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  1. The way I see it is this, he has the sole responsibility of the "D", if it fails...again, there will be a house cleaning from top to bottom, as for the "O" side of the ball, they are all "safe hires" to make Matt comfortable...see above, if this team doesn't win now, its an e-z reboot since none are "great". Looking at schedule I see us at best 10-6, will that be enough?
  2. Look what he did with Devon Hester while he was here...Superman turned into Clark Kent...Gotta say this about K Armstrong, he deserved an Oscar for portraying a ST coach on "Hard Knocks"
  3. Ummmm....we hired a "Defensive Guru" as Head Coach...its his 5th year now? Where are the results? "Play faster" moto (yeah, but we can't tackle!) its time to "get meaner"....sure to see flags galore? OK, so he's owning up to it next year, which could be his last???
  4. Can you area residents give those fans that don't live in Atlanta UPDATES on scheduled coach interviews & or rumor mills on who may be brought in? Also, wil we hire a DC in place even thought DQ said he will be calling the plays? THANKS!!!
  5. As we stand right now without a complete staff in place & seeing FA's being brought in & how the draft works out...NO, I see us being 7-9 or 8-8 bases on next years schedule...Ask me after the above is addressed & I hope I'd give you a more positive result...ASK THIS QUESTION AT A LATER DATE!
  6. What is the shelf life of an NFL player?....Beez is a veteran, if he still needs "training wheels" learning the game at that salary, we're doomed!...As for playing less & performing about getting in shape?
  7. Bevell had Beastmode ...enough said...also called what most say " the dumbest call in SuperBowl history"...combine that with Greatest collapse in SuperBowl history & you end up with...Loser...Loser...Loser!
  8. When was the last time AB spent $$$ on a Coordinator? Why now when where we may be having another playoff - less season next year & we'll be cleaning house?
  9. If the ships sinking...which I believe it is...keep the crew together!...Bringing "known/big time Co-ordinators" for what could be 1 year is just plain stupid...unless they're the " next Head Coach in waiting."
  10. Here's my thoughts: IF...Sark goes ( I think he's terrible )..we hire a replacement...The team finishes out of playoffs & or hss a bad year ( I see 9-7 at best in 2019)... IF AB pulls the plug on DQ & we go again, new staff!...My answer, AB, you got to make the move NOW!
  11. He IS the most reliable WR on this team, JJ plays hurt & has his once in a while drops...Ridley is a rookie & will need a couple years to blossom, I like Hardy as WR, but the others just aren't cutting it!
  12. How many blocked kicks on FG's or P's will it take to replace Keith Armstrong & the NOT SO special teams? As the broadcast said, that was the play of the day.....single handily cost us the game...been saying it for years that this guy will cost us & its not a matter of when...when is now & will be as others note "looks like we just get the kick - off
  13. K Armstrong, can you please explain 10 players on the field & your Punter has to make a stop? Earlier, during a Punt return, there was at least 10-15 yd cushing & Hardy "fair catches", Why?....& why are there penalties on Punt returns? Why do opponents starting position on Kickoffs Avg at least 5-10 yards more than us? Do we even have a "trick"/fake plays in the playbook for our "NOT SO SPECIAL TEAMS" ? How do you still have a job???
  14. Can't come in last, 2 or 3rd means we play either Eagles or Skins at home & Vikings or Packers on the road (these teams are battling 2 & 3 slots too)...No to Giants, Lions last place & Cowboys, Bears lock 1st.
  15. When we're praising a Punter for his tackling ability in more than this one instance, what are the other 10 guys on the field doing??? Think about it...Nice job K Armstrong! How does he still have a job???
  16. When this team erases the 28-3 nightmare it'll be back to normal...since then I say NO, this staff has not made any significant changes to show that, when I say staff, its starts with the owner, & works down to the coaching staff...
  17. If DQ's hit & misses are .500, that won't get you in the playoffs, so you're basically saying your happy being mediocore???
  18. Yes ...Great Post... all true...I asked years ago for someone to post the Mr Softie tune...please...AGAIN!
  19. What does it say that you need people outside the organization to select your head coach? (Thats how we got DQ & how Bowles was hired by the Jets) see how they are working out??? You have a paid staff, don't look for that "hot CO" from a top 4 team, how about looking at a team winning with no superstars that are coaching up the talent they don't have!
  20. Injuries are the best excuse to keep the suffering for 1 more year!
  21. We hire "nice" guys..why is K Armstrong still here? Why was Mike Tice gone? & Greg Williams will never be a thought? Just a quick examples...
  22. Rex Ryan or Greg Williams...period, won't happen though, the injury excuse carries on!
  23. Great post, the question now is AB said DQ has HIS support, that means DQ is here next year, OK, so there MAY be a shakeup with coaches, personel...does anyone seriously think this is a playoff team next year with DQ? Come on...its always wait, beat your chest, hope for the same past results will happen (Sark yr 2 & Shanny yr 2) PS I was never a Shanny fan even before imploding the SB...DQ's play fast has turned into, we can get there but can't tackle, pushed around because we're too small...this is getting old, he or any coach on this staff WILL NOT be picked up after being canned, just like some of our ex-players, they are just not worth it!