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  1. I heard more cheers for Philly - as I watched on TV, also saw plenty of open seats, AB, thank god other teams are supporting at the gate, it’s got to be embarrassing! This seems like a terrible product. As much as change, it’s a repeat of failures, not prepared, out coached, penalties, weak, can’t close (1st two drives)…When will it end????
  2. I have no opinion on this, except he’s a winner, anyone that’s not a proven winner, I never want to see 28-3 again!
  3. Flavor of the year! Like DQ & Todd Bowles yrs back! Look how they turned out!
  4. Wishfull thinking! I open this website up & greeted with Falcons to interview Morris for HC! Just how serious are they?
  5. I’ll be the first to admit I know nothing about EBs involvement in the coaching of KC. Seems like a good candidate, but following past history of “the hot” Coordinators (see DQ & Todd Bowles) or a “rah-rah guy” who will remind me of our own Kieth Armstrong, won’t cut it, get the no nonsense Coach that gets the most out of the players! Period!
  6. Identity? No lead is safe or No Second half adjustments (plans)
  7. Two TD 1st round loser/busts, that’s why he’s gone too
  8. I had us at 6-8 wins before the season started - Revise that to 4-5 now....Probably pick 4th or 5th.. as Jets,Jags,Giants,”Redskins”, & Texans may pick before us
  9. Imagine any opponents locker room at halftime if they are behind (no matter how many points!) “This team (ATL) are well know to choke - just look at their history”
  10. He doesn’t need anymore NFL “crack” committees or yes men, needs a proven winner like Parcells to replace McKay
  11. C’mon, we didn’t give up 30 pts this week! We’re trending in the right direction! 🤮
  12. Where does Pat Pepler fit at 3-6? Great background as far as not being a HC (didn’t look like one either) had many successes wherever he was, is he the GM we should have had that got away? Or did he see this franchise as a disaster?
  13. TD talking to Quinn as soon as the game ends, was he getting the news? 🙏
  14. TD left Smitty with 2 LB on the entire roster, maybe hez making these calls
  15. That should move the betting line another 7pts, under over another 7 too, will GB score over 50???
  16. Smitty, at least you saw his anger, he had balls, his OL didn't, they could never get that 1 yard push (funny, they still don't) kept team from giving up penalties!
  17. Before the season & hype I had it at 8-8, thought they would start 1-3 but looks more like 0-4, does it really matter, this staff gets out-coached week in & week out 6-10
  18. If its a choice of your 3: Lincoln Reily - won't leave! Eric Bienemy - who really makes up the plays/runs/calls the Offence? Is it Andy? Selah - DQ clone???..................My 3 choices: Jim Schwartz - HC Lions, another bad franchise but everyone deserves another shot, he can cure the "D"...Arthur Smith - OC Titans, I like the guys that can get the most out of players that are NOT front runners, great OFF the radar choice ...Kubiak - Excellent resume, would work wonders IF he was interested....How about all 3 on the staff? Wake up AB
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