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  1. Again I'll say, you think the Kansas City Chiefs are sweating the Titans? Me neither.
  2. Nah man Abe had his prime here in Atlanta.
  3. On the subject of Abe: God, I miss that guy. GREAT Defensive End. HOF worthy. *edit - Pay attention to some of the scores in those games. The Falcons were bludgeoning teams often on ON THE ROAD in those years. Good times.
  4. Abe was so good the NFL basically let the man get held just about every down. I've stated before that his bust in Canton should have an offensive tackle's arm hooked around his neck.
  5. Even with a healthy Henry, KC has the AFC on lockdown for the foreseeable future.
  6. Yep. This is a solid trade for the Falcons when you take emotions out of the equation. The new GM is off to a nice start IMO.
  7. Thats a lot for Tennessee to give up just to get rolled up and smoked by Kansas City in the playoffs. 😄
  8. Let me preface by saying I'll miss Julio. One of THE great all time Falcons. With that said, 32 years old, screws in foot, suspect hamstrings...I'll take that trade. Lest we forget that the Panthers got ZILCH for a still productive Steve Smith.
  9. Been here since around 1997 the board looked a lot different in those days.
  10. This thread turned into a painful reminder that this franchise should have 3 Lombardi trophies. 1980, 2012 (I firmly believe we would have destroyed the Ravens), 2016.
  11. I was at the game in 1998 where we scored the 3 fastest tds in NFL history against Carolina. Something like 30 seconds of game clock. Falcons have the NFL record for the fastest 2 tds ever too (against SF in 2019, 2 seconds of game clock).
  12. My dad grew up in a neighborhood called Kenilworth Estates off Memorial Drive in Atlanta. He told me that there must have been some major action on the site that the neighborhood was built on during the Civil War because they would find bullets, buttons etc like it was finding a pop bottle cap when he was a kid. He said one of the kids in the neighborhood had his whole basement FULL of artifacts from the war that he found in the woods digging around in the neighborhood.
  13. The guys running these teams aren't as smart as we make them out to be. Quinn shouldn't be anywhere near an NFL roster.
  14. I've been watching the Falcons for 40 years now and NEVER have i seen more confused players on defense than during Quinn's tenure. Countless times we couldn't even get lined up before the ball was snapped. I'll be shocked if we don't see an immediate improvement.
  15. Quinn made me quit watching for a while. Just a mind numbingly bad brand of football to the point that it would anger and frustrate me. I knew it wasn't healthy so I turned it off for a while. The losses I can take, but looking like a bunch of jackasses that have never played the game which is the legacy of Dan Quinn here in my eyes, I just couldn't take. So glad that guy is gone. Rant over!
  16. My hobbies is collecting vinyl records, my yard, working out and old Monte Carlo's. I restored and maintain an 85 SS and a 72. Fun cars!
  17. Oh well, thanks for the memories. Nothing lasts forever.
  18. This offense is gonna eat no doubt. If we get the defense halfway respectable this will be a fun year.
  19. One day people will believe me when I say Quinn was THE worst coach in franchise history and I've seen a lot of them in my time. We've had some with worse records but none had the players that guy had in his arsenal.
  20. If we had anything resembling an actual defense in a few of those years Ryan would have at minimum 2 rings.
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