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  1. Geez does Jim Nance have the Saints -24 in this game?
  2. Theres been plenty of it in the game threads throughout the season.
  3. Lmao at the fools on this board that want to talk about Trubisky being better than Ryan.
  4. HOF Worthy. Abe got held more than anyone else I've ever seen. His bust in Canton one day should have a Tackles arm hooked around his neck.
  5. Dude, outstanding post. 1. Rod Coleman was a freaking bad man on our DLine. Deserves all the praise hes getting in this thread. 2. That hit by Ike Reece! 3. The Georgia Dome could rock with the best of them on good nights...hate that Blank destroyed that.
  6. Not since the days of Dan Quinn have I seen a head coach single handedly lose a game all by himself. Reich is a complete cabbage head.
  7. I've been saying this for a while. We all like the guy, but its past time to move on. I thought Henn did a nice job and looked a lot stronger.
  8. In the Pats defense they did get stuck with Cam at QB this year. lol
  9. Bucs get the bye week. (playing the NFC East) Hopefully the NFL looks at eliminating the playoffs as they are today. No way in **** should any team from the NFC East make the playoffs this season.
  10. Preach. Our defense is stellar after all. Go take a nap.
  11. Seems like I remember trying that once in a certain Super Bowl.
  12. This team should spend their entire draft on Defense.
  13. Its uncanny how automatic 3rd and 10+ is against us.
  14. Gronk with the full arm extension push off. Natural its defensive PI.
  15. Ryan about to have yet another 50 pass attempt day.
  16. That cartoon picture of Tom Brady has SLIGHTLY exaggerated arm size. Good Lord...
  17. 2020 hasn't been all negative. Flushed Quinn and Dimitroff Moving on from Mack doesn't look so bad. Ridley and Gage emerging.
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