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  1. On my laptop, can someone copy & paste here for me? Anyway, Coach BVClueless teams up with Coach Classless...match made in heaven, maybe we can hit the trifecta & send Coach Sarkasim too...he wants to go back to College so bad, why give him another year here?
  2. 1- Arizona named Wilks HC 2-I'd like to nominate a pet rock, worst starting position in the NFL & prob most penalized, you can only go up
  3. Sark OC, Anderson ST & Morris AHC.....that trifecta doesn't need a jinx
  4. We were UNPREPARED & OUT COACHED all season....Just wish Sark would get that college HC job he wants NOW, we let Norv Turner & Todd Hailey slip by because this team is expecting to catch lightning in a bottle again....sorry, not this time with Sark having an eye out the door like PATRINO
  5. Lets see how Minny does hosting a Super Bowl & being the 1st team to play in their own stadium IF the beat year is our shot, if Sarks still here, we're a DONE deal...Todd Haley available...don't blink, get him
  6. still have Super Bowl its run, run, run the clock out & win by 3...don't worry, we can out FG the other team!
  7. 4- Coleman lined up on left side as WR......As for MR explaining it was a good play call saying they practiced it all year...How come we were 1-18 targeting JJ in the Red Zone...or 1-16 before that (1st & goal?) play was the TD toss to Freeman, old school run around & ad lib!!!
  8. Someone shuffle pass his *$$ out of here
  9. That SHUFFLE PASS??? should speak volumes....was out coached every game!....Pick Matt's brain...OC's are going off the boards quick...Kubiak & ask Matt about reuniting w/Malarky...SOONer than later!
  10. I'd like to know what coach in this league or even in college, would call that shuffle play, DQ doesn't learn from mistakes, NO 2nd half adjustments, Marty would win with this team
  11. This staff has been out coached all season, Sark was no match for Schwartz...Quinn needs veteran AHC help, time management is horrible
  12. Send this MEMO to AB,TD & DQ
  13. & whats the excuse for shuffle pass on 2nd down...
  14. Coleman (FB)....We only carried 1 all season! He shouldn't be the 1st, but upgrade PLEASE...Williams, yes, Roberts, NO, he has the worst ST coach in the league! Whoever is the 3rd TE! Start Toilolo over Hooper, work on his hands, he's not bad