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    Falcons football, old Monte Carlo's (own a '85 SS, and a 1972), NC State class of '96 and '17(Masters of Computer Science).Born and raised in Charlotte, NC-Falcons fan since age 6. I enjoy collecting rare vintage Atlanta Falcons items for my Falcons room as well.

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  1. Chiefs 63, Falcons 42 Chiefs zero punts. Ryan throws for 400 yds 5 TD's and a 140+ QBR setting another auspicious record ranking as the highest QBR, passing yards, and TD's in a losing effort. Fans blame Ryan for loss.
  2. Any poster on here could make a Top 100 list and it would hold as much water as the "official" list. The list, like the Pro Bowl is a complete joke.
  3. It's a shame we've never had anything resembling a defense here in Ryan's career. We could quite possibly have multiple Lombardis if we could have.
  4. No way. Great arm, great elusiveness, great scrambling ability, outstanding accuracy while on the run, etc.... If healthy, Mahomes will rewrite a lot of records IMO.
  5. I like the fact that those dudes are basically shredding like the 60's version of Slayer in full piece suits.
  6. If you ever wondered what shredding looked like in the 60's. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bKG0p6Tv9Q
  7. Reminds me of the ECPI commercial back in the 90s where the guy said "ever since I graduated from ECPI my life has taken a 360..." 😂 That commercial ran for a while before someone caught it.
  8. Here's me in Darlington, SC a few years ago as a guest of Richard Petty Motorsports.
  9. I'm old enough to remember when NC State was UNCs most hated rival and Duke was an afterthought.
  10. It's in my DNA I suppose. Growing up in Charlotte where we had no sports teams, the nascar racers were our local heroes. I got into it in the early 80s when the cars were amazing, the drivers were fearless, the speed was unrestricted and injury/death lurked around the corner. There was real skin in the game for those dudes so I always admired the courage it took to strap into a racecar and go 200+ mph on a hot track. The competition between Chevrolet and Ford was legendary in those days too so being a car guy, that appealed to me as well.
  11. I love NASCAR so I'm set. Love that racing has been on 3 nights a week in some cases. On top of that, the racing has been great in all 3 series. Miss being at the track though...nothing else like it!
  12. Here's to Quinn growing a pair and zero blitzing Brady all day long. Win, lose or draw send a message and plant this dude into the turf. Brady and all his talking is a direct result of the fact that you can't even breathe on QBs these days. There was a time in the league when a talker like this would have gotten knocked the **** out. I miss those times.
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