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  1. sh1t fuUk a$$hole

  2. bye bye. come back when you get some brain cells to connect.

  3. You are a freaking idiot.

  4. Yes, that 13 is counting your 5. Two more would get us the group so I was thinking about going ahead and ordering them because I am sure we will get more requests.

  5. Hey, dude.I need 5 tickets. are you saying we only got 8 besides me and you?

  6. i feel sorry for you, jerk

  7. Spoon was very aggressive. JPW was accurate. Redman was his usual self - steady and reliable. Turner looked really good. Hope Norwood can keep healthy; he did bobble one punt, but hopefully, someone else will be doing that. Douglas looked ready to go. Beerman is a beast. Lots of really nice plays run. I got high hopes for this season, too. Big ups to Arthur Blank for being the first guy to come to the sidelines and sign autographs. He was almost as popular as any player. He's a good man. I think he signed anything that anyone brought to him. He probably spent 20 minutes signing and chatting with the fans. We are lucky to have him as an owner.
  8. Somebody give me five bucks and I'll take a swing at Hall.
  9. Here's to you, MR. SCOREBOARD MARRIAGE PROPOSAL GUY..... Coincidentally, that is the newest one, and it is funny as heck. Script in English - ANN: Bud Light presents…Real Men of Genius MVO: (Singing) Real men of genius. ANN: Today we salute you, Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy. MVO: (Singing) Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy. ANN: You’ve combined the three things you love most in this world: your girlfriend, your team, and lots and lots of attention. MVO: (Singing) Everyone look at me. ANN: Your first proposal: her hand in marriage. Your second proposal: two more jumbo chilli dogs. MVO: (Singing) Chilli cheese! ANN: It’s the perfect plan unless her name is spelled wrong, she’s in the bathroom, or she says 'no'. MVO: (Singing) Pretty please. ANN: So, crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Mr. Bachelor on the Big Screen, and remember that even if she says no, we’ll always say yes. MVO: (Singing) Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy. ANN: Bud Light Beer. Anheuser Busch. St. Louis, Missouri. _________________________________________________________________-- Ok, so it wasn't on the scoreboard. It shoulda been.
  10. Mr. Winger, I just wanted to say I think the Falcons should hire you. You are so freaking awesome!!!!!

  11. Hey Hal, I like the new board, but almost all my data has been reset to 0.

    You going to make the M&G? It sounded like it from your post.