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  1. i didnt understand why they changed from those uniforms in the first place. They were nice IMO
  2. nope
  3. now those look great. I can definitely see these as our new uniforms.
  4. I can see these with the current logo.
  5. lmao. im just posting random uniforms. not my taste either. I like the helmets and thats it.
  6. Atlanta Falcons Chrome Red helmet
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see the red helmets with the current logo. No idea what the rest of the uniform would look like
  8. Beautiful
  9. Dude did you see #5 of the Saints who on the sidelines with during the play run out on the field during that fumble return? That should have been a penalty
  10. Very well officiated game. In the past, the Saints normally got away with alot of the calls made today. I guess this crew didn't get the memo about Katrina refs or someone in New Orleans didn't make a payment
  11. What's funny.... All the down lineman were in the backfield on that sack except Beasley. He was still playing patty cake with his blocker
  12. guess we are in the market for a new kicker
  13. I remember when the Dawgs were recruiting him hard. He wanted to play MLB and the Dawgs wanted him to put his hand in the dirt and come off the edge. He ended up at Miami playing DE/DL.