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  1. No need for an agenda fella this a Msg Board where opinions rule. Let's not something out of nothing. You are alledgly from the PURE FOOTBALL forum so let's keep in the road and on topic. IMHO Flacco has a stronger arm throws a better deep ball than our QB. Balt may have a better defense, but a better team is debatable. Mr Boston College DefenderMan? Techman
  2. Hello sportsfans, First of all, it might say newbie on my uname, but I've been on these boards since 1999. The secret is out on Our QB, of course it really started last yr around Wk11. Our QB does not have the arm strength to get it down field (40+ yds)to Our open rcvrs. Defenses learned this last yr and stopped playing Cover 2 or 2 Deep Zones which ever you prefer,there was need to, Our QB's effective range is 15 to 30 yds (that's when the ball has ZIP ON IT!!!)after that lame duck, fluttering, out of gas pass. This is why RWhite has to slow down on under thrown deep balls. Defenses are givin
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