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  1. I'm pretty sure the Rams inquired about Watson and the Texans probably wanted the world.
  2. Rams in win now mode with a great defense. So they are all in. If they don't do it next year, then that may be it for them
  3. AA is pissing me off. The Cards got Arenado without giving up any of their top 5 prospect.
  4. Chaney was an OG. Great coach that never got his just due. Loved his kids. He put quite a few in the NBA during his tenure.
  5. you right. I was looking at the DE class and its weak as **** LOL
  6. Yep is he a baller. I wouldn't be mad if we grabbed him in the 2nd round if he is available or late in the first round if we gather multiple picks after trading out of the 4 spot
  7. In the beginning but after his workouts in front of scouts, he was rated as the 2nd or 3rd rated QB in draft based on several publications.
  8. The Bears did it when they drafted Trubisky. They moved up from #3 to #2 which was mind boggling. He would have been there at #3. I am pretty sure they are regretting they drafted him at all now when Mahomes and Watson was there for the taking. I am not saying we should move up. We should move down and acquire more picks
  9. Pretty crazy. i was definitely not expecting this at all. Very surprised.
  10. Rodgers has been wanting an NFC title game at Lambeau for a very long time. They finally get one and are getting dominated
  11. this is nothing compared to when Vick was a Falcon. The board was a cesspool
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