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  1. You are forgetting good ol LB Keith Brookins.
  2. Looks like we traded at the right time. First win for the new front office! Maybe this is a new day in Atlanta!
  3. Have they announced the throwback uniforms for this year? If so are they still the black ones, or are we finally getting the Red jersey's back?
  4. Here is what I got... 4. Micah Parsons LB Penn State 35. Mac Jones QB Alabama 68. Deonte Brown OG Alabama 98. Michael Carter RB North Carolina 131. Paris Ford S Pitt 162. Trevon Grimes WR Florida
  5. While those picks referenced are nice... What they should be doing is evaluating based on the 3-7 round picks these people have chosen/coached up/produced.
  6. I have been a support of Dan Quinn from the beginning, even through last year... but this was the straw that broke the camel's back. What coach told them to "now just hold off and don't jump on it until we make sure it crosses the ten yard range?" That is poor coaching right there.
  7. I have sort of been out of it for a bit, so when do we start seeing photos from training camp, or are they all locked up in rooms digitally playing football?
  8. He did show something on the defense, but he really stood out on special teams last night. He affected just about every special teams play.
  9. too early to say cut Schaub now, but that did not look good at all last night, even if he was playing with mostly players that will not make the cut...
  10. https://tenor.com/view/you-have-no-marbles-tanaka-major-league-gif-4706423
  11. I think he told Julio F' it, F' it. Like forget about that play kind of thing.
  12. and here is Sergio's response to that debacle... SMH, tries to play the sympathy card here...
  13. that wasn't a scuffle... more like a pushing a shoving for about 3 seconds...
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