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  1. this is dumb. Its a playoff game and chance to get to the Super Bowl. What other motivation do they need?
  2. This just pisses me off even more. Why in the world would you even consider this crew, especially one with checkered past, for the biggest game in college football? Makes you wonder........i dont even want to go there.
  3. Trent already announced awhile back he was staying for his senior year.
  4. The safety should have been there to help. Cant believe Sanders fell for that are a **** senior with all the experience in the world
  5. Parrish and Sanders wow guys......
  6. Wow who the **** was playing DB there?
  7. Game over guys.......unbelieveable
  8. They are saying he just collapsed. Hope he is alright
  9. ******
  10. INT!!!!!!
  11. **** yeah Mecole
  12. Wow
  13. Piss poorbtackling there
  14. Ok they missed the facemask and no offsides penalty.....hope it doesnt bites in the *** later on
  15. OMG was that not a facemask?????!!!!!!!!!!!!