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  1. The games are broadcast on https://aaf.com for those without the channels. No need for a junk stream. The early Saturdays games will be stream only moving forward on B/R live (TNT product). 4pm on CBS Sports network Sunday. 8pm on NFL network both Saturday and Sunday. It's decent and something to watch during this dead time but not NFL level obviously. Guys play hard without as many flags and games seem to go by fast. Basically a training ground for everyone and testing for new concepts.
  2. Going to kick back and revel in the fact that the Aint's fans are going to be upset for 4 agonizing hours and enjoy what will hopefully be a high scoring entertaining game. Don't care who wins tonight. Just entertain me! Go Falcons.
  3. It was noise to silence to the beautiful sound of agony. Karma is so nasty. 2 years in a row with a last second brutal playoff loss. While the MN Miracle was devastating the fact that this one was in their house made it so much better.
  4. All in is great when it works like the Rams did. If Brees walks away into retirement like he might (1st ballot HOFer no doubt) they have left a hot mess there for the next few years draft wise. That guy they drafted was a reach and made no sense. Peyton without Brees would be trash and out of that head coach spot fairly quick.
  5. The agony of the guy in the first video brought an evil happiness to me. I could watch this all day lmao.
  6. (Announcement) There are donuts in the break room until 6:45pm.
  7. This would be a best case scenario at this point: Aint's destroyed on national tv 1 and done Wrecked draft for 2019
  8. Hawks game was coming on around 3pm so they may have shut the feed off. I listened up to 2pm.
  9. Considering that he will make a big leap body build wise with a full NFL offseason of working out Ridley can be a monster next season. What he did this year was solid. It's good to say his issues look to be easily correctable with time.
  10. The overnight ratings are out and the soccer game put Fox 4th out of 4 in viewership for the primetime viewing window with roughly 1.3 million viewers. By comparison, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer had over 3 times as many viewers on CBS at 8pm and Frosty the Snowman had over 2.5 times the viewership than the soccer game had on Fox. Dateline NBC beat it by double the viewers and the cooking show on ABC beat it as well although not by much. The good news is that when comparing MLS ratings to previous MLS cups it was record breaking for the apples vs apples comparison and a big part of that was Atlanta's viewership. For now, Atlanta is the roadmap on how to do it in a big time way with an owner that is willing to spend the money needed to put a top end roster on the field. My concern is United becoming the MLS version of the Dallas Cowboys of pre-salary cap where they outspend everyone else and the sport hurts for it in the markets that can't do that or the owners are too cheap. The sport has a lot of growing to do especially when it comes to developing homegrown talent and keeping them in the states. I'd like to see them stop wasting money on these washed up international stars and use that money to keep the talent home. Link to ratings: https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tv-ratings-saturday-dec-8-2018/
  11. We were the true winners today when we look back on this in April. Enjoy that win!
  12. I really hope so for the Falcons. I didn't get to see the game until the last few minutes because I honestly didn't even know it was on living outside of Atlanta. Just a poor job of advertising this thing by Fox but then again this is the network that screwed up the World Cup. The stadium simply looked incredible and it's a shame PSL's have all but killed this kind of environment for the Falcons. I'm just glad that MBS isn't built on cursed land. Soccer has a long ways to grow in this country being the #5 or 6 sport but Atlanta and Seattle are doing it right and is a nice structure on how to move forward with the league.
  13. I'm glad that Atlanta got something and especially for Arthur Blank. Just makes me wonder what could have been for the Falcons without the dumb PSL junk. Just look at that stadium tonight. In the scope of American sports this is still just a blip on the radar and the TV ratings will show that. I don't live in Atlanta and didn't even know they were having their championship game tonight in MLS until the final few minutes. Did they even advertise this?
  14. You don't come here telling us we are going to win. You take that win and enjoy it. Tank mode: Activated