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  1. Nah ... We will lead 68 to 3 at half time ... but loose 71 to 71 because nobody recognizes that this is an even the score ...
  2. I start ... ... as long as you live there is always time for change ...
  3. ... we only watch for 3/4 and maybe some minutes. to be honest… This is ridiculous.
  4. At least we stopped whining in this thread about a bad season ... now ... start to support the team ...
  5. While there is no support from the fans ... maybe this stops the curse
  6. Who is with me? At least the team is ...
  7. Well, this will be at 2:20 am for me. Will watch the 40“ via gamepass later. What will you do?
  8. I’m really an optimistic person ... but not this season ...
  9. Let’s assume we will fire them ... what do you expect to happen. 1) New coach with new philosophy... Which leads to years of change (and no success). 2) New coach the same philosophy ...who? 3) Cap wise we are not in a bad situation. Which GM will handle this better? 4) ...
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