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  1. Theres a guy named Mark Zillox on Etsy that has done a lot of Falcons sign work for me. Guy is very good.
  2. That ONE night we managed to confuse the **** out of Peyton Manning and the Broncos under Nolan was glorious. The rest, not so much.
  3. It's up there for one of the best all time championship games ever played.
  4. Yeah those are awful.
  5. This will always be the high water mark of Falcons uniforms to me at least, they looked even better when we were wearing them outdoors with the sun shining on them:
  6. That looks like they are trying to copy Ohio State to me.
  7. Dang dude that's impressive!
  8. If the Falcons had just a mediocre offense that could control the clock somewhat that year we're probably talking about a team that gave up less than 100 points for a season and probably several more wins. Hands down the best defense the league will ever see.
  9. That sounds dreadful. Hopefully this is fake news.
  10. Geez how many pick-6's did Rolland Lawrence have called back that season? I counted 3 just by the highlights alone.
  11. Lets trade Ryan for Mahomes. Lets go back to 1980 and pick up Earl Campbell while we're at it.
  12. 129 points given up (really 122 because 1 TD was a defensive pick 6) in a season. File that one under "Records That Will Never Be Broken".
  13. Worst player I ever saw wear the Falcons uniform and yes I saw Charles Dimry.
  14. You can bet your *** that Willie Snead checks under his bed for Neal.