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  1. Still got the t-shirt. Oh, mine says January 15, 2005 NFC Playoffs. Rams got kilt.
  2. Severely disappointed in all this. I say pay him what he wants and stipulate it is what he really wants. He is truly an amazing talent, but that Panthers 'hi' was a shot across the bow.
  3. Pity Bowl II I am waiting for them to start talking about Katrina again.
  4. I hope we can overcome that much suckitude. That sucks.
  5. I just found out today that just about everyone that would usually be there has cancelled. I would go back and cancel that reservation. Looks like maybe next year...
  6. In our particular case, I'll agree we have more defensive needs. However, that tired cliche originated by pencilneck Chris Collingsworthless ignores the fact that only 3 Super Bowl championships in the last 30+ years featured a top 3 defense. But it sounds catchy.
  7. Payback for sending them Mike Mularkey?
  8. If all our players had Biermann's motor, we'd already have a Championship. The guy is relentless. I know he is small, but he has great instincts, and is always around the ball. I'd keep playing him the way he is being utilized.
  9. I'd hate to have been that back (#45 or 43?) that had the ball hit him right in the hands and fluffed it. Definitely a career limiting play there. Overall, pretty good. They stayed with it most of the time until that guy with the crazy long name busted the punt return for a score. Then it seemed to be run out the clock, and the crowd left. I am not despairing yet, but if they don't win the remaining three preseason games, then my life is over.
  10. They have been very accomodating every year. I will probably not bring a grill. The Derby is right there next door. How about this year, instead of a pub crawl, everyone buys a six pack of some good craft beer, and we share? That way no problem driving.
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