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  1. Thats a Audi A6 or A7... Normally only the RS or S models have a lap timer. When you go really fast for a long time (for example on a track race) the tyre get really hot and the air pressure changes... maybe thats why the sign is on... but than again 1am...🤔
  2. yep... coming from Austria. Anyone else staying at the Marriott Atlanta Midtown?
  3. imo the center McClure is the most important player on this one... but overall a great team execution.
  4. I'm from Austria (Europe), play American football over here and I'm proud to play and follow a sport that is not part of these gay tactical injuries I am used to see in soccer games. When people ask me why I play football a part of my answer is that there are no fake injuries like I see in almost every soccer game over here. (FYI: Austria is a kind of soccer and ski country...) But watching the Monday night football game. The Rams go no huddle and are driving... suddenly two Giants defenders fall down. Stopping the momentum. I think the eagles had some mysterious injuries too. I can recall Parker falling down suddenly. Also Celek was falling down after he saw Vick on the ground. On the next play he comes in without any problem. (I know this is offense but he sure gave Vick more time to recover and not miss a play). We might see more of those when Ryan is driving with no huddle down the field. So is there any penalty for fake injuries? And of course I hate the penalty on Robinson and Abe. Come on... I want to watch football!!! sry if somebody discussed this already...
  5. me too And how about Neon Deion telling Grimes to cut back on the Int Return? Great that Grimes is not a selfish CB that wants great stats all the time. Making the safe choice shows what a great team player he is... not risking anything after the game winning INT. Good for us that Nate Clements is not that kind of player
  6. Thats your fail: you only have one! Only one game where Ryan had an opportunity in the 4th quarter and didn't come back! Only 1 in 3 years... unbelivable! isn't it And the OPI on Roddy. Watch the game again! Roddy made even more costly mistakes in the game and the "OPI" was not called so it was no penalty... get over it Even if it was called. It was 1 and 10 so we would have won anyway
  7. Example #1 Atl versus SF after Atlanta recovers a Nate Clement's fumble Ryan moves.. Example 2: 2008...11 seconds left on the clock when chicago kicks the ball off... Example 3: Trailing Tampa EXAMPLE #4 Falcons down 21-20 against BAL (my fav btw... after the drops by White and HD i was so impressed how Ryan still had faith in his WRs) and let's not forget about Jets (i would even count the Denver Game (**** Roddy)) and i guess there a a lot more to come vs... yep... think so too so a least 5 very impressing comebacks within 3 year... so NOPE, NOT OVERRATED
  8. Really... still the same stupid argument! :wacko: Like why didn't I acquire apple share in 2004?! :ph34r:
  9. Sure, it's the canon 55-250 IS. It's really cheap (relatively), but the quality of the pics is great. Though it's a little slow (compared to the "great whites" of canon) the lens is great for traveling cause of it's weight. great idea! I bought my first (eos 1000D) dslr almost 3 year ago. I can really recommend that one. (even miss it sometimes )
  10. jep... I was not able to make better pics in the dome because the light was really low. In San Fran (last year) there was perfect lighting and making pictures was not as though as in the dome (obvious) . And back then I had my Canon Eos 1000D (I think it's the Rebel XS in USA) and shot with the same lens. Some pics from that game: (more here)
  11. @PeytonMannings Forehead: nice Pics. On #6 you see the great timing of Abraham! It's an Eos 7D
  12. thx for your feedback! go ahead! you're welcome... i'd love to see some other pictures! jopra... that's my little cousin. He's doing his civilian service in Guatemala and we met in Atlanta for this week.
  13. First of all... thx to this board. I had a few questions before and while the trip and always got helpful answers! We had a great time in Atlanta despite the unfriendly weather but the people made up for it. Everybody was very kind and almost everyone knew where "Austria" is. Little surprised about that but maybe Schwarzenegger did his job We met some nice guys before the game and had a great time in section 324. Clearly the loudest section Obvious the great time was over at halftime but cause of the people in Atl and the time we had there the trip was still worth it! Here some pics I took during the trip: (for more click here) Hope you like them...
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