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  1. They probably feel confident enough in the offense that we won't need 50 yard field goals. Hopefully we are kicking lots of extra points.
  2. AFC vs NFC This season out of all in the past 15 has the potential to not go the way everyone expects. The talent in the league is a lot closer than it's been in a long time. I'll have my prediction be that NE won't be there this year as the AFC team.
  3. I've reviewed the tape over and over and I still do not see any evidence of pass interference. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Case dismissed.
  4. Cocaine is a **** of a drug.
  5. A+ Addressed what needed to be addressed. Nothing exciting which usually means a solid draft a few years later when we look back. Our defense will be ok. We have injured players returning, a decent rotation and the backups have received significant playing time last year. My biggest question after this weekend is kicker.
  6. This schedule sets up great if things fall in our favor. We get 5 preseason games to try out our depth. We are a slow starting regular season team recently the way Quinn uses Preseason and with three new coordinators we can actually afford to stumble a bit in the first 5 games this year with 3 early AFC games. Just try to split the first two NFC games. We get a mid season bye week before the division run and another mini-bye for the final quarter run. I like it. If we hit our stride and the division is down in any way we can run right through it without much time for them to recover. Could clinch the division with 3 weeks to go if things go our way. The division games will get us ready for a post season push being battle tested. This is where the speed we have built will show. 13 games on a fast indoor track. The 3 outside games are going to be great weather wise on a pretty good surface. Next to no chance of rain in San Fran or Tampa that time of year. Tampa to close the year is a gift.
  7. The games are broadcast on https://aaf.com for those without the channels. No need for a junk stream. The early Saturdays games will be stream only moving forward on B/R live (TNT product). 4pm on CBS Sports network Sunday. 8pm on NFL network both Saturday and Sunday. It's decent and something to watch during this dead time but not NFL level obviously. Guys play hard without as many flags and games seem to go by fast. Basically a training ground for everyone and testing for new concepts.
  8. Going to kick back and revel in the fact that the Aint's fans are going to be upset for 4 agonizing hours and enjoy what will hopefully be a high scoring entertaining game. Don't care who wins tonight. Just entertain me! Go Falcons.
  9. It was noise to silence to the beautiful sound of agony. Karma is so nasty. 2 years in a row with a last second brutal playoff loss. While the MN Miracle was devastating the fact that this one was in their house made it so much better.
  10. All in is great when it works like the Rams did. If Brees walks away into retirement like he might (1st ballot HOFer no doubt) they have left a hot mess there for the next few years draft wise. That guy they drafted was a reach and made no sense. Peyton without Brees would be trash and out of that head coach spot fairly quick.
  11. The agony of the guy in the first video brought an evil happiness to me. I could watch this all day lmao.
  12. (Announcement) There are donuts in the break room until 6:45pm.
  13. This would be a best case scenario at this point: Aint's destroyed on national tv 1 and done Wrecked draft for 2019
  14. Hawks game was coming on around 3pm so they may have shut the feed off. I listened up to 2pm.
  15. Considering that he will make a big leap body build wise with a full NFL offseason of working out Ridley can be a monster next season. What he did this year was solid. It's good to say his issues look to be easily correctable with time.