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  1. Parsons and Deon can also rush the passer. Fowler will be better. He is fast and can cover backs out of the field too..
  2. I actually agree with this. We have some DE talent, better coaching could make them better. We can't get off the field on 3rd down. We need another stud next to Jones. I hope we trade down to like 10-15 and are able to pick up Micah Parsons. Get a 1st next year and a 2nd this year.
  3. Several Trade Downs here is the Net: 12. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB Notre Dame 35. Travis Etienne, RB Clemson 39. Mac Jones, QB Alabama 43. Tyson Campbell, CB Georgia 68. Elijah Molden, CB Washington 108. Marlon Tuipulotu, DT USC 149. Chauncey Golston, EDGE Iowa 181. Trey Hill, OC Georgia 183. Robert Hainsey, OG Notre Dame 189. Tariq Thompson, S San Diego State 218. Tre Brown, CB Oklahoma
  4. You have to have power pitching. Maddux and Glavin were not good, scmolz was our only power pitcher.
  5. I don't post or reply much, but read the boards all day when I get a moment. Been a fan since 1980, when I was 10. Superbowl in 1998 and 2017 sucked. Still haven't watched the 4th qtr of the game all the way through, was pacing and couldn't watch, plus every time I went out to the garage, something great happened in both previous games. I was doing my best to give some good juju the Falcons' way. Having said that, I sit here and look at this team. We are so young and so talented on D. Our offense just had one of the most prolific years in NFL history, a MVP QB, and we played a very hard schedule. The main difference I noticed in this team is the way they play. They are tough, fast, and physical every down. This team has a very bright future and I'm ready for the off season and how this team comes together. My opinion on the Superbowl loss -- We got "Out-Experienced" on the field and on the sidelines. It hurts, and we will have to hear it from everyone, but we do have the foundation to make a run again next year. If we get to the SB 52, then I think we go home with the Lombardi Trophy.
  6. DeVandre Campbell. He is due for big game. He is always around the ball and will be helping on GB TE Cook and WR Cobb when in zone. Also will be used as a spy at times against rogers.
  7. Absolutely. This team just physically whooped the Seahawks. The put up 36 points with one of the best defense in the league. Our D played it's tail off.
  8. God bless, that sux, had mine out 2 years ago.
  9. Ok, I've watched all Falcons games and have watched Seattle @GB, Wildcard, AZ, and ATL (3-4 times). Here are my observations. Seattle Offense -- RW is not playing like he did 2 years ago. The OL is does not move in one unit and allows push back and penetration, even on role outs. Rawls is a decent runner, but nothing out of this world; however, his backup Collins has skills. There WR dropped passes in key situations in our game and had a terrible game against GB. Outside of our game, Jimmy Graham does not look like the Jimmy Graham with NO; however, he too put up a lot of yards against us in our early meeting this year. Seattle Defense -- When we played them, it seemed as though number 20 and number 35 where the ones we did the best against. I noticed in several games, they have a weekness on wide stretch runs to the right side of the offense. Not often, but they are susceptible to misdirection. If the rush does not get to the QB, they can be had over the deep middle. When the blitz, the RCB, gets beet deep on a "Go" rout (see GB game). What are our Chances? Offensively, this game is going to come down to our OL, against their front 4 (remember, Bennett was out about 6 min left in 3rd against us) and our Defense's ability to stop the run and make Russel Wilson move, especially to his left. We will be playing at home and we almost beat them in their place so that gives me some confidence, but these two teams are different now. If we get the running game going early, look out, we could blow this out. If not, this will be a grind out type of game, and I do not like out chances with that type of game, even in our house. The Falcons need to get up for this game, because if we win and we go to Dallas, that is a game I feel very good going into.
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