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  1. "Saints fans demand Congress to pause NFL 2019 for 6 weeks."
  2. Saints fans preparing lawsuits against Aaron Donald as we speak.
  3. I'll give credit where credit is due. Quinn had his side of the ball looking much improved last night. Still things to clean up but definite improvement.
  4. The woman host (name escapes me) on Good Morning Football literally just said if the fumble for td call would have stood the Saints win that game.....she was laughed at after that thankfully by everyone else at the table. The stupid is very strong for the Saints apologists.
  5. It is definitely clunky and out of rhythm right now. I'm reserving full judgement on it until week 8.
  6. Who ever let the Eagles wr get behind them on 4th and 14 (Neal?) better have Quinn's foot about shin deep in their *** this morning.
  7. Should have been around in the 80s. The 2019 dolphins was pretty much our reality for half a decade. Lol
  8. Saints fans can cry all they want but the fact is on that play they actually came out ahead. Watch #93 hit Goff directly in the face and it got completely ignored by the refs and the 2 boobs calling the game. If that play is officiated CORRECTLY, its Saints ball (which they were awarded) BUT the roughing the passer call should have backed them up half the distance to the goal.
  9. Who ever gave up the 4th and forever needs to be cut Monday morning. Don't care if its Neal, Allen or the Pope. Inexcusable.
  10. Only the Falcons allow that first.
  11. If Quinn gets conservative here....well you know the rest.
  12. In case your heart wasnt destroyed enough, now the defense has to hold.
  13. Ryan looked better as a rookie than he has tonight.
  14. Chants of Defense in MBS. Just lovely.