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  1. Honestly, I had this conversation last night with someone but I think the Falcons should cut him if the Chiefs (or another contender) want to sign him. Everyone here had higher hopes for this season, especially after how close last season was. I understand not trading him when there was still a chance (albeit slim) to make the playoffs. At this point, the season is lost and I hate to see the best TE of all-time go out on such a lame note. To me, that would be the classy thing to do and give Tiololo some more playing time. Too bad there isn't waiver wire trades like baseball. Which I guess now that I say that, someone would claim him before KC got a chance since they have the best record. He's walking at the end of the season anyways though and I'd like to see him go out with some sort of dignity and pride with how his team finished his storied career.
  2. I thought Atlanta was the only destination for ex-Jax players. What happened to the ATL-JAX connections?
  3. Anyone? Has this been talked about or is it just stupid? I'm not sure why this isn't even getting a view or a flame if I'm just plain out of touch or is it the fact that I typed too fast and misspelled my subject.
  4. With how bad our line has been playing I just Googled NFL free agents to see what was out there as far as help. I came across Jammal Brown and wondered what his status was. He is a 2 time pro-bowler but is out of the league right now because of injuries. He was on PUP last year but it sounds like he could've played but the Skins were looking for a way out of the huge contract they gave him. Any one know more about his situation? I guess Dimitroff would or maybe he's just trying to prove the young guys can step up but Holmes obviously isn't ready to play 4 quarters week in and week out. I also still see Seymour and Vanden Bosch. Our trenches need some serious help.
  5. Here is an update on this.... Freeman skips Bucs' team photo. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/freeman-skips-bucs-team-photo-124051536--nfl.html
  6. To be clear (I just got a private message), this an Amazon.com exclusive. You only get the Sunday Ticket code if you order through Amazon.com.
  7. You don't really have to wait for a coverage map. You can look up the network that it is on locally online to see what they have scheduled about a week in advance.
  8. Yeah, I was misled. I immediately looked at the thread thinking there was a good deal on actual seats IN the stadium, not that you have to bring in.
  9. Oh, one more caveat with the Madden 25 Sunday Ticket, you can only use one device at a time. I was going to split the extra cost with a friend but in the fine print once you get the game on the card that has the code it says that it is only viewable on one device at a time. Just fyi.
  10. No you don't. I have Uverse which is why I bought the Madden 25 through Amazon.com. It only works on smartphones, tables and pc/laptops. I thought it was silly that it wouldn't work with the PS3 that I bought the Madden for but oh well. I'm pretty sure he is out of market it he can't watch the game on tv already.
  11. Of course if you go the Madden 25 route, you'll probably have to pay for overnight or at least 2-day shipping if you order early today. Mine came in the mail so there is Sat. delivery, fyi. The game itself sells for $60 without the Sunday Ticket option. So you could probably sell it used for $40 or $50. That gets you the Sunday Ticket for $50 - $60 and covers you for the season. Who knows, if you go into Gamestop and open it in front of them and just take the Sunday Ticket code out of the box in front of them they might even give you a better deal. My computers have HDMI out so it works for me.
  12. If you order Madden 25 for XBox 360 or PS3 from Amazon.com ($99.99) you get a pass to watch Directv's Sunday Ticket. You can only watch it on a smartphone, tablet or pc/laptop. Not sure if this helps. Even if you don't play the game you could take it to Gamestop or somewhere that buys used games and sell it to recoup some of the money and you'll have access to every game this season. I actually play Madden so it was a no-brainer for me.
  13. Thanks. So the ticket price is 4x the regular season price? Nice to know what to expect for my Xmas bruised up wallet.
  14. It should not be this hard to figure out the hours of the box office or if they're selling tickets. I've been on the Dome site, Falcons.com, google, etc. I guess I'll just have to call in the morning but was trying to figure out if I should plan on going or not.
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