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  1. O.P. that is the most on the money review of this film I've read so far.
  2. **** the Panthers.
  3. That game was a reminder of what complete trash the AFC was this season.
  4. My wife is a HR Director and could tell you some stories that you would swear she was making it up about highly paid, educated, married men doing some really stupid stuff concerning sexual harassment. Heck even she's been harassed as the fricken HR Director. There are a lot of dumbasses making bank that are flat out dogs out there.
  5. Lots of good memories in that. Fun team...and I always suspected that the Redskins didn't drain their feild properly for that playoff game.
  6. Yeah, I think Carolina is gonna smash them.
  7. Godspeed Mr. Falcon!
  8. I have a boat load of old autographs from over the years, but here are a few of my favorite items: 1966 game worn helmet (QB Dennis Clairidge) 1969 Falcons helmet bottle opener Various fact books/press guides from the 1960-70's. Early 1970's Helmet Lamp Framed Dave Boss Falcons poster from 1966 Old Falcons stuff is hard to find because back in the day, they just didn't make a whole lot of it.
  9. All the great defenses do exactly this.
  10. Atlanta is the only team with a winning record vs all the division opponents so its no wonder why we are disliked.
  11. I like finding old/rare falcons stuff- the best piece being a game worn 1966 helmet from our first season. I'll post some pics of some of my old stuff tomorrow.
  12. We're about to see NE down 10 with no time outs and about 3 minutes to they should have been if we kicked the fg in sb51....lets see how it goes. Edit- well miami was aggressive and passed for the 1st.
  13. Steelers will lose to NE like they always do.
  14. That was bad clock management by Pittsburgh on that last drive. Basically gave Baltimore a chance when they shouldn't have touches the ball again.