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  1. We fans don't have a choice in the matter so it doesn't matter if folks like him or not. I'll say this, this is without a doubt the most talented offense personnel wise that the Falcons have ever had. Zero reason for this team to not light up the scoreboard each week. Don't think for a second that Blank and co don't know this as well and I'm sure their expectations are high for this offense.
  2. If you didn't see that the refs did all they could to help NE back into that game and to prevent it from being a complete blow out (which is nightmare fuel for the people who have bottom lines depending on ratings) then I don't know what to tell you. Lost and seldom repeated in this "all time great" comeback was an NFL record amount of 1st downs by penalty called in favor for NE. In a game where one punt would have meant game over for them you can't tell me that it helped dictate the outcome.
  3. That was how LT's handled John Abraham his entire career. But yes, technically it was a hold. Kyle should have just went power I formation and ran the ball after Julio's epic catch.
  4. We have a joke of a special teams coach.
  5. Well, the bright side is all these guys will have different professions in 2 weeks.
  6. I see Keith Armstrong and co. Are in mid season form.
  7. Dude is the epitome of "lost". Never looks like he knows where he's supposed to be.
  8. 3 defenders got lost in coverage. Hill with the idiot celebration for the always amazing preseason td.
  9. Who the **** is Jalen Ramsey?
  10. 1988 Vs Seattle. Hugh Millen at QB, John Settle at RB. I was thrilled to finally be at a Falcons game.
  11. Talk About the Falcons Follow 230 This is where it's at! The forum that started it all remains the most frequently-visited of all the forums. If it's here, it's all about the Falcons!
  12. Brady is a really bad example to use when talking QB salary. The guys wife makes 50 million a year. Pretty sure Sarah Ryan is pretty far in the rear view when it comes to that kind of income.
  13. Don't give Belichick and the Patriots any ideas. Because if its not expressly written you can't pay in Bitcoin and coupons they will **** sure try.
  14. Illegal Use of Jazz Hands.
  15. What other players have to say about our guys always gets my attention. Media not so much unless they have on the field experience too.