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    Falcons football, old Monte Carlo's (own a '85 SS, and a 1972), NC State class of '96 and '17(Masters of Computer Science).Born and raised in Charlotte, NC-Falcons fan since age 6. I enjoy collecting rare vintage Atlanta Falcons items for my Falcons room as well.

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  1. Patrick Mahomes wouldn't have had a good day in our offense yesterday. Our play design is laughable. I know Kansas City is loaded player personnel wise but watch their play design and compare it with ours. They are running advanced trigonometry and we're stuck in remedial math.
  2. So where was he supposed to throw the ball there SimpleJack?
  3. What a suck fest. Offensive line getting beaten like they stole something.
  4. Bailey literally got TACKLED from behind on that play and the refs let it go.
  5. They've been mesmerized by people like Collinsworth that blather on about how great he is when the Eagles play on SNF. Guy is average at best and always has been. Fragile on top of it.
  6. Are people finally starting to see that Carson Wentz is over rated hot garbage?
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