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  1. BOOM! The Pittboss is your daddy!
  2. First it was we can add 28-14 to it. we are cursed folks when it come to big games. I dont know if I can get emotionally involved anymore. its just ridiculous and doesnt make sense.
  3. How in the world is thomas so **** wide open???? Doesnt make sense
  4. Hardy with a smart play
  5. Lol we didnt get the first down on that sneak but thanks
  6. **** Marvin....he screwed up this drive
  7. Wtf Marvin. Follow your **** block
  8. Wow I did not know this. He used to call some NFL and maybe a few college games after his NFL career was over. Them he disappeared. Maybe this was the reason why.
  9. That may be the season folks
  10. Ito was wide open
  11. Wow Hardy.....get us a **** returner who knows what they are doing
  12. Wow this staff is densed...******* td
  13. Wth sneak the **** ball in
  14. The job the OL and the backs were doing against that front was a thing of beauty. The RBs were picking up the blitz, very nicely.