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  1. That alone should tell you this list is garbage.
  2. Class of '96 and finishing my masters degree there this year.
  3. I don't see how Carolina got any better this off season. I think they struggle to get 9 wins.
  4. ESPN is about as useful as a bomb hat.
  5. Most times being held without drawing a penalty flag: John Abraham. I swear his eventual bust in Canton should have a left tackles arm hooked around his neck.
  6. I was at that game. I also saw where the Falcons scored 21 points in something like 35 seconds of clock time vs the Panthers in 1998. Fastest 3 Tds scored in NFL history if memory serves.
  7. At least 20 years. I remember being here before our first super bowl appearance.
  8. If someone had a more devastating right hand than The Motor City Cobra, I haven't seen it yet. My favorite boxer to this day. Holy **** at the 8:42 mark!
  9. Luck is the most over rated QB in recent memory. Dude is a turn over machine.
  10. Why are folks comparing Ryan's contract to Brady's when its been shown the Patriots pay a Brady owned business for "services" to circumvent the cap?
  11. How quickly can Moore run with that step ladder he'll need to catch those high throws from Newton on his back?
  12. Hopefully the offensive playbook isn't written in crayon this year.