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    "To H3LL with the saints!"
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  1. sh1t fuUk a$$hole

  2. bye bye. come back when you get some brain cells to connect.

  3. You are a freaking idiot.

  4. Yes, that 13 is counting your 5. Two more would get us the group so I was thinking about going ahead and ordering them because I am sure we will get more requests.

  5. Hey, dude.I need 5 tickets. are you saying we only got 8 besides me and you?

  6. i feel sorry for you, jerk

  7. Mr. Winger, I just wanted to say I think the Falcons should hire you. You are so freaking awesome!!!!!

  8. Hey Hal, I like the new board, but almost all my data has been reset to 0.

    You going to make the M&G? It sounded like it from your post.

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