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  1. Is he a lineman?, is he a linebacker?, hybrid I've heard, BUST? & Why does he & Duke wear running back numbers? Does that make them think they're fast? Each year we have a new plan/position for Vic to get more pressure & sacks, I just don't see any fire from him....another "nice guy" TD plucked in the draft just like JA98
  2. When does this staff ever make Halftime adjustments, Super Bowl, this season, leading first 4 games in 4th Q only to lose, Houston, we have a problem, AB, you need to take someone out to let this staff you know this is serious, Armstrong has been this teams achilles heel for far to long with "NOT SO" special teams, but as for making adjustments, thats on DQ & his co-ordinaters
  3. It was a JOKE...bigger joke is Armstrong got HC interviews a few years back! PS- Morris, what did do at TB????
  4. He will be interm HC when DQ gets pink slip.
  5. Falcons line up to kick a 35yd FG with 4 seconds left in the game....kick is blocked & returned for a over! How did u miss adding the NOT So ST as an option???
  6. Outcoached every week...not for Julio? Never practices during the week....
  7. Armsrong must go Now...saying it for years..NOT so special teams...leeds league last few years in punts blocked!...Sarkasim a little boy the keys to a Caddy when he still doesn't know how to drive...hez not Shanny who i wasnt a fan of...& this wait for his 2nd yr BS will never happen...Raheem DQs assist HC...never a proven winner...just what does he bring to the table? DQ needs help or must go...D is horrendous..DQ sat guys preseason only to lose guys to injuries many times does he call a TO for "D" on short yards only to see the opponent get it?...& please infom me of what to do & what position does Beas play...the invisible man?
  8. ! - Armstrong must go, please give me 1 positive on this guy, O wait, we gave him one of the best KR in NFL history, & made him a mear mortal.....2 - Sarkasm, handed one of the NFL's highest scoring "O", Julio, Sanu & now Ridley, how often are these guys open, same horrible play calling, do we ever run & get 1 yard when needed? Love seeing him back on the sidelines, calls a play from his stat sheets & walks away from watching his team...does he even care who's out there & watch personel changes??...3 - Bring in an older veteran guy to mentor & be DQ's Assistant HC, Raheem Morris was never a proven success
  9. Sorry I missed first half due to my DirecTV problems here in NYC, I'm amazed that people forgot about the turning point in this game, as I've said over the years, Blocking a FG or P is going to cost us...O well, people have burried this block, so lets wait for a last minute block thats returned for a TD for this team to wake up...
  10. Never saw a guy thats in the NFL & still don't know where to put him so he can produce...I love him wearing #44, maybe he 'd produce at RB wearing those up, Duke Riley & his RB #42...what happened to LB wearing 50's & DL wearing high numbers?....might as well be like being JA98
  11. Pre season play calling sucked wins & averaged what 6 points a game??? Plus name another team that is worse than us that can't run for a yard? I mean, 1 yard, we go backwards
  12. He's the second coming of JA98
  13. KA talked a great game on "Hard Knocks"...deserved Best Actor award of everyone...again...TALKED a great game...would love to know how we ranked in blocked FG's P's...every FG or P are close to being, everyone is avoiding the biggest play of the game...THE BLOCKED PUNT!!!!!
  14. I'm the next coming of JA98....