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  1. Time for the guy that was brought in to fix that side of the ball to fix it. Quinn has had the luxury of basically walking into a situation where 50% of the team (the offense) has been on cruise control since he got here. Imagine the Pittsburgh game for 16 games a season if our offense stops being elite to just average to below average.
  2. He got 3 shots at it, given the same scenerio, we would have been down 21.
  3. Everyone who saw Coleman get tackled in "coverage" yesterday knows this.
  4. This Monday night crew are some over dramatic, pom pom waving choades.
  5. If Mahomes doesn't miss two wide open receivers in the 1st qtr that most likely would have been Tds, everyone is asking what's wrong with NE today.
  6. And he is a mediocre turnover machine. But I'm afraid playing in NY and having the last name of Manning will be too much for some voters to resist.
  7. Same reason Eli will be in the HOF despite being a bad/below average QB.
  8. SMH if the turnover machine known as Eli Manning lights us up this weekend. I figure it will happen, but ****.
  9. Tampa's defense did one thing well yesterday and that was shutting down the toss sweeps. For some reason we continued to go to them over and over and over again. When we were passing vertical, Tampa had little to zero success in stopping it. Sark needs to learn that when you find a weakness, you attack it over and over again UNTIL they stop it and only when they show they can stop it. Usually when you stop one thing, it will open opportunities for success in other areas and the offensive staff needs to be on top of where those weakness' are and ADJUST accordingly.
  10. They are so good that they create perfect pockets for Brady all night long and NEVER hold. Their wide receivers are never wide open because the defender was knocked off the coverage by a crossing WR either. Just ask any Pats fan they will tell you. Has a division in the NFL been that much of a joke for going on decades now at any other time? Because I can't ever remember one being that bad where one team is basically in the playoffs in September each year.
  11. I still think a lot of the issue here is coaching. I don't see really anyone outside of Jarrett using their hands much on the DLine. Beasley flourished when we had Freeney here to basically be a coach to him and teach him technique.
  12. I remember one OPI call but that's the only thing that comes to mind.
  13. Well that sucks.
  14. KCscored too fast.
  15. Hill is ungodly fast.