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  1. Lost 11 of last 18? .500 record since the 28-3? If the fans are happy with that...I'm just speechless...yeah, we're using the same plays from Shanny, just a different play caller, thats great, almost 5 years of film to digest for opponents
  2. The world knows we force it to mystery here
  3. Common denominator...UNPREPARED....wish we had ZIMM/Kubiak than DQ/Koet & Co
  4. Does New England put out this sh*T? Its called Coaching & being prepared, this team isn't & not normal, but it is the norm & most fans like this
  5. Still...don't know how to call timeouts, still OL & DL getting pushed around, still bad penalties, still horrendous special teams, still confusion after breaking huddles, still can't get short yards by running, still hiring coaches that don't have a proven winning record, still have dead weight on the field, still have a miserable fan what do we do?
  6. Think 28-3 is being blown out???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. AB should of let Keith Armstrong be Head Coach this season, the writing was on the wall when we have one of the toughest schedules, then DQ said he'll be HC & DC...then hires losers around him...PS- the Armstrong thought is a joke, thats what we really need right now since this will be a lost season
  8. I vote for all the above...start with the Coaching staff, outcoached constantly, Bez quits most plays as does Tak if not run his way...waiting for the leagues best 3rd stringer to get in today...the Duke...he made a cameo on Special teams
  9. 28-3...thats blowing a 25 pt lead...DQ supposed to be a Defensive was Zimm but he got caught up being on P!r#n% staff
  10. DQ STILL doesn't know when to call timeouts...why is there still confusion with the Offense? Does anyone study a PLAYBOOK? These are ongoing problems since DQ has been attention to details!!
  11. So...we're up 28-3 in a Super Bowl...who cares....Its Pre doesn't count...We're playing the laughable Cleveland Browns & we're on a winning streak...why prepare....Sorry, just accept this
  12. Can't say it enough...unprepared...PERIOD...staring at 8-8 at best..Horror show
  13. Bez quitting plays makes me sick, get him out of far as DQ vs contest as it shows in the score