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  1. What a luxury playing in the AFC East for the Patriots fans must have been for about 2 decades. A complete wasteland of horrible QBs.
  2. Throw in some really bad luck in the playoffs along with some poor officiating as well. The Chiefs should have been in at least half of those Super Bowls in the 90s that the Bills sucked in. Lin Elliot missing 5 kicks in a tight game vs the Colts comes to mind.
  3. Kansas City should destroy them, but the refs will keep it close. With that said, Hill and Kelce will reek havoc and if Brady plays like he did in Green Bay last week, KC will win by 4 TDs.
  4. The Rams just screwed every team trying to get Watson. That price just went through the ceiling.
  5. Some of Quinns teams should have blitzed 9 players because they were useless in coverage anyway.
  6. Still trying to wrap my head around how we took the Chiefs to the wire a few weeks ago.
  7. Bill's are a bunch of ******. Take your L like men and go back to your craphole town.
  8. The Chiefs have more ballers assembled on one team than I've ever seen. Heres to them smoking the Bucs.
  9. Hill literally cannot be covered. His release off the line may be the best I've ever seen- he's wide open 1 second after the ball is snapped! On top of that hes the fastest dude I've ever seen.
  10. Isn't he like 1 for 35 or something like that vs winning teams when trailing at the end of the 3rd qtr? Seems like I saw that stat once.
  11. Geez does Jim Nance have the Saints -24 in this game?
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