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  1. According to this site, this is his last week on a 10 game suspension, any rumors on if & where he will fit in on the "D"?
  2. Like buying a house, its called Location,Location, football, STARTING are blaming the "D" for Punt to include Kickoff Return positioning!...Worst in the league! Don't think these ST bungles don't have an input on how the "O" runs? Taxing....Was a nice win but can improve, team bailed out Sark with some questionable calls in predictable run plays...PS- When will our ST come up with a trick play? Or are we just concentrating on being vanilla? Armstrong must go
  3. Imagine if he got to play in the Super Bowl last year
  4. Where's Tony G????
  5. I was going to vent the same thing in a post, you read my mind, the only thing I'd give a chance is Roberts, there is not one guy on ST that can play block, if they do...flagged! Hester had the same problems...this is all on Armstrong!!!
  6. As long as Sark & Armstrong remain....NO, gotta stop the Super Bowl bleeding, up 10-0 & give up 20 something straight points???
  7. 28-3 midway thru the 3rd Quarter in a Super Bowl! They (the Coaching Staff) still haven't learned their lesson! Bring in an EXPERIENCED OC NOW! While NORV TURNER & (Rumor) KUBIAK are available before some other team picks them up (Browns...Giants)
  8. I found myself rooting for NO Returns today, Got my wish on Kickoffs as I don't think we had any (touchbacks), Punts were either fair catches, letting the ball drop inside the 10 or the best, when we decide to make something happen, we gain 2 yards! & O by the way, how lucky there was no block on that 53 yarder???
  9. Still haven't learned our lesson from the Super Bowl, teams seem to catch us but we can't catch them! I thought Morris was the AHC? Why is Armstrong always so close to Quinn?? A ST coach??? The ST are an accident waiting to happen.
  10. TE, G, T, FB, K ( only because of age), P (only because of Keith Armstrong making him the best tackler on S.T.-only a matter of time he goes down), DL all except Grady.
  11. The "D" was gassed since the "O" did nothing but be ineffective....same as SuperBowl
  12. I had hope for this guy, handed the keys to a Cadillac & turns it into a demolition derby...Arthur...NORV TURNER & latest rumor Gary Kubiak are avail, no brainer!
  13. Veterans Day next week is the perfect time for ALL FANS to boycott the NFL! As for our team, I see some quit because of some horrible coaching, they are not prepared & can't stop the bleeding...I mean, how many times do we have to see teams score "X" amount of straight points (20) before we score??? The snowball just keeps rolling
  14. I'd like us to get a Veteran LB to help mentor the kids, they'll all be great, but there is still a learning curve here.