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  1. No thanks! A product of his top tier defense talent. That is a Mike Smith/Dan Quinn clone. Give me Rahiem before that guy and I want a full tear down at this point.
  2. The game plan was effective for the offense: Don't do anything planning wise during the week and just chat on Zoom, show up long enough to get the game check on Sunday and avoid injury, hope you don't test positive for Covid over the next 24 hours and look at money in the bank on Tuesday as the seasons gets closer and closer to being called off. With the season likely heading for a stoppage or cancellation with these rises in cases/some states shutting down public events I can't say I will blame these guys that are not playing hard on losing teams at this point to avoid injury. With half
  3. We already have a pretty good young O-line. Invest and pay that area and develop young affordable skill players around that. Tear it down and move on from the Julio's and Ryans contracts and while I'd hate to see them go it is time to do it to reset the cap. If we get any shot at Trevor Lawrence I wouldn't be mad about him sitting behind Ryan for 1 year as we reduce the cap hit and rebuild. Let the new coach rebuild that defense from scratch around Grady as he comes every play to earn his money. We at least look to have our kicker and punter of the future so it's just filling in the
  4. A superstar type player with plenty of cash in the bank may consider not playing another down this year mostly out of the rising Covid cases in the league. Why risk it on an 0-5 team where the season is over as an example? NFL doesn't have a bubble which means you have the potential to expose at risk love ones like elderly parents and so forth. No one is there yet but I have to imagine at some point that becomes an issue in the league as more teams get losing records. I'm still curious on if the NFL season gets all the way through.
  5. I feel bad for the limited fans that risked their health and hard earned money to go watch this. Why?
  6. My only prediction is that Dan Quinn will continue to be over his head as an NFL head coach. He really just needs to go away.
  7. This clown coach and refusal of the dumb a owner to fire him with the addition of the way Covid has reset life priorities has left me numb and to the point that I just looked at my girlfriend and said whatever you want to do on Sunday's is cool with me. I just need to see a Dan Quinn Fired headline at this point to have any semblence of hope for the future. Fire sale these players especially with the rough salary cap next year.
  8. Covid-19 has been horrible but at least the fans aren't going to be stuck in the vicious abusive cycle of paying to watch this trash week after week at MBS. Atlanta Falcons: Just make it official with no fans at games for the remainder of the year and do Atlanta a big favor.
  9. With Quinn as coach I'm guessing this means that the backups for the Cowboys all look like superstars and earn big pay days next season?
  10. This is the link I have bookmarked from last season that I used on Thursday and still worked. Cappy may post an updated link later but this should get you in: https://discord.gg/XandkeE
  11. We need teams to be so scared of our running backs and a tough TE working the middle of the field that they get a false sense of security stacking the box with those monsters waiting to destroy them on the outside. We could be rolling out an all first round offense at times which is crazy in today's NFL. I just hope Koetter knows how to use that much fire power and doesn't get pass happy. The defense under Morris felt like a legit NFL defense late in the year after that debacle earlier on. I can't wait to see what he does with an entire offseason of planning.
  12. Normally I'd say get out of here with this concept of giving up so much draft capital but with the immediate win mentality for this coaching staff and the extremely strong possibility of no or an adjusted college football season (I work for a college and it is about 80% sure it will all be online again this Fall) the talent is going to be depressed a bit next year.
  13. I eyeballed a few 49er message boards and Shanahan is getting killed and everything they are saying is exactly what we were about Shanahan being too stubborn with the pass. According to post on their site: Shananan has been involved in 2 of the 3 biggest score swings in the history of the superbowl going into the 4th quarter. Dude doesn't learn from his mistakes. SMH.
  14. There was a 2nd down play with 2+ minutes left in the third quarter where everything is screaming run the ball and kill the quarter with the defensive formations. This guy is out there having his QB heaving incompletions for a quick punt. I just shook my head and said they are going to blow this lead, i've seen this story before. Shanny will never learn.
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