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  1. Always a pleasure seeing UNC-OJ getting smoked...The fact that it happened in Charlotte made it sweeter!
  2. The one man wrecking crew that wore #60 gets my vote.
  3. Tennessee needs to give back the Oilers name to Houston so the Texans can get rid of those hideous uniforms and get back to being the Oilers.
  4. The football wasn't great but the uniforms were back in '88. Always liked these duds:
  5. The guy has been a turnover machine his entire career. The lauding the guy got from the media even before he laced up his cleats was as hysterical as it was nauseating.
  6. I'll take Ryan with a competent offensive coordinator.
  7. Where is "the sure fire HOFer, greatest prospect ever, Elway/Montana/Brady love child" Andrew Luck?
  8. 8 starts.....8!!!! LOL the NFL has officially entered the Twilight Zone.
  9. No I didn't but the guy that did the poster can customize it for any team, any game/date and seat number. Here's the shop if you are interested. I think I paid 20.00 for it.
  10. That is awesome man, I love unique stuff like that. I had someone on Etsy make this for me last year - I figured that GB game was the high water mark of this franchise so far and closed out the Dome in a fantastic fashion.
  11. We should have ponied up and paid Shanahan.
  12. Now I'm depressed. Not only does that breakdown prove what a joke Sark is an OC, but also how clueless we are as an organization for retaining his services for next season.