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  1. Two TD 1st round loser/busts, that’s why he’s gone too
  2. I had us at 6-8 wins before the season started - Revise that to 4-5 now....Probably pick 4th or 5th.. as Jets,Jags,Giants,”Redskins”, & Texans may pick before us
  3. Imagine any opponents locker room at halftime if they are behind (no matter how many points!) “This team (ATL) are well know to choke - just look at their history”
  4. He doesn’t need anymore NFL “crack” committees or yes men, needs a proven winner like Parcells to replace McKay
  5. C’mon, we didn’t give up 30 pts this week! We’re trending in the right direction! 🤮
  6. Where does Pat Pepler fit at 3-6? Great background as far as not being a HC (didn’t look like one either) had many successes wherever he was, is he the GM we should have had that got away? Or did he see this franchise as a disaster?
  7. TD talking to Quinn as soon as the game ends, was he getting the news? 🙏
  8. TD left Smitty with 2 LB on the entire roster, maybe hez making these calls
  9. That should move the betting line another 7pts, under over another 7 too, will GB score over 50???
  10. Smitty, at least you saw his anger, he had balls, his OL didn't, they could never get that 1 yard push (funny, they still don't) kept team from giving up penalties!
  11. Before the season & hype I had it at 8-8, thought they would start 1-3 but looks more like 0-4, does it really matter, this staff gets out-coached week in & week out 6-10
  12. If its a choice of your 3: Lincoln Reily - won't leave! Eric Bienemy - who really makes up the plays/runs/calls the Offence? Is it Andy? Selah - DQ clone???..................My 3 choices: Jim Schwartz - HC Lions, another bad franchise but everyone deserves another shot, he can cure the "D"...Arthur Smith - OC Titans, I like the guys that can get the most out of players that are NOT front runners, great OFF the radar choice ...Kubiak - Excellent resume, would work wonders IF he was interested....How about all 3 on the staff? Wake up AB
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