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  1. The big picture plays out this season. Look at the schedule, I'm seeing 8 or 9 wins at most...even with expanding the playoffs...if he does make it, will he advance past the 1st round? Can that save jobs??
  2. Here's the problem in ATL...I can't believe we're more concerned about how the SAINTS do with what WE do, at this point I rather be them...Rise up???? How about WAKE UP!
  3. 1- THE ENTIRE COACHING STAFF (fools gold on retaining them!) 2-ENTIRE DEFENSE (except Neal who overplayed & got hurt) DQ put the "D" on himself, FAILED, he is what the record was! 2020 will bring the same results, looking ahead to 2021 already as we watch 2020 as a lost season
  4. Does it really matter who comes here THIS YEAR? Its going to be all about WHO IS HERE in 2021...
  5. He shoulda stuck around for another year since the whole staff will be gone anyway!
  6. Preseason should not only be for evaluating players...but evaluating coaches too...win with what you have...DQ just doesn't care...writing on the wall...look at the record
  7. What new toys for 2020? Draft, FA's,Staff changes? Well, lets' peek at the 2020 schedule: 6 vs division (3 wins), 4 vs AFC West (1 win-DQ don't beat AFC teams, see past record), 4 vs NFC North ( 1-win vs Lions at Dome), 2 vs same seeds NFC East Away (Giants?) & West Home (Rams?) 1 win here....So, looking at 6-10, play it again ATL / AB....when do we WAKE-UP since we don't rise-up????
  8. On our radar? We didn't invest in one....Back to MEDIOCRE
  9. Because we know the same playbook for the past 5 seasons...then again, our OPPONENTS due too!
  10. The City of ATL Falcon fans must love watching "Groundhog Day"....All I see/read/here is past performances....but guess what, when you wake up this time next year it will be under .500 AGAIN! PLEASE
  11. OK, mediocre is what you want, so that's what we get! I predicted last year that we'd be lucky to win 8 games this year...check, I just looked at 2020 schedule assuming we play the Giants (H) & Bears (A) I see 5 to 7 wins. This team is more about how the owner/staff & players feel. Yes how they feel, how about putting a winning product on the field? Re-treds, failed coaches, a GM & D-genious that can't come up with a pass rusher (not to mention a O-line) in all these years? Using the same playbook the last 5 years, you can go on & on...playing the 2nd half is fools gold, you beat 1 team that was set up for a "trap" game, you beat one on national TV, & beat 2 teams going thru termoil....when DQ put this team on his back before the season, it was on him, great....he failed, he had a 28-3 in a Super Bowl & lost, he failed, no playoffs the last 2 seasons & looking to 2020 will make it 3, FAIL...so, mediocre prevails AGIAN! Thanks AB
  12. Don't be fooled with this 2nd half of the season BS...years ago TD built this team "to beat our rivals in this division"...yeah, what about the rest of the league? Front office on down need to be swept out!
  13. I was basically called a loser when I said we'd be lucky to win 8 games this year....guess who are the losers now
  14. AB listened to the NFL crack (head) committee on who to hire as HC, the tossup was DQ & Todd Bowles who ended up with the NY Jets...look how those 2 worked out! AB, due diligence, have your own committee including yourself to get this done!
  15. Ok...so Defensive Guru DQ during the Super Bowl WATVVCHES the OC & DC melt down after leading 28-3 in the 3rd Q. This season he appoints HIMSELF DC...then after D disaster, basically removes himself, rotates the coaching staff, has 2 DC's one for 1st & 2nd downs the other calling 3rd down...JUST WHAT IS "HE" doing or calling? Or...just watching, biding his time collecting a check???
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