall and clamp down on illegal immigration. Many of my dear, honest liberal friends are just now starting to see how radical the democrat party is becoming. The republicans and democrats are responsible for the inner city issues, but I blame democrats more because they are running these inner cities. They are in charge of the schools, the police departments, they are the ones in charge of these congressional districts. They do little but blame police and white people for the inner city plight which is BS. Yes, some bad police do bad things and need to be thrown in jail, but that problem pales in comparison to our inner city youth gett8ng slaughter every single day in our streets. i don’t know how to fix it but it sickens me, so I roll up my sleeves and help as many of them as I can on an individual basis.
  9. You really sound like thousands of inner city youth being slaughtered in our streets each year bothers you. I actually DO care about the plight of the inner city Americans and actually do soemthing to help. America has turned its back on this shameful plague
  10. If you can’t be honest about what is happening, if you just want to talk theory over facts, if you can’t even acknowledge the massive scale of this atrocity happening in our inner cities costing thousands of lives every year, there is nothing for us to talk about.
  11. These are called statistics, not anecdotes. If you are ok with this happening, I hope you are able to sleep. Memorial Day weekend 2015, there were 29 people gunned down in the streets of Baltimore. On Labor Day weekend 2016, there were 32 people gunned down in the streets of Detroit. Memorial Day weekend 2016 , there were 69 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a single one of them by police. Memorial Day weekend 2017, there were 52 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a sIngle one by police Just this month alone, Baltimore has seen a surge in murders this month with 33 people killed in the past 30 days and a number of brazen shootings. This is an outrage, who no football players kneeling over this?
  12. How dare you even suggest their situation could be tied to their skin color. Their skin color has got nothing to do with it. The generational poverty is created by the leaders in those communities that keep them trapped in gerational poverty while shifting the blame to white people and police officers. The underlyimg problem is economic and a feeling of hopelessness and the leadership in these democrat strongholds does little to change it. These kids from the inner city are every bit as good as you or me. They just need a chance which is what I try to give them.
  13. You are lost in theory. I deal with facts. Memorial Day weekend 2016 , there were 69 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a single one of them by police. Memorial Day weekend 2017, there were 52 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a sIngle one by police. if you want to believe its white people killing white people in Chicago you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. If you want to believe it’s white mayors with white congressmen representing these districts with all white police forces gunning down innocent black men and all the other shootings are white people, shooting white people you are part of the problem, not part of solution. Until the black community holds their black democrat leaders accountable for this unforgivable offense, instead allowing them to blame white people and racism for their problems nothing is going to happen. Personally, I decided to effect change where I could because I find this the civil rights issue of our time. I work directly with judges, drug courts and the county jail system to help these young men trapped in this abusive system. I help these kids get their dads back, and I help these mothers get their sons back. I do something other than deflect blame. I volunteer several hours a month to this cause and have for several years. It’s hard work, sometimes tragic, but when I go to drug court graduations and see the families members in tears and thanking me for helping it makes it all worth it. If you want to effect change, you have to firs be honest about the problem. How could Chicagos politicians allow 59 shootings to take place in a single weekend in their city and not call this a national emergency situation?
  14. Memorial Day weekend 2016 , there were 69 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a single one of them by police. Memorial Day weekend 2017, there were 52 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a sIngle one by police. Are you saying white people are driving into the inner city and shooting black people? Are you saying these are black men shooting white people? Perhaps you are saying this is white on white crime that is happening from white people vacatiioning in the inner cities and gunnimg each other down? Please explain
  15. Memorial Day weekend 2016 , there were 69 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a single one of them by police. Memorial Day weekend 2017, there were 52 people shot in the streets of Chicago, not a sIngle one by police. Now, let’s take a look at how many shootings took place in the streets of Baltimore, Philly, Milwauke and other democrat strongholds with high percentages of African American mayors, police chiefs, and police departments. They also have African American congressmen in these districts. Literarily 1000’s of young black and Hispanic youth are slaughtered in America’s inner city streets in areas that black democrat mayors, police forces and black democrat congress districts have run for decades, but these victims are told the police and white people are their enemy. Remarkable. Police are the least of the inner city people’s problems. The democrats who have been running most of these cities for decades have conned the victims living in these communities to believe the white man and the police are their real problem. Utter BS. Thats not to say there aren’t rogue cops that need to be fired Andy thrown in jail. But police brutality pales in comparison the the problems in the inner city caused by terrible leadership running those cities.