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  1. With some of the offenses we've had here over the years just a mid pack defense would have been enough to win us multiple Lombardi's.
  2. The hit he put on Art Monk in RFK is still reverberating in that stadium. I thought he killed him.
  3. I fully expect us to fold our teeth back and go soft zone when there is probably never been more of a game to blitz all day ever.
  4. The Falcons 1st, 2nd, 3rd and TE have more targets than the leading Panthers WR target. Cam is a lousy one dimensional QB who's best completion percentage season is smoke and mirrors (110 targets to your RB, 94 receptions in other words, dump passes). Film will expose you in the NFL and teams have started playing defense in a box vs the Panthers. You see the results.
  5. No he won't. Defenses have always had to account for his legs which as you pointed out breaks down coverages. Defenses have been playing a man down in coverage for years, now your starting to see what its like for Carolina to not have that advantage and its not pretty. His numbers are very deceiving this year also due to all the dump passes to McCaffery (on pace for 100 receptions for a RB).
  6. The sad news for Panties fans is that his legs are about to turn 30.
  7. Quinn should consistently send 6 or more at Newton all game next week. It's no secret Cam doesn't like to get hit.
  9. So Christian McCaffery will probably end up with 100 receptions this season. Not a good stat IMO. Indicative that your QB just dumps the ball off all day and never pushes the ball down field. Teams will just start playing in an 8 yard box and shut that down (like New Orleans did tonight).
  10. Saints blitz the crap out of Newton tonight, you see the results. If Quinn has us in soft zone next week he's either tanking or an egg head.
  11. Cam will be 30 next year too. Listen to the bell Pantie fans, it tolls for thee.
  12. Panthers will fire Rivera for Cam's ineptitude.
  13. I suspect Newton's shoulder is effed up. His passes have zero zip to them.
  14. LOL, you forgot the ball dummy!