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  1. Another reason I do all my own maintenance. The other thing I gathered from that video is New Jersey looks like a real **** hole.
  2. Fortify the lines and this team is set.
  3. I hate the Saints as much as anyone but they do indeed know how to use their team speed and would have smoked NE last night IMO. Glad they get to fester on that knowledge all off season! lol
  4. This is why I SMH at the level of disrespect that Ryan gets from the same media clowns that want to crown guys like Goff.
  5. Is rooting against a team openly on a message board now considered salty? I suppose I'm salty then. Lol, I really could give a tinker's **** truth be told.
  6. And off the TV goes...not watching these Richards celebrate yet another SB.
  7. Bahahahahaha!
  8. You knew it was coming
  9. That was a good pass.
  10. Bench this bum QB.
  11. That look Goff just had was one of "well we just lost".
  12. My take away from this game is I appreciate Matt Ryan a heck of a lot more now. Worst qb performance I can remember in a super bowl.
  13. No question that's a flag if that's Brady.
  14. That's a hold eh?
  15. 66 looks like Konz out there.