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  1. guess we are in the market for a new kicker
  2. I remember when the Dawgs were recruiting him hard. He wanted to play MLB and the Dawgs wanted him to put his hand in the dirt and come off the edge. He ended up at Miami playing DE/DL.
  3. I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family. I understand what you are going through right now. No words will make it any easier. I will keep you in my prayers
  4. sorry about that I hit the submit button too fast. its there now
  5. check out the battle between Lindstrom and Wilkins. Lindstrom is #75 and Wilkins is #42.
  6. you know Montravius Adams was drafted 2 years ago by the Packers right?
  7. definitely watching it. Will it be in theaters or netflix?
  8. He has improved a lot. I would trade Beasley for him.
  9. Yep
  10. Cox has either gotten a lot quicker coming off the line of scrimmage or the RT sucks. Cox has been killing it
  11. Stetson Bennet is looking impressive
  12. It's cold.... I can tell you that much. It was raining hard coming in. Sun trying to break through. DBs are looking great. Swift looks great. Fromm was off big time. Mathis looks decent. He needs to add some blackeye peas and cornbread to his diet. He is thin. We are trying to figure why D-Rob isn't playing
  13. Yep. I always thought Vic was too light in the *** to play DE in our scheme when we drafted him. I was hoping for Gurley. Vic can probably shine better in a 3-4. Hopefully Quinn prove me wrong this season.
  14. He needs to hit the weight room and the buffet line to put on muscle. He looks like one of those air dancer balloons in that Purdue clip. Arms flailing all over the place.