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  1. We need teams to be so scared of our running backs and a tough TE working the middle of the field that they get a false sense of security stacking the box with those monsters waiting to destroy them on the outside. We could be rolling out an all first round offense at times which is crazy in today's NFL. I just hope Koetter knows how to use that much fire power and doesn't get pass happy. The defense under Morris felt like a legit NFL defense late in the year after that debacle earlier on. I can't wait to see what he does with an entire offseason of planning.
  2. Normally I'd say get out of here with this concept of giving up so much draft capital but with the immediate win mentality for this coaching staff and the extremely strong possibility of no or an adjusted college football season (I work for a college and it is about 80% sure it will all be online again this Fall) the talent is going to be depressed a bit next year.
  3. I eyeballed a few 49er message boards and Shanahan is getting killed and everything they are saying is exactly what we were about Shanahan being too stubborn with the pass. According to post on their site: Shananan has been involved in 2 of the 3 biggest score swings in the history of the superbowl going into the 4th quarter. Dude doesn't learn from his mistakes. SMH.
  4. There was a 2nd down play with 2+ minutes left in the third quarter where everything is screaming run the ball and kill the quarter with the defensive formations. This guy is out there having his QB heaving incompletions for a quick punt. I just shook my head and said they are going to blow this lead, i've seen this story before. Shanny will never learn.
  5. That guys pain significantly improved my football happiness today. I was hoping for a smashed tv or two but I guess after 3 years of soul crushing last minute losses they can't afford to do that anymore so we get kids smashing helmets.
  6. haha @ all Aints fans reading this. How's that loss to the Falcons in your house messing up your conference record going for you?
  7. What makes this even better is that win in New Orleans played a part into them losing today: We beat them which caused the conference record tie breaker to be lost to GB and forced them to play on wild card weekend. They end up getting the one team that they wouldn't be able to beat in the playoffs: The Vikings. Williams is a Minnesota/Atlanta hero and deserves a parade. Today was a good day.
  8. Never gets old Marcus Williams Missed Tackle
  9. haha got to love screwing up their conference tie breakers and forcing those clowns to play an extra game. And of all the teams to go into their house for the first game it's the Vikings that will already be in their heads.
  10. LOL that Aint's fan is all up in his feelings. Can't wait to see what epic way they exit this year.
  11. I stopped watching in the 2nd quarter cause the tendencies of the past few weeks were there. Glad I did. As soon as teams got some level of the adjustments on film we were going to be back to what we were. Quinn finger prints are all over this game. Hopefully he goes away soon.
  12. I'm guessing this has all kind of fine print in the agreements but PSL owners are getting f'd over. The stadium will only be 3 years in which is barely enough time to get your investment back on those pricey PSL rights. Pay for the right to not have a home game?
  13. It's been a crap season but to go into their house and slap them around like that made a lot of things better. Hearing their Dome so quiet in the 4th quarter as the mass evacuations were under way was just awesome. They seriously had nothing to cheer about today and I love that they spent their money to watch us punk them like that. Cam Jordon has got to feel stupid tonight talking trash about fresh meat during draft night. He was barely mentioned today and just sort of disappeared. Great job by Kaleb.
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