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  1. You have to have power pitching. Maddux and Glavin were not good, scmolz was our only power pitcher.
  2. I don't post or reply much, but read the boards all day when I get a moment. Been a fan since 1980, when I was 10. Superbowl in 1998 and 2017 sucked. Still haven't watched the 4th qtr of the game all the way through, was pacing and couldn't watch, plus every time I went out to the garage, something great happened in both previous games. I was doing my best to give some good juju the Falcons' way. Having said that, I sit here and look at this team. We are so young and so talented on D. Our offense just had one of the most prolific years in NFL history, a MVP QB, and we played a very ha
  3. DeVandre Campbell. He is due for big game. He is always around the ball and will be helping on GB TE Cook and WR Cobb when in zone. Also will be used as a spy at times against rogers.
  4. Absolutely. This team just physically whooped the Seahawks. The put up 36 points with one of the best defense in the league. Our D played it's tail off.
  5. God bless, that sux, had mine out 2 years ago.
  6. Ok, I've watched all Falcons games and have watched Seattle @GB, Wildcard, AZ, and ATL (3-4 times). Here are my observations. Seattle Offense -- RW is not playing like he did 2 years ago. The OL is does not move in one unit and allows push back and penetration, even on role outs. Rawls is a decent runner, but nothing out of this world; however, his backup Collins has skills. There WR dropped passes in key situations in our game and had a terrible game against GB. Outside of our game, Jimmy Graham does not look like the Jimmy Graham with NO; however, he too put up a lot of yards agains
  7. 100% accurate. jerry rice highlights 80% against Falcons.
  8. I've watched a couple of Denver games, and have paid particular attention to the Defense. Their offense looks like a scaled down version of ours, so nothing really pops out. However, defensively, I think we can win this game, and put close to 30 points on the Denver D. Defensive Line is their strength, they disrupt every play and are very fast on the edge, but they are very susceptible to the run up the middle. I think we counter this strength with a lot of 2 and 3 TE sets and pound the ball and run play action out of this. Ware will not be playing, so we can devote our double teams t
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